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We Need A Nanny Corporate And Group Childcare Program

We are now selling subscription packages at discounted rates to employers, mother's groups and groups of friends/family/workmates. If you buy a package of at least 10 subscriptions to We Need a Nanny at the same time then you will save.

Even if you are not an employer but have a group who want to buy at least 10 We Need a Nanny subscriptions then contact us with how many you need. Prices start at $590 for 10 subscriptions ( you can choose 3 or 12 month subscription options ). The more subscriptions you buy at one time the lower the average cost becomes.

Contact us now with how many subscriptions you need and we will reply back with more information

Some of the companies currently using WeNeedaNanny’s Corporate Program include :

Henry Davis York – one of Australia’s leading law firms


You pay for the subscription package and your employees can then access our nannies and babysitters around Australia for free.

Your employees will have immediate and painless access to thousands of quality caregivers around Australia.

It's extremely affordable for you, tax deductible, easy to use and implement.

It reduces employee absenteeism and offers a national solution that can benefit all your employees.

You will become an employer of choice giving you an edge when it comes to recruiting and retention.

You can buy subscription packages at reduced rates which will allow your employees to access our website for free. It's the modern way for employers to ease their employee's childcare worries.

If you already offer care benefits such as childcare centres, We Need a Nanny is a great addition to complete your benefits package. Companies use the We Need a Nanny Corporate Program to fill in the gaps when:

  • Company care centres have a waiting list or are available only in certain locations
  • Employees need care beyond the hours of 9:00 – 5:00, Monday to Friday
  • Employees need care for dependants who fall outside of current age restrictions
  • Employees need a regular trusted sitter who comes to their home
  • Employees need care while they are away from home

Contact us now with how many employees you have that need childcare and we will reply back with more information

Smart companies are realising that providing childcare can be good business. It makes sense to provide childcare, or at least support it in some way. The benefits aren’t just for parents either. Organisations are finding that childcare can become much more than an expense.

The benefits to employers

Good quality and inexpensive childcare is a major concern for parents who work.

They need to know that their children are well cared for during the day. More importantly, they don’t want to work just to pay for childcare costs. Employer sponsored childcare can act as both an attraction and retention tool for a company. Some of its benefits include:

  • Increased staff loyalty - it can reportedly reduce turnover by up to 60%;
  • Decreased absenteeism due to childcare issues;
  • Dramatically increased morale;
  • Attracts women back to the workplace;
  • Reduced conflict over work vs. childcare;
  • Enhanced business image and corporate profile;
  • Improved retention rates, which reduce training and recruitment costs; and
  • Increased productivity - many employers report output improvements in more than half of their staff when childcare is available.

Family-friendly companies are becoming the only choice for many workers. In fact, it has been estimated that up to a third of working families will willingly sacrifice salary and benefits, to access employer sponsored childcare. One report suggested up to a third of working families would be willing to change employers for better childcare support.

Contact us now with how many employees you have that need childcare and we will reply back with more information



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