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What Is A Live Out Nanny

What is a Live Out Nanny

With so many choices regarding different types of nannies, it can be hard to choose. Parents wanting to hire a nanny or prospective nannies fall under two categories. Live In or Live Out Nannies. Among them, there are quite a few types of nannies, each with different benefits. Similarly, they must be responsible and caring individuals.

Focusing on what is a Live Out, they have pretty much the same roles. There is more freedom for the employer and employee. Essentially, Live Out nannies are highly recommended for parents with a full week, full day career. Though, this is not to say stay-at-home moms don’t need the extra help.

A live-out nanny is an extension of your family and can bring peace of mind. Knowing that your children are safe, and entertained the whole day, takes plenty off your shoulders.

Before getting into the details, it’s critical to fully understand the role of a Live Out Nanny:

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Live-Out Nanny?

With all the different types of nannies, and childcare professionals out there. Understanding the distinction between them can help you find the perfect solution for your combination requirements.

Most Nannies work full-time around five days a week and 40 to 50 hours a week. They are a professional nanny, responsible for their transport and accommodation.

Unlike Live In nannies, a Live Out nanny does not reside in your family’s home or premises. Other than that they perform the same functions.

However, with Live Out Nannies, there are some advantages and disadvantages:  


  • Live nannies do not require boarding or any other utilities. Because they do not stay with a family, the family is not responsible for their care.
  • Live Out Nannies have more flexible hours and schedules.
  • They are mainly full-time nannies who work the whole week.
  • Live Out Nannies can be just as much a part of the family as Live In Nannies.
  • They are a caring individual with experience working with children.
  • Live Out nannies can still assist outside work hours. Discuss any additional hours beforehand.
  • Live Out Nannies perform the same tasks, and have the same responsibilities as Live In Nannies.
  • Most Live-out nannies are trained and experienced professionals.
  • Live Nannies find it easier to separate work and their private lives.
  • Families on the other hand have much more privacy


  • Live nannies are much less flexible. They are not always available.
  • Live nannies may not be available in an emergency.
  • The employer may need to provide transport for a live-out nanny.
  • A live-out nanny provides less support around the clock for a family.
  • They similarly are not always available to take along on trips, and vacations.

Should You Choose a Live-Out or Live-In Nanny

Deciding on a Live In or Live Out nanny principally relies on your family’s needs and preferences.  Each option comes with its pros and cons.

While a Live-In nanny provides more support and flexibility, they also need accommodation and meals. 

Otherwise, a Live Out nanny does not need accommodation and meals, however may require transportation. Live Out nannies are less flexible and not around 24/7. 

Though both Live Out and Live In nannies have the same roles. On the contrary, a live-out nanny has more privacy. In turn, their employers also have more privacy.

Because they are not provided with boarding, Live Out nannies have a slightly higher compensation.

Many families worry that a Live-Out nanny is not as caring and nurturing in their profession. This is totally untrue. They can form the same warm, and emotional bond with children, as any other nanny position. The only difference is their availability to watch over the family’s home and children.

On that note, a Live Out nanny has a few typical roles in their job description:

Live-Out Nanny Roles

Live Out nannies typically work set hours and days. However, you can book them for overnight or weekend care. They may often be available during travels or vacations, to join the family.

Live out nannies have relatively the same role as Live-In Nannies, with fewer hours:

  • They provide passionate childcare and assist the family.
  • They are responsible for the nursery room and keeping it tidy.
  • A requirement of a Live Out nanny is to feed, bathe, and dress the children.
  • They take part in creative play and outdoor, and indoor activities with the children.
  • They accompany children to social and school activities.
  • They often drive kids to and from school and to other activities.
  • They provide educational and creative stimulation for children. Nannies help with homework.
  • They do light housework, including laundry and keeping the home tidy.

Keep in Mind a nannies are not housekeepers. They cannot fully care for your kids while cleaning the house. If you want a nanny that does a housekeeper’s work, a Nanny/ Housekeeper is the best choice.

Full-Time and Part-Time Live Out Nannies

You can appoint a live out nanny full-time, or part-time. Full Time Live Out nannies work around 40 hours a week, five days a week. Part-time nannies usually only work half a day, or when required for a few hours. Live-Out nannies are not babysitters though, they have a more consistent schedule. Similarly, they are dedicated to a family, and work specified hours. In contrast, babysitters work part-time hours that are not as reliable.

Live Out Nanny Salary

The salary for a Live out Nanny depends on a few factors:

  1. The amount of children to care for.
  2. Their specific duties or additional household duties.
  3. The ages of the kids in your family’s home.
  4. Whether the Nannies have a formal qualification or more experience.
  5. If the kids have special needs or disabilities.
  6. Mothers that need care for a young baby or a newborn baby.

 Average per-hour wages paid range between $25 and $ 50. The average weekly wages are around $1200 for a full-time nanny or $650 for a part-time nanny.

Wages may differ from person to person and the agency that you are using.

Should I Stay at Home or Hire a Nanny?

After most parents have done their research, often the question arises: Should I stay at home, or hire a nanny?

In all honesty, it is a personal choice only the family can agree on. A few benefits and drawbacks could further help you make a decision. The same principle goes for any prospective nannies searching for a suitable family.

The Benefit of Having a Nanny

At Home Benefits

With a nanny, your child is in a familiar home environment. They can stick to a normal routine and have all they need for the day. You can relax in the peace that your child is in a safe, cared-for space.

More Control

A nanny can implement your rules and routines just as you would. You get to make day-to-day decisions for your child, without being there.

One-on-One Attention

Your child will receive constant attention. The nanny is solely focused on caring for your child.

More Freedom

Whether you are a working or stay-at-home mom, you have more freedom. As a parent, you can take care of household tasks and planning. You can pursue a career or hobby.

Option for Additional Duties

Many nannies, depending on the type of nanny, can take up extra duties. Duties such as housework, transportation, or flexible hours are possible.

Drawbacks of Having a Nanny

No Oversight

Though qualified nannies from a trusted agency ensure a trustworthy nanny, you may still not be at ease. You have no idea what happens with your child during the day. Some parents install a nanny cam, but it can similarly become a hassle.

No Regulations

There are no set regulations for someone to become a nanny. However, Most nanny agencies prefer applicants with a qualification and experience. As a parent, you are fully entitled to request some form of qualification and references.

No Back Ups

Especially if you are working, if there is an emergency and your nanny cannot come in, there is no backup. You may have to take off work, or quickly find someone else.


Hiring a nanny is expensive. Probably one of the most expensive childcare options. However, there is always the option for a part-time nanny. Keep in mind you must keep track of their hours, wages, and vacation days. This can also pose a hassle.

Going through the Pros and Cons, a live-out nanny can be a good choice if handled correctly. 

Take that it is the right nanny, with a properly set up contract. A good nanny can bring peace of mind, and give you more freedom. If you enjoy your career, and the extra income, a nanny is an excellent choice.

In Conclusion

To conclude the discussion. Having a live-out nanny provides you with much more privacy and less responsibility for the nanny. Keep in mind though they don’t live with you, they are still a responsible and caring individual. A live-out nanny is a professional nanny, some are even qualified to provide newborn care.

Essentially often Live In nannies can end up costing more than Live Out Nannies. The decision depends much on your family’s requirements. 

Live out nannies are usually the best option where both parents work full days during the week. A part-time nanny is ideal for parents who just need help taking care of kids, or that work part-time.

What is a Live Out Nanny Called?

You can refer to a Live-In nanny the same as a live-out nanny. They are traditional or professional nannies. The only difference is their living arrangements and work hours. They provide care for children and are involved in many other things.

Are Live Out Nannies Expensive?

Live In Nannies sometimes cost less than Live Out Nannies. However, you must keep in mind other expenses. Their boarding, food, transport, and utility use. You do not need to prepare them meals or provide a room. They pay per hour, week, or sometimes per month.

What is a Live Out Nannies Job description?

A live-out nanny generally has the same job description as any other nanny. However, there may be a few extras, depending on the contract. The employer can decide on the specifics when they search for a nanny.

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