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4 Things Your Nanny Probably Won’t Tell You ( That Could Ruin Everything )

Honesty is important in any relationship, and while you’re pretty sure you have a good one with your nanny, there may be things that bother them that they are a little reticent to bring up. If you put yourself in their shoes now and again, you might find there a few things that you could perhaps do differently.

Here’s what your nanny might really be thinking ….

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Nanny Sharing : A Smart Way To Avoid Childcare Queues

You’ve probably heard the stories. A friend or colleague tells you how they applied for a bunch of childcare centres while just a few months pregnant, have since welcomed a beautiful new bub and a year – or two – later they are still waiting for the first offer.

Surely they exaggerate, you think to yourself. Well, sadly, no. The shortage of childcare places is no joke, and it’s a solid reason for the increasing popularity of nanny sharing.


Just what is nanny sharing ?

Nanny sharing, just as it sounds, is sharing a nanny between people. It might be two, three or even four friends; families or colleagues who’ve welcomed children around the same time, and are looking for childcare.


Exactly how does nanny sharing work ?

Essentially, it means you hire and share a nanny between you but the ins and outs are flexible. It might be that you choose one person’s home to be the base where you will bring the children, or you take turns to have the nanny come to each of your homes on a different day.


There would obviously need to be some coordination before you begin the search for a nanny. You’ll need to decide how many days you need, the hours, and if you want them to cook or do some basic chores. Obviously if you choose the latter, you’ll want to take turns hosting the venue!


Once you’ve got an idea what you’re after, you’re all set to start your nanny sharing adventure.


The benefits of nanny sharing

You’ve no doubt picked up the obvious one. If you want to beat the childcare queues, this is probably your best – and most cost-effective – option. Hiring a nanny for one child can be quite expensive at times, but by sharing a nanny, you might find you’re paying the same or even less to what you would in a centre, particularly if there are a few children.


There’s also the added benefit of knowing that as there are only a few children, there will be much more one-on-one attention. It’s in a familiar environment, so the children are likely to feel comfortable straight away. And you can save on travel time between work, home and childcare.


The downside of sharing a nanny

Of course, you do need to think about possible cons before jumping in to a nanny sharing arrangement. For some people, the main downside is that you will need to coordinate with other parents as well as the nanny and if people’s plans change you will need to be flexible.


The choice

The choice really is up to you. Nanny sharing can be a great option, so if you do have a friend or two who are also looking for childcare, why not have a chat about it. You never know, if you’re on the same page, it could be the start of a fabulous nanny sharing experience.


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How To Check Your Nanny’s References

There are a few steps to finding the perfect babysitter or nanny, and a very important one is the nanny reference check. While someone might seem great on the phone or even face-to-face, the reference check might reveal a lot more, and confirm if they are really suitable.
Here’s how to go about a nanny reference check :




Prepare a list of questions

Your first step will no doubt have been to get a list of names and numbers from the babysitter, but before making the call, write down exactly what you what to know.


Make a list of questions that cover how well the referee knows the babysitter or nanny, how and when they worked for the referee, how the children got on with them, what they were like at the job.


The following list is a guideline, so you might pick some or all of these:

  • When and how long did they work for you?
  • Was it full or part-time? Did they work only during the day/stay at night?
  • How many children did they look after, and what were the ages?
  • How did the children get on with them?
  • How did they act with the children?
  • Were they energetic, motivated, mature, good at thinking up new activities (or any other qualities you are specifically after)? Consider asking them to rate their qualities on a scale of 1-5.
  • Did they ever have to deal with an emergency? How did they handle it?
  • Did they drive your children/your car?
  • Were they clean and tidy?
  • Did they stick to your schedule as much as possible?
  • Were there any areas they could have improved on?
  • Why did they finish up with you? Would you hire them again?
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?


It’s probably a good idea to type your questions out (leave a few lines space to make notes with each answer) and make enough copies to cover everyone you are calling.


Make the call

Once you are prepared (and have some quiet time), make the call.


Start by introducing yourself, say why you are calling, and check if they have time to chat now. If not, make another time to call back. Then run through the questions.


A good referee will be fairly forthcoming. If they are hesitant in answering questions, it might not be a good sign, or maybe there’s another issue, so do double check with the nanny if there are any problems with the list.


Make the decision

It’s advisable to check at least two references, and if you’re feeling comfortable with the process, maybe even more. Also think not just about what the referees say, but how they say it.


If they seemed nervous or awkward, or if something doesn’t feel quite right, it might be worth leaving that reference for the minute and seeing how any others stack up.


The nanny reference check needn’t be stressful. If done carefully, it will hopefully bring you just the news you’re after – that your new babysitter or nanny is a gem!


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