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Tips on introducing a new nanny to the household


So you’ve found your perfect nanny ? That’s the first step. Now it’s time to introduce them into your home. When it comes to a positive nanny introduction, communication and planning is critical. You need to prepare the children, prepare the nanny and also prepare your home. We have some handy tips which will help the nanny introduction go smoothly …


Prepare the children

Before having your new nanny sign a contract or even verbally offering them the position, it’s essential that they meet the children. This is for a couple of reasons. Obviously you want to ease the children into the new situation and make sure they feel comfortable. And it’s also a good opportunity to see how the nanny interacts with your children.

For the nanny introduction to go smoothly, you’ll need to have a chat to the children beforehand about the whole situation. Let them know that this person will be coming to the home and looking after them, giving them lunch, playing with them etc.

It’s also a good idea to let them know that while the nanny is there, whatever nanny says goes.

Prepare the nanny

Obviously you’ll need to have some solid chats with the nanny before they start to go through some important issues.

We all know that while schedules aren’t always possible to adhere to with children, they can help in gaining some semblance of regularity in the household. Prepare a schedule beforehand and go through it with your nanny face-to-face. You might show them around the house as you do it, so they’re very clear on where food and kitchen items are, and where the emergency kit is etc. And always leave a list of emergency contact numbers.

You’ll also need to discuss your attitude to discipline to ensure you’re both on the same page (and include details in your nanny contract). At the same time, you’ve hired this person for a reason; so do let them know that you value their opinion.

Prepare the home

What most parents generally do is have some overlap. So that might mean you stay with the nanny and children for say half a day or a few hours over the first few days. Another good idea is to have a couple of meals together. Easing into the relationship is often going to be better, especially for the kids.

Breathe and enjoy

What’s very important when introducing a new nanny is that there is clear and honest communication all-round. You don’t want to end up the meat in the sandwich so to speak if there’s a dispute between children and nanny. Discussion is mandatory.

Then you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of having your new nanny!


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