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Should You Stay At Home Or Hire A Nanny

Should You Stay at Home or Hire a Nanny?

Many parents often resort to hiring a nanny rather than staying at home. There is no shame in hiring a nanny, whatever your reasons may be. Every parent has the right to act in a way they believe is best for their children and family.

On the other hand, some parents prefer to stay at home with their children. To hire a nanny is not always the most affordable option for most families. Hiring a nanny has its own implications and benefits, in comparison to staying at home.

Many families do not have much of a choice, and hiring a nanny is the only option for their family. Essentially, it all boils down to the needs of your family, and what your needs as a parent are.

To start, it is advisable always to consider the pros and cons of both;

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Nanny?

Hiring a nanny offers similar benefits to staying at home, rather than using daycare. Though it is more expensive. Nannies quickly become part of their families, forming a close bond. Staying at home full-time, means you lose out on a potential career and freedom. Thus, it is vital to decide what is more important first.

Your Child is in a Familiar Environment

Firstly your child is safe at home, in an environment they know. They are surrounded by everything that they need. Ideally, it takes some of the early separation anxiety away when parents need to leave for work. In a safe environment, the nanny quickly becomes a part of the family.

Kids Receive Full Attention and Care

The number one priority of the nanny is childcare. They spend one-on-one time with children all day. Nannies educate, care for, and entertain your children while you are away, or busy. Essentially as a parent, you will have many other responsibilities. A day care, similarly does not provide the same interaction. nannies are also there to help with homework, play board games, and manage the house.

Safer Environment

Your children are in a safer, and more germ-free environment. Often a day care has an influx of germs from other sick children. This can in fact affect your child. Children are generally in a more hygienic and comfortable environment at home. There is less risk of infection, or even getting physically injured.

Light Housework

Nannies generally also help with light household duties. Keep in mind they are not housekeepers. Nonetheless, they help to tidy up, do the kid’s laundry, and do other small tasks.

School Care

Besides light housework and childcare, nannies also provide school care. Nannies are responsible for helping children with all their schoolwork, and homework. They also need to participate and accompany children regarding school events, and sports. Nannies also often take kids to school and pick them up from school.

What are the Disadvantages of Hiring a Nanny?

Nannies are Expensive

One of the greatest disadvantages of a hired nanny is that it costs more than a daycare. If you are trying to save money, it is much better to use a daycare or stay at home. On the other hand, a nanny can be hired part time, for a few hours a week.

You have no Oversight

The same principle applies to daycares. You are not home to check on your children 24/7. Without a nanny cam, you have no idea what happens with your kids during the day. Thus, you must be completely certain of the nanny services you are hiring.

A Nanny is an Employee

Nannies receive the same treatment as any other employee, from their employer. They need proper leave days, sick leave, and a full contract of employment. Just as employees need vacations and sick leave, your nanny will require the same. You will need a backup plan, and quickly if your nanny is ill. Similarly, paid leave is essential, and you will require someone to work in their place.

There are no Set Regulations for Nannies

By law, there are no specific regulations or qualifications for nannies. Luckily, through an agency, most nannies have some form of qualification or experience. Nannies are usually expected by parents to have Childcare qualifications. First Aid and CPR training is essential for emergencies. The age and experience of the nanny is also a factor.

So far the pros and cons of hiring a nanny are evident. But what about the advantages, and disadvantages of staying home?

Advantages of Staying at Home

There are some advantages to staying at home with your children;

  • You get to spend quality one-on-one time with them.
  • You set the tone and rules of the household.
  • You know your children are completely safe under your own care.
  • You may feel more empowered as a mother.
  • There are no strict work schedules.
  • You can always get a part time job working from home.

Disadvantages of Staying at Home

You will be with your children 24/7, which can become tiresome!

As a mother or father, you may miss out on work or study opportunities.

You may still need to take children to a daycare.

You get to do all of your housework all on your own. Unless you have a housekeeper.

You have less freedom for other responsibilities.

Keep in mind that though it is more likely for a mother to stay home, some fathers also play the role. With the world changing as it is, many fathers tend to the household, while mothers pursue their careers.

So How Do You Choose?

Thus far, there are three options:

  1. You can employ a full-time or part-time nanny.
  2. You can send your children to a daycare.
  3. You can stay at home with your family.

Each of these options has pros and cons, that are almost balanced. In essence, having a part time or full-time nanny is a better option than a daycare, in terms of individual childcare. Nannies also provide home care and education for children, which most daycares do not. If possible, it is always better for a parent to be at home with their child.

However, the world unfortunately does not work that way. As a parent, you need to decide what is best for yourself, and your kids. It is always good to have a balance between a career, hobbies, and family time.

Then again many parents today do not have a choice, as both parents need to provide an income for survival. Yet again, more money does not always equal happiness in the family.

To end off. Whether or not you should stay home, or get a nanny depends on your lifestyle and personality. Either way, a stay-at-home parent, or a working parent with a nanny, both deserve credit.

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