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  • Solange - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Sep-2019

    Hi, I am a 26 years old Chilean psychologist. I recently arrived to Sydney with a WH VISA and I would love to work with babies and kids. I have plenty of knowledge about development and love to be active, while been a contribution to our future. In my country I used to work during the weekends and some hours after work as a nanny, and I wouldn’t change that gratification for anything. I like games, cooking, going to the beach, movies, and of course a good conversation.

  • Kasia - 40 year old Male   Last logged on 22-Sep-2019

    Hi, My name is Kasia.I am a qualified teacher with over 12 years of experience working with children in a school&home setting.

  • Hannah - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Sep-2019

    Hi there, I am a confident, loving, outgoing person is looking to join a new family. I have recently moved back to Sydney after visiting home (England/Brighton) for 6 months. I have worked with a wide range of children aged 0-19 years. Alongside working in Child care centres, Special educational needs schools and mainstream schools I have worked as a nanny with many fantastic families. I am a creative person who loves to plan fun, stimulating activities for children. Hannah :)

  • Alisa - 38 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Sep-2019

    I am writing in response to your advertisement in For Permanent Educators Via seek. I am currently a part time OAC educator. For two years. also babysat for 7 years. I am seeking part time work. I am confident my skills, education, and experience would be perfect for a position. In either Baby sitting or childcare Educator. I have completed my Certificate Three at Taffe. I am Studying towards CURRENTLY STUDYING TOWARDS Diploma part time. Tafe. Starting July 2018. Personality I bring my artist side to the role, and am constantly being able to think of ways to entertain and occupy a child. I love many different kinds of art and toys and books for children as well as excercise. I enjoy my role as I also enjoy the activities you can find me fighting over the red paint any day.! As an artist I have learned how to use my practical side as well. I can supervise, the falls and trips of children, health and sickness and safety and feeding the right foods and I can be assertive, and strict to give children and good sense of routine and self independence in doing things for themselves! So they can function as an adult in this world! As well as get to the next stage in there growth. I love children of all ages. However, I am seeking part time work preferable with children 0-2 and preferable local and around 25 plus an hour! Experience: Two' year sin Child Care centres all over Sydney three times a week. 6 Years of babysitting.

  • Ashleigh - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Sep-2019

    Hi, my name is Ashleigh and I am 21 years old and living in Bondi Beach. I am currently studying full time at ACPE in the hope of becoming a PDHPE teacher. I love playing netball and am extremely passionate about health and fitness. I have many hobbies including going to the beach, hiking, shopping and exploring new places around Sydney. I have experience working as a nanny, in which in 2017 I cared for two girls under the age of 12 years old. I have my full driver's licence and have a clean driving record.

  • Rebekah - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Sep-2019

    I am a happy, energetic and fun person who is dedicated to helping children to have fun whilst learning. I enjoy creating stimulating and encouraging environments, where children are safe and happy. During my ten years working in childcare, I have developed strong skills in supporting each and every childs individual needs. I am extremely passionate about helping children emotionally and physically through play. I have worked with many different families and have always had a friendly, professional relationship with them all. I have exceptional time management and organisational skills and I am punctual and reliable. I have a bachelor degree in primary education and also a national diploma in childcare from back in England. I have worked with children from the ages of birth-12 years. This was teaching, being a room leader at a busy day care centre and nannying for two children.

  • Emilia - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Sep-2019

    Hi, My name is Emilia, a 30 years old Brazilian girl. Describing a little bit of myself, I'm the one you can rely on, always doing everything with so much affection, transparent, committed, honest, punctual, responsible and good worker. I start every single thing with a smile. Such an easygoing person, I love to make new friends, love my family, love pets and love life!

  • Maria Elisa - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Sep-2019

    I am a girl from Argentina, holding a working holiday visa in sydney looking for a job. I am a very responsible, proactive, harworker and reliable person. I have worked as nanny for more than 5 years, I have experience with children of all ages and I also have experience working with 3 or more children all together. I have my own car, WWC, driver license and I really enjoy doing this job. Since I arrived to Australia I've worked with two australian families, so I can provide references or my work. With the first family I took care of 5yo twins (pick up from school, feed them, bath, lighthouse duties, preparing dinner). With the second family I took care of 3 kids (6yo, 4yo, 18 months) and my duties included preparing lunch boxes, breakfast, playing with them, preparing lunch for the little girl, afternoon tea, bath, preparing dinner.

  • Josefina - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Sep-2019

    Hi, my name is Josefina, I am a student, I love children, I have a charm that many people tell me that they see me perfect working looking after children. I am a sweet, organized, honest, punctual, patient and responsible person. I worked with a family a while ago and it was a very nice experience. I have availability from Monday to Friday in the mornings. I hope to please you and to work with you

  • Katerina - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Sep-2019

    Hi families. I am a fun caring very experienced nanny looking for work. I have a current First Aid certificate, Police clearance, working wit childrens check and drivers license. I have had experience working with children of all ages.

  • Audrey - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Sep-2019

    Hi! My name is Audrey and I'm a recent graduate from the states who is moving to Bondi on a Work and Holiday Visa and looking for work in the area. I'm a patient, compassionate babysitter/nanny with 5+ years of experience caring for children ages newborn to 12 years. I'm highly skilled with ages 5 to 10 with knowledge of age-appropriate activities that encourage and prepare children to achieve developmental milestones.  I grew up with a large family and have been babysitting and surrounded by kids since a young age. I love being around kids and engaging them in outdoor activities as well as arts and crafts, card games and board games. I also have experience with children in the professional world as a summer camp counselor and child care services, giving me a unique skill set. I'm available for after school care to help with homework and extracurricular activities or available for date nights. I'm comfortable with all pets and will provide housekeeping duties to make your life easier!

  • Morane - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Sep-2019

    Hi there, my name is Morane, I am 25 years old, I'm a reliable, autonomous and a friendly person. I live in Bondi actually and I'm going to stay in Sydney for the next 2 years. In life I'm always trying to see everything happened in a good way, I'm very positive and I'm trying to spread and share this vision to everyone close from me. I'm a conscientious person, the physical, moral and emotional security of your children is a priority for me. I used to be very close from the kids that I was taking care and its very important for me to create a good connection with them, make them happy as most as I can, and teach them everything that I can. I can pick up your children at their school and take care of them during your absence, helping them with their homework (I used to teach and help kids with maths and with french language courses as well), prepare meals for them (I love cooking), and everything that you need me to help you with. I will be able to play and educate your kids in a fun and educational way, according to the interests and activities that you will tell me. I am able to offer them various activities that I will be more than happy to share with them.

  • Maria Paz - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Sep-2019

    Hello, I am Maria Paz Peñaloza, I am from Chile and I graduated from the university as a preschool teacher.. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you so that I can give you my experience with children. I came to Australia to learn English and meet new people and lifestyles. I have worked in schools since I left university that would be 4 years of experience. On the other hand I understand perfect English, I can hardly speak it a bit but I can communicate perfectly. I hope it serves you, kisses.

  • Daniela - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Sep-2019

    Hello families. My name is Daniela I am Colombian, I am in Australia studying English and I would like to complement my experience working during my stay in Sydney. I have a student visa and would love to work as a nanny and I can also help to clean. So depending of your necessity I can change my school time to work as a babysitting, nannying (daytime care), before school care, after school care or nights. Additionally, I can always work on weekend all day. My English is Intermediate and I speak Spanish. Some information about me: -I grew up in a lovely family, where values, respect and faith are the main pillars. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 -I'm responsible, creative, cheerful, intelligent, honest, dreamer, patient and I have many beautiful things to offer to the people around me. 🙋🏼‍♀ -I love children and animals. 💛 -I live in the bondi 🏖 -I have experience as a nanny and cleaner in Colombia. 🇨🇴 -I like to go for a walk and meet. 🍃 -I like doing crafts very much. ✂ -I like to cook and make desserts. 🥧 -I have Colombian driving license. 🚫 -I do not smoke nor drink. 🚫

  • Dilma - 42 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Sep-2019

    To whom it may concern, I'm writing to apply for the Babysitting and nanny position. I would like to explain my experiences with kids. I am originally from Brazil and I have been living in Australia for around ten years. I have been studying and have a qualification in the tourism and hospitality industry in customer service. I have been studying a certificate in an introduction to psychology at Sydney University and have developed some studies and workshops with Waldorf education programs. Between my studying time in Australia, I have been working at Randstad Education that has been caring for children from 0-12 years old and supporting families. So usually, I like to Created age-appropriate activities for the children that included putting on plays that they wrote, creating art projects, visiting local museums, library, zoo, and spending outdoor at the park and beach. All so with innovating indoor activities at home without electronic equipment and technology encouraging the child to create with activities of paste and cut, figures, molding of origami on paper and all so motivate the children for cooking section teach how to make pasta for bread and model the pasta with figures of stars and hearts. Nevertheless, I have been engaged some experiences with yoga and meditation kids actives program on the organization Brahma Kumaris ONG that help me provide more insight into children's behaviors. In saying that, my goal for the future will be to use my background experience in children care and hospitality to add value to my psychology studies, which I plan to start next year. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further details. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely, Dilma.

  • Catalina Ignacia - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Sep-2019

    My name is Catalina Contreras Pereira. I am from Chile and I'm 30 years old. I have a working holiday visa and I'm looking for a full time o part time job. I grew up in a family with 5 sister, i'm the middle one and I have a niece, so i have a lot of experience working with children, taking care and helping to do their homeworks and different activities. I'm a reliable, honest and resposible person, capable of work under pressure and keeping a possitive attitude. I enjoy cooking, make craft activities and swimming. I'm currently living in Bondi Beach, but i have not problem to move to another area. Best regards Catalina

  • Helena - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Sep-2019

    Hi!! I’m Helena, 29 years old, brazilian and portuguese citizenship. On 2015 I have been lived in Ireland with the MASSEY’S FAMILY and there I took care of their babies. The total was be four boys ( ages: 7 months, 1 year and 9 months, 3 years and 5 years). I worked like Aupair (live in) on the Massey’s family for 8 months. I have experience to care children and more than this: I LIKE THAT! I’m really excited to find a new family! I’am totally available to talk if you are interested!! I have permission to inform the phone number of my irish family to have a conversation, if you prefer and fell more confortable! Thank you very much for your attention! With caress, Helena!

  • Alejandra - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Sep-2019

    I'm a registered Chief Nurse, pediatric critical care specialist from Bogota-Colombia who has 4 years of experience taking care of patients primary working with newborn kids, toddlers & teenagers. I worked at the pediatric area in all specialties as hematology and oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurosurgery and orthopedic. I'm patient, dedicated and calm person who loves working with kids and enjoy sharing and learning from them. I enjoy reading about kids health care, watching movies and outdoor activities. I am looking for a part time job as nanny, babysitter with availability of weekdays and weekends Weekdays from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Happy to help with the house chores if it's required.

  • Betina - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Sep-2019

    Hi, I'm a brazilian girl who loves Austrália and children. Have experience taking care of small cousins. I am very active (love sports and yoga) and love a healthy and outdoor lifestyle, so I would be more than happy in taking care of energetic children. Also, I love cooking, so I'm abble to cook breakfast/lunch/dinner for your kids. I'm an graduated engineer, so I can also help your kids with their homeworks. I'm clean and organized and can help you with house chores. I have a driver's licence, so I can drive if necessary. I'm very bubbly, energetic and responsible.

  • Glassiel - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Sep-2019

    Hello Parents! I am from NYC, currently in Sydney on a student visa studying Diploma of Counselling, but plan to stay permanently as I have an Australian partner. I have a honours bachelors degree in psychology, and over 5 years of child-related work experience. My patience, optimism, and compassion towards children have allowed me to succeed as a nanny, camp counselor, and program assistant at the Boys and Girls club. My parents emigrated to the USA from the Dominican Republic, which has taught me the value of hard work and determination. I speak fluent Spanish, and would love to teach your child/children the beautiful language! I have an adventurous spirit and love learning as much as teaching. I am not a person to give up, and my perseverance and ability to put myself in others shoes, has helped in my adventures and previous occupations.

  • Isabella - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Sep-2019

    Hi families! I'm Isabella Chávarro Torres from Colombia and I'm 27 years old. I've been living in Sydney for 7 months now and I'm studying a VET. I'm industrial designer and I'm creative person which love arts and craft. I was an au pair in United States last year and I took care of four kids (at different times), they were two brothers of 3 and 5 years old, and two siblings of 10 and 14 years old. I really love this experience because it helps me to grow as a person, be more patient and very responsible. I love kids and I really enjoy spending time with them, playing, teaching them new things and doing different activities as sports or crafts. Here I have been working as a waitress and it has been a new experience for me and I have learned a lot, I have been out of my comfort zone but I have realized that it made me stronger. Now I would like to take care of kids again since I really enjoy it and I love kids. The memories that I made with my kids (how I call them) back in USA are unique and I'll be always grateful with those families that gave me the opportunity to work with them. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I really hope can be your nanny/babysitter and have a good time with your kids! Thank, Isabella!

  • Josefina - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Sep-2019

    I´m a reliable person. Friendly and proactive. I love cooking and baking

  • Bethany - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Sep-2019

    I am interested in travelling, developing my skills and expertise, and enjoying the working life in Australia. As a qualified Primary School Teacher for almost 3 years, I plan to continue my career in Australia. Following my four-year degree in Primary Education with a specialism in the environment at the University of Stirling, I took up a post at Melrose Primary School in Scotland where I remained in post for 2 and a half years and taught a variety of stages. Over the years, I have gained a significant amount of experience in working with children with additional support needs. I have demonstrated dedication to my career and in developing the life skills children require. I was an Au Pair in Sydney for two and a half months before travelling the east coast of Australia. Prior to this, I have been an Au Pair on three separate occasions in Spain. Recently, I have started a position as a Primary Teacher with an online schooling. I would love to continue to develop my skills in relation to working with children. If there is any additional information I can provide, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your interest and consideration.

  • Emeline - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Sep-2019

    Hello Families, My name is Emeline, I am 27 years old from France. I was an au pair in America for the past three years. I arrived in Sydney coupls months ago as a French Teacher. I do work couples hours during the week as a teacher in day care and schools. I am looking for couple hours to complete these teaching hours. I am TEFL Certified to teach English to foreign speakers and I will be starting a Master FLE online to teach French to foreigners. I am really excited! I am free weekdays and weekends all day during school break. I will be able to give you references from my previous families if you would like to. We can meet up for a first time and talk more about the position! Let me know if you would be interested! Best, Emeline

  • Inés - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Sep-2019

    I am and enthusiastic and motivated person seeking for a full or part-time position that allows me to fi nance my one year stay in this fabulous country. I graduated as a doctor a month ago and I would like to do my postgraduate degree in pediatrics because I adore children. Cheerful, easy going and friendly. Punctual, reliable and responsible with a high ability to adapt to changes and deal with any kind of problem always with a smile. Always give my best in everything I do. I have experience taking care of children and babies in my country, I worked for two years with that family and I enjoyed it.

  • Abbie - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Sep-2019

    Hey my name is Abbie I am 23 years old and am from Wales. I am living in Bondi and am looking for babysitting/nannying work. I'm a responsible, caring and love working with kids. I have experience in babysitting and also regularly looked after children from the age of 1 to 9 years old. I am creative and organised and a well-planned out baby-sitter and always bring activities and crafts for the children. I also have my police check and first aid certificate. I am also willing to get the working with children check. I hope I am able to be the right fit for your family and we get to talk further, you won’t be disappointed. References also upon request.

  • Danitza - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Aug-2019

    I have a student visa for one year with the possibility of extending it for a longer time. I am interested in the offer of work, I consider myself a person with positive attitude, happy, responsible, I love children and I would love to help them, I fit perfectly in the hoario they need. I await your news greetings.

  • Mariel - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Aug-2019

    Throughout my professional career as a social worker, I have learned to relate and work with newborn children up to 13 years old, in different situations and contexts, which has given me a broad vision and knowledge about them and their different stages of growth. I'm an active person, positive, responsible and reliable, who loves children, since these are the basis and future of our society, I appreciate a lot the opportunity to be able to teach and at the same time learn from kids, so we can grow together as humans beings. My work consists mainly of working from respect, empathy and love, 3 of the fundamental pillars to be able to have a good relationship with ourselves and the world around us, knowledge that I try to use through games and daily activities . I'm an Spanish native speaker with advance english skills. I can help you take care of your children, pets and some basic domestic duties. Happy to meet you. Mari

  • Leticia - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Aug-2019

    Hey! My name is Leticia. I'm 25, Brazilian, single, graduated in accounting sciences. I came to Australia to improve my English, and I'm looking for a job opportunity. in Brazil I had a lot of contact with my godchildren and I was always taking care of them (a boy and a girl) with this I would like to continue having this opportunity with children that I like so much. . In addition to taking care of children, I can also do the Cleaner job if necessary Thanks!

  • Tamara Soledad - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2019

    My name is Tamara. Im from Argentina. My goal as a Nanny is to care for, guide, instruct, protect and teach children. My native language is Spanish, so I can teach it to children if parents want to. If I had to describe myself in five adjectives I would say that Im caring, loving, committed, responsible and diligent.

  • Sandra - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Jul-2019

    Hello, I live in Bondi, my ethnicity is Papua New Guinean. I am looking for a nanny job as I am naturally good with kids, housekeeping, babysitting, caretaker for disabled kids, etc. Its expensive to live in Bondi so I am looking for a job as a nanny as well. I was raised with lots of kids for siblings and relatives so I had to take responsibility at a young age as I am one of the eldest kids of 13. Therefore, taking care of kids is something natural to me. I also have a disabled sister which I take care of also. Its just responsibilities that I have come to be professional at from the beginning, please try me out for a day for free and see how you think I can be your nanny. I can work around your needs in terms of timetables.

  • Constanza - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Jul-2019

    Hello I'm constanza 23yo girl from Argentina. Friendky with childs and animal lover. I have fluent English and native Spanish. I also know how to drive.

  • Mariana - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Jul-2019

    My name is Mariana and I’m a experienced and loving living out nanny in Sydney/ Eastern Suburbs for the past 3 years now. I have all checks first aid, police check and WWCC, my own car, Australian driver license, and excellent references that are happy to chat with you about myself and my working experience from 2 weeks old babys (even multiples/nanny share) in full time routines till 13 years old children. I’m very proactive, happy personality and always looking for the best of the children interest, seeking for new creative and fun activities, building a great relationship with them. I ’ve been also babys sleep trained so I’m happy to help you and you bubba around the sleeping times and assisting also for a better quality of sleep. 🙂 I’m very responsible, energetic, genuinely care and love children, and happy to make the parents life easier. I live in Bondi and at the moment looking for extra/casual hours around the area. Definitely happy to do babysitting during week days evenings and weekends too! Many of my references are familys that I’ve been babysitting continually for the past 3 years so I look always forward to build a great relationship with her parents and with the little ones too! If you’re interested of knowing bit more about me, I can easily send you me resume and references and I make myself available for a contact anytime! 🙂 Thank you in advance, Mariana

  • Luciana - 43 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Jul-2019

    I am Brazilian and moved to Sydney in 2016. I process to get my independent skilled visa as architect, my main professional career. I've being working with children to complete my budget and chose this because I have 3 nephews and a niece back in Brazil and I used to take care of them, so is a job that bring me personal contentment. I am very patient with children and like to help them to learn and be interested for studies and mind growth. As nanny in Sydney I have experience with some local families (references upon request). I have good scores on IELTS, this can confirm a good English level. Should you require further information please don't hesitate in contact me.

  • Rachel - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jul-2019

    Available for casual babysitting all week and fulltime Nannying 3 days a week and weekends! I am happy with all age groups from babies up until teens. I am comfortable with diapers, light housework, school runs, cooking, entertaining, late nights, sleepovers if necessary,early mornings and outdoor activities. I have just complicated my First Aid with CPR this year, i carry my WCC, police check and have my full drivers licencse. Its so important for me to get on with the children so i think by having strong patience and understanding is important and most importantly being a friend/big sister/2nd mum, whilst following the parents routine :) Being so far away from home it's really nice to be welcomed into people's home and to be involved in normal everyday lifestyle within the family. Its exciting for me to experience new families, locations, schools, activities and routines.

  • Javiera - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jul-2019

    Hey! I'm Javiera, a Chilean girl who is really passionete about kids. I'm a girl who really loves children! I have 4 nieces and one little nephew wich I love so much. I spent a lot of my time with them. For them I'm their aunty/big sister and I just adore kids so much. I also like to cook (I have a really healthy life, so I can say I'm good cooking healthy stuff) and I enjoy a lot doing sports, specially outdoors. I have a lot of experience as a babysitter back at home and me and the children had a lot of fun painting, playing, dancing, singing, watching movies, etc I also was an exchange student a couple of years before in Denmark (2012-2013) and I have little host sisters and I still talk to them, we made a relation ship for life and is so good having familly arround the world.. I speak 3 lenguages and it would be a pleasure to teach your kids a bit of spanish, and for me improve english as much as I can (I speak fluently but is always good keep learning and improving) I'm really social, outgoing and I think this could be a really good experience for you and me. Javiera

  • Sylvie - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jul-2019

    Hello mums and dads :) My name is Sylvie, I am 27 years old and I am from Barcelona. I am a very responsible, energetic and happy person. I have a very positive attitude and I love doing all kind of activities, from reading to dancing, doing sports, travelling and cooking. I try to learn something new every year. Last year it was diving, this year I want to learn how to play ukelele. I love children and I have been working with them since I was 16 years old, both paid jobs and as a volunteer. In Spain I belong to a group of Scouts who organise weekend activities and summer camps. I hold a Spanish certificate to work with children that has allowed me to work as a camp counsellor for kids from 3 to 16 years old. One of my passions is ballet and I have also been a classical dance teacher for kids from 3-7 years old. I have also taken care of my cousin when she was a baby. When working with kids I like mixing activities: arts and crafts, board games, outdoor activities, storytelling, sports, dancing... I believe it is equally important to give kids freedom to choose which activities they want to do as well as planning activities and games for them, to make their days different and richer. Besides being qualified in Spain as a leisure instructor and camp counsellor, I hold a first aid, CPR and O2 course (completed in Cairns, QLD). I studied a degree in International Business Economics and specialised in economics teaching. If needed, I am willing to get the WWCC. Even if this description serves as an introduction, I believe it is always better to meet face to face -specially when trusting your children's education and wellbeing- so... should we grab a coffee? :)

  • Laura - 33 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jul-2019

    I am an Argentinian actor (33) in Sydney since three years now. I currently work at Darlinghurst Theatre Company, please feel free to contact the manager Bec (I will detail her number in my profile) for references. Little bit about me: I'm at the moment training during evenings to become a theatre director, going to be assistant-director of a play by the end of the year and mostly my life is related to that. In my spare time I'm reading plays and books and learning lines or going to my sessions with my voice-coach. I'm an energetic person, non-smoker, and very very positive attitude towards life (and problems). I'm vegetarian and a yogi. I am looking forward to a weekly morning-to-arvo childcare job (and some weekends available full time too). I am an aunty of three (will post some pictures while sitting them) and have taken care of them for long periods of time while back in Argentina. I took care of Lucas since he was born till he was 6 months old in an everyday basis: waking him, changing nappies, singing songs, preparing his bottle and feeding him. His sister Prisca was 3 years old at the time and my job with her was basically take her to kindergarten every morning (her father would pick her up). I enjoy very much being around kids, I love singing and playing music with them (so if you have instruments at home is a plus to have fun). I am willing to do housework too, get the laundry ready for the kids and make sure they have done their homework before playtime. I am also the sort that prefers to keep kids away from screens, so if you think likewise I am your person !

  • Mitsuhiro - 24 year old Male   Last logged on 19-Jul-2019

    Hello, I’m Mitsuhiro from Japan. I’m looking for a job as a babysitter after my school. I have a teacher license so I know how to take care of kids especially I can teach Japanese to your kids.

  • Diana Thais - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Jul-2019

    Im Peruvian I came here with Student Visa. I study in the morning Monday to Friday. Im available Monday to Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday and Sunday all day. I can help with children and with housework. I really like to be with children I had experience with them. I worked always with children in Italy with different age. I speak Spanish and Italian and I really want to teach them if they want to learn Spanish and Italian. Im really indipendente, enthusiastic, responsable and punctual. I propose you my candidacy and Im available for an interview. Thank you Best Regards Thais Rivera

  • Vickii - 64 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Jul-2019

    Previous employment 26 years as Bank Manager. I am the mother of two boys and now have some time to help out families with their children. I have a working with children volunteer check.

  • Isabel - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Jul-2019

    Im a Colombian girl with more than 5 years experience . Im a highly motivated and hardworking person and up for a little laugh too, Im easy going and have a good communication skills and ability to understand different kind of people. A friendly, cheerful and polite attitude. Im willing to learn and values new knowledge. I was Au Pair (Nanny) in the Seattle-USA where I learn English.

  • Maria Ignacia - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jul-2019

    Hello, my name is Ignacia Briceno, I am 23 years old and I am chilean. I studied bussines and administration in my country. After completing my studies I decided to travel to Australia to master my English and to learn about the Australian culture. As well as to face the challenge of start "from scratch" in a foreign Country. I consider myself a reliable and responsible person with a strong work ethic. With the ability to lead and influence positively my colleagues. Also posses good communication skills that allow me to work efficiently and build meaningful relationships. I have 3 years experience like babysitting, and I love it! Im funny and energetic girl.. I would like to help you

  • Lidia - 33 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Jul-2019

    I am responsible, punctual, reliable, fast learner, with a friendly personality and good communication skills. Im loving and enthusiastic nanny, with experience with kids.

  • Beatriz - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Jul-2019

    Hello everyone, my name is Beatriz, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Barcelona (Spain). I am currently going to an academy in the afternoons, so I am free in the morning until 3:30 p.m. I have worked in a children's home, helping them with their homework, games and giving them lunch and dinner. In my country I am Stock Controller and I agreed with a degree of administration and bussines managment. I am looking for a family that teaches me Australian customs and I can learn from them and be able to teach children a part of my Spanish. I have always liked being with children and learning from them. Thank you!

  • Cindy - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Jul-2019

    Hi, I have been living in Australia for almost two years now, after a first year of traveling and discovering this beautiful country i am now settling down in Bondi. I am going to study childcare in April for at least two years, I have a three-month experience as au pair in Dubbo. I enjoyed this experience so much that I want it to be a real part of my life, I love kids and spending time with them, playing, baking, learning... I also have done some babysitting for toddlers with i feel comfortable with babies as well. Pet lover, so not afraid of dogs or any other animal you could have, except snakes or spiders :) I love reading, going to the movies, I am an easy going person and I learn fast. I have a part-time job in a hotel so I am very flexible with the hours. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Edith - 35 year old Female   Last logged on 07-Jul-2019

    I got the Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care at MEGT Institute.I speak English and Spanish. I am enthusiastic, highly motivated and energetic person, with a friendly, responsible and caring attitude. I am also a very organised person who can handle different situations and genuinely enjoying working with children. I'm available from July for Wednesday and Thursday. And I'm available now for Fridays.

  • Bruna Cristina - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Jul-2019

    Hi mons, I'm looking for a job to realize a drean caring for children. I'm from Brazil and I arrive 1 year ago. now I'm work as a cleaner so I can help too, I love pets and cook. I want to find a nice family to fell at home.

  • Amira - 35 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Jul-2019

    Im a 35 year old Permeant Resident who lives in Bondi. I am warm, friendly, responsible and firm. I enjoy cooking and have a great sense of family and values. I have a valid driving license and an impeccable driving record. I am able to work flexible hours as I am currently running a small business from home.

  • Tatiana - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Jul-2019

    Hi, my name is Tatiana Lubuska. I come from Slovakia. Im 30 years old.Im here in Australia on Student visas.Im looking for work with children. I have a lot of experience with children. I have a little niece (9) and nephew(5) with whom I have spent time since their birth. But the biggest and the hardest experience for me is my little sister who has been suffering from cerebral palsy since birth. They are my whole world. I love them most in the world. In my oponion children are a gift. I enjoy spending time with children and would like to help families here in Sydney. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Constanza - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Jun-2019

    University degree qualified English Teacher with the capacity and experience to perform duties in areas related to education and children. I have a strong proficiency for effective communication, and by nature, I am responsible, easy going, patient and enjoy interacting with children. As I have recently arrived in Sydney, I am looking forward to finding a great family where I can contribute with my own culture,language and experience.

  • Hayley - 47 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Jun-2019

    Hi I'm Hayley AND I LOVE KIDS I am a mature aged nanny with 2 grown children of my own I have over 20 years experience working with 0-18 years I have been fortunate enough to travel with my work from London Germany America and Australia I love children I have a diploma in child psychology and a masters in Psychotherapy I have facilitated child and family groups teens with challenging behaviours and residential programs for kids 8-11 yrs I currently nanny for 3 families and am looking to fill 2 other days evening and weekends II love the outdoors yoga beach swimming and walking I have my own car and prepared to travel LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU

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