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Should You Choose A Live Out Or Live In Nanny

Should You Choose a Live Out or Live In Nanny

When hiring a new Nanny, it can be hard to discern between the different types. You need a clear indication of what you are looking for exactly. The two main groups of nannies are Live-In nannies, or In-Home Nannies, and Live-Out nannies.

Despite the many other types of nannies, your first choice will be a more full-time or part-time option.

To make that choice it is vital to know what a Live-In and Live -Out Nanny are:

What is a Live in Nanny?

Exactly as the term suggests, a Live-In nanny resides on your property. They will either stay in a room in your home or in a separate quarter. Live-in nannies are full-time professional nannies. They have more flexible schedules and longer work hours in general. Live-in nannies are often on standby 24/7. A Live-In nanny must be provided boarding, food, utilities, transport, and other benefits.

What is a Live-Out Nanny?

On the contrary, a live-out nanny will not stay on your premises. They will drive to and from work daily. Live-Out nannies have slightly shorter hours and are usually not on call.  The Live-In Nanny, however, is appointed part-time, or full-time.

Considering their differences, there are some benefits, and drawbacks to both Live-In and Live-Out nannies:

How do I choose Between a Live-In or Live-Out Nanny?

The easiest way to look at it is to narrow down the advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, it will depend on your lifestyle and unique needs. However, knowing the pros and cons of each can give a clearer understanding.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Live-In Nanny

They generally have a much more flexible schedule.

  • You can set up a 24/7 on-call contract for your Live-In Nanny.
  • Live-In nannies are in a closer relationship with the family.
  • They can join you on vacations and trips.
  • They are more affordable.
  • You do not have to pick up and drop off your nanny.
  • They sometimes take up light house duties.
  • Live-In nannies are provided with boarding, food, and other benefits.
  • Live-in nannies are often required to transport children.

On the Disadvantage side, there is much less privacy for the nanny and family.  Disagreements are not uncommon between the family and nanny, living in each other’s space.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Live-Out Nanny

  • The family and nanny enjoy more free time and privacy.
  • A Live-Out Nanny does not require a room and other benefits.
  • Live-Out nannies are also professional nannies, with similar roles.
  • Most Live-Out nannies are local and in tune with our community.
  • They may likewise perform light domestic duties.
  • Live-Out nannies work shorter daily hours.
  • They are not usually available for nights unless requested.
  • Live-Out Nannies may require transport to and from work.
  • They have fewer flexible schedules and are not on call 24/7.

What to Expect from a Live-In and Live-Out Nanny.

Live-in and Live-Out nannies essentially have the same roles as nannies. There are however a few differences and exceptions.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nanny in General

Overall, the following are the responsibilities and duties of a Live-In and Live Out Nanny. Keep in mind that their job description must be stipulated in the contract.

  • Full childcare and nursery duties.
  • Bathing and Dressing Children.
  • Feeding and preparing meals for children.
  • Helping with homework and educational development.
  • Organizing and implementing activities.
  • Organizing and accompanying children’s social and school events.
  • Doing children’s laundry, and keeping their areas tidy.
  • Generally maintaining the home in a tidy state.
  • Creative and educational play to improve children’s development.
  • Putting children to bed or ensuring they take afternoon naps.

Additional responsibilities of a Live-In Nanny

Because Live-In nannies generally have longer hours, they are often asked to bathe and put children to bed.

Similarly, they are more flexible in schedule and often on call 24/7, to make your life easier.

Live-in and Live-Out nannies are sometimes requested to join the family on vacations or trips. However, in this case, it leans more towards Live-In nannies. Live-In nannies are often on call as a night nanny. Night nannies, or maternity nannies usually help mothers with babies or newborns for the first few months.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding.

Finding the perfect fitting nanny for your family is critical. Keep in mind this person will spend almost an entire day in the life of your most precious gift. 

A nanny is an extension of your home, not just an employee. They have a huge impact on your child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Therefore, it is vital to have a concrete plan before selecting the right nanny. Understanding what each type of nanny is, is a step in the right direction. The safest course of action is to find a trusted agency, with professional experienced nannies. These agencies consider all the unique factors affecting potential families. The families are interviewed to add their unique requirements to an extensive database.

Thus, before considering any choice, first ask yourself these questions?

What is Your Budget?

Start by asking friends and family what their nanny rates are. Similarly, you can surf the internet for general rates in your area. When you have a more concrete idea of specific rates, you can set a budget for your nanny.

What Time Do You Need a Nanny?

What is the number of days or hours that you require a nanny? If you have a full-time job with set hours a Live-Out Nanny will suffice. However, if you work late or need a few evenings a week, a Live-In may be better.

Know the criteria you want your nanny to have?

Are there any special qualifications? CPR and first aid are often the most sought-after.  Do you want a nanny with a degree, or that is studying in a certain field? Must your nanny have a valid driver’s license? You can also specify certain language preferences.

Do You Have Children with Special Needs, Allergies, or Health Conditions?

In this regard, a more qualified nanny is required. A nanny with a first aid qualification is essential Similarly knowledge of working with special needs children, or a health condition is vital.

Do You Know the Rules!

Before looking for a nanny, ensure you know all the rules. Gather information on the roles and job descriptions of each type of nanny. Similarly, what is expected of you as an employer? What are your house rules and how will you implement them? There is similarly the wage and tax consideration.

Is it a Long or Short-Term Nanny?

Will you need a nanny for newborn care, or long-term baby and child care? Is there a long-term plan for the nanny? If so, how will you implement it? Will your nanny be there during the child’s development stages? How must the nanny adapt to the changes as your child gets older?

 Would You be Better Off With An Au Pair?

A Live In nanny is much similar to an Au Pair. Au pairs also live with a family. An au pair is a foreign student who resides with a family for cultural exchange. They usually do light household duties and childcare tasks. 

Though they are not nannies. Aur pairs receive accommodation, food, and other privileges with weekly pocket money. Au pairs similarly do not have the skills or experience of an actual nanny. 

For a more temporary solution au pairs are a good idea, especially for older children. However au pairs only stay until their visa expires, or the visit is over.

Moving on from answering the questions. It is vital to do proper reference checks on a nanny. Well, the advice is to do a day or week trial with your selected nanny. This helps you to establish whether the nanny is the right fit for your family.

To conclude the discussion. The choice between a Live-In and a Live Out nanny entirely depends on your family’s needs and preferences. Though there are pros and cons to each, they will work in the right setting.

 Hiring the right nanny ensures the best care for your children. You can focus on your work and other responsibilities with peace of mind. that your children receive the care and attention they need while you focus on your work and other responsibilities.

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