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  • Jordana - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 30-Nov-2019

    Hi my name is Jordana. I’m a 27 year old registered nurse. I have a lot of weekends off and I am free for a whole day next year Monday- Friday. Happy to help out around the house with chores, eg doing the washing, keeping the house tidy, etc. Kind regards, Jordana

  • Callie - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Nov-2019

    Hi! I grew up living on the coast of North and South Carolina. I recently moved to Australia after a year of living in Thailand teaching English. Iím a fully certified TEFL teacher, Iíve graduated University with a Business degree, and Iíve been a full time nanny for 2 years for 3 kids. I taught in Bangkok, Thailand at an all girls high - school. Iíve also taught elementary lessons as well as kindergarten lessons. I loved it! I enjoyed learning about a different culture, getting to know my students, and being able to help kids learn and grow! During the summers Iím a nanny for a family on Folly Beach, SC. I take care of 3 boys who now are ages 4,7, and 8. When I started the youngest was not quite 3 years old! I truly felt apart of that family and it was my home away from home. I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, did housework, and would often do errands Ė including driving the children to camps/school/activities etc. I have a very flexible schedule and am looking for part time babysitting work or full time nanny work. I donít mind housework or cooking either! Iím a super easygoing person and I pride myself in just going with the flow. I have a lot of experience with kids and I truly love being a nanny! In my spare time I like to write, read, and paint or draw. Since I grew up by the ocean I still think I have salt in my veins! Boating, surfing (not very well haha!), swimming, are all part of my daily life at home and abroad!

  • Cheryl - 51 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Nov-2019

    Iam a mother of two teenagers (both at university in QLD). I love looking after little children. I previously moved over to Australia in 2003 from Zimbabwe. I have worked in Administration for the past 30 years, I feel it is time for a change and to help others that would require my help with their day to day duties. I have recently been helping my niece with her 8 month old daughter when she needs some down time and so that her and her partner can have some alone time. Iam willing to do full time or part time nannying. Iam presently living with my brother and his family and helping them with school runs, preparing dinner, washing. I have also done some teach aide when l was living in QLD at the same junior school my children went to so that I was always there for them. I love spending time with my family as much as l can.

  • Gurmeet Kaur - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Oct-2019

    Hi, I am available early morning to 1 pm. I have 1 year baby so I know how to look after the kids. I have blue card, thanks.

  • Carent - 34 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Sep-2019

    Hi, i am Carent. Currently studying here in QLD. I am hard working and love kids. I have more than 5 years of experience in baby sitting,from a week old baby to 7 years old. I am a trustworthy caregiver, down to earth and have a long patience.

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