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  • Julieta - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Oct-2018

    Hello Families😊 Iím Julieta (25) from Argentina I live with an Australian family in North Balgowlah , which has one child (6 years old) I have taken care in some occasions. And also Iím working with 2 children more (7 and 9) three days p/w. I enjoy sharing time with children, it's a job I really enjoy. I can send reference numbers if you want. My hourly availability is: Monday and Tuesday (before 5:00 pm) and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (before 3:00 pm) 😁 I love pets. I love to paint, sing and draw and also teach Spanish 😉

  • Carolina - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jul-2018

    Dear Families, I would like to begin saying that I love children and I feel extremely happy sharing my life with them. I am highly patient, emphatic and peaceful person, very enthusiastic and responsible. I describe myself as a passionate and caring attendant, who feels very pleasant satisfying children needs with a cordial manner. I like to bring happiness and positives attitude all the time. I am committed and strive to achieve the highest quality of work in all endeavors I undertake. Given the opportunity, I believe I would make a significant addition to families, owing to I am a very lovely person, who has a worldwide empirical experience looking after children, which it has fortified my respectful and tolerant way of being. I have worked as a Babysitter for 6 years in various countries such as Australia, Germany, England and Chile, and this has required me to be adaptable and versatile. I have also gained the beautiful experience of volunteer work, helping out children at social risk in Thailand and South America. My development of personal methodology and knowledge have been defined by long-term studies at University, short-term overseas and local courses, abroad and hometown job positions, related to Design, Childcare and Hospitality industry. I have studied Design at university, which has helped me out a lot to create ingenious ways to entertain children. It has been very successful. Looking forward to starting a new magical experience in Sydney. Thanks in advance.

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