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  • Annika L - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jul-2018

    Im annika I am a very responsible, friendly 21 year old female university student, seeking to find babysitting or nannying work. I have previously done baby-sitting for family friends, relatives and 4 families I have found on this website, for children between the ages of 2 months to 12 years old. I have a calm nature, and am good at resolving problems. I enjoy interacting and playing with the children, however am also able to enforce rules according to the parents preferences. I am happy to follow instruction and to adapt to various practices parents prefer for their children. I feel that I am fun, energetic and really do enjoy working with children I am also a very outdoorsy person so would be great if parents were happy for children to be out and about. I am available to work full time. I am a great cook and have many tricks for children that are fussy eaters. I am more than happy to help with household chores in addition to caring for your child/children. I am located in Bondi very close to Bondi Junction. I also have my own car if it were essential for the role. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or queries you may have. Hope to hear from you soon :)!! I am very flexible in my hours due to having deferred Uni this semester, however when I do return to my studies next year it will be via distance due to the nature of my course. So I am able to commit for however long I am required, and am flexible throughout this period. If I can offer you any other information please let me know.

  • Sophie D - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jul-2018

    A trustworthy, caring and responsible nanny, with a great deal of experience and interest in child development. I am a confident child carer that possesses high energy levels and a passion to make children thrive through education, fun and play. I have excellent communication skills and able to develop close relationships with both children and families, whilst able to converse in a polite and courteous manner. Believing that children are at their happiest when they are comfortable, engaged and entertained, I am dedicated to these values being reflected in my work. I understand the importance of a balanced day by keeping a fun and stimulating environment whilst also supporting a good sleep routine and nutritious food. Being passionate about nutrition and possessing great cooking skills, I can offer to make mealtimes exciting, educational and fun. I have had many experiences with children, throughout my employment and my private life, ranging from the ages of 0 - 15. My past experience consist of working as an Academy Leader for children from the ages of 6 - 17 in the reputable school of Millfield in the U.K. whilst having worked as a babysitter for children from 0 - 12. I am highly educated with a university degree and have A levels in French, Psychology & Textiles. Whilst, I also graduated from school with an A* in Maths, A* in Textiles, A* in French, A in English. Being bilingual, I am half English, half French, speaking fluently in both languages. I am able to work to an excellent standard, whilst setting a good example by being a trustworthy and reliable person that shares important values such as respect and honesty. Aside from offering amazing skills and experience, I can assist with tutoring and cooking. I absolutely adore children having a true passion in helping them to learn and grow. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details. I am fully flexible, able to start immediately and available throughout the week / weekend.

  • Mariana D - 34 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jul-2018

    Dear Moms and Dads, I am a Psychology student here in Sydney and my ultimate goal is to become a children's psychologist! I'm 34 years old, I have a post-graduate degree in Law, but it took me 15 years working with children to figure out that I wanted to pursue a new path. I am completely passionate about working with youngsters! Specially infants and toddlers. It is my true vocation in life. There's nothing else in the world that fulfills me more than making sure a child is happy, healthy and well taken care of. I've been a nanny for 14 years and also a Preschool English Teacher for 1 year. At this moment, I am looking for a full-time nanny job here in Sydney to continue my experience around children and also to help me pay for my tuition. I am fluent in English and Portuguese and I can also understand and communicate well enough in Spanish. I love arts, crafts and outdoors. I am full of energy, I am very outgoing and cheerful, your children will never get bored around me! And I also could gladly do some housekeeping, cooking, even taking care of pets, in case you need me to. I'm just happy to help in any way I can! My first job as a nanny was in 2003, while I was in Law School. I worked full-time (8 hours per day) for 6 years in an American-Brazilian family (in Brazil) taking care of a 6-months-old girl and 2-years-old boy. It was an incredible experience. It made me extremely fulfilled to be a part of their lives and to watch them grow throughout all these 6 years. They are a part of me and there's nothing I wouldn't do for them or for their parents, who treated me as if I was their own blood. My job was to supervise the children's activities at all times, to play outdoors and take the children to parks and other recreational centres (by foot, train or bus); dressing, bathing and reading books for them, helping them with homework and school activities and preparing meals and feeding them were part of my duties as well. My second job as nanny was in 2009, a part-time (5 hours per day/ 5 days a week, occasional babysitting over the weekends) for 2 years in a Brazilian family, taking care of 3 children (3, 5 and 7 years old) after their morning school. It was a blast, we did so many fun activities together, we had so much fun together and I helped them overcome so many barriers in school, in their social life, etc. The love between us is so grand that up until this day the children still call me every other month, even living abroad. My job consisted in picking the children up from school (with the family's car), preparing the children's lunch, helping them with homework and school activities, encouraging them to be themselves and to recognize their own potential; we would also play a lot outside, perform different artistic activities and at the end of the day I would bathe and dress them for when their parents got home. My third job as a nanny was in 2012, a full-time (8 hours per day/ 5 days a week, occasional babysitting over the weekends) for 3 years, for another Brazilian family, taking care of a 5-months-old baby girl. Newborns have a special part in my world. I have a particular kind of love for them. They are so vulnerable, so fragile, so unable to express what they are feeling that I give my everything to protect and care for them. In this particular job, I used to prepare her formula and feed her, put her to sleep, play with her and read for her, change her nappies, bathe and dress her, administrate medication whenever her parents instructed me to do so and I also did some light housekeeping to help out around the house. In 2015 I decided to expand my working with children's experience and I became a Preschool English teacher in Brazil, working full-time with children ages 2 yo - 7 yo. I had over 160 students from all ages and personalities. It was a blast being around so many different children; they taught me more than I taught them, they made my days happier and more fulfilling. But after teaching for a whole year I felt that I wanted to do more for the children than just teaching, I wanted to be able to know what was going on in their little lives and how could I help them grow healthy emotionally, I truly wanted to take them in my arms and to make so all their problems disappear. That's when I went to the US to be away from everything, to clear my mind and to reconsider my next step for a career in life. And over there I did some more babysitting as well. My first American Family was the Andrade/Falk family that also happened to be half Brazilian. They lived in Hawaii, but they moved shortly to Dallas for 12 months and then back to Hawaii again. I worked for them during 9 months whilst I was in Dallas. They had a 3-months-old girl and a 2-years-and-a-half-old boy. My work consisted mainly in creating a stimulating, playful and safe environment for the them, making meals and feeding them, bathing and dressing them. I also did some light housekeeping and fed their dog every day. I would engage in artistic and fun activities with them, read books and play films for them, play outdoors and take them to parks and other public venues (With the family's car). They were very energetic and demanded a lot of my closest attention. I am glad I was up for the challenge I succeeded at it! My second family in America was actually 1/3 Peruvian, 1/3 Chinese and 1/3 Russian and their home was in Berlin, Germany! They were living in Boston while the dad (Yuri) did some academic work at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). They were a very special family. Amazing human beings, so concerned and worried about their baby son. I had a short, but beautiful experience with their family. They had been having difficulties in finding a nanny for their 3-months-old boy because the nannies didn't seem to be patient enough with the baby and they wanted someone who had extra patient, since boy seemed to cry a lot. I didn't have any problems with little Sasha at all, he was an angel when I was with him, it was 2 amazing months spending 8 hours per day with him. My chores included preparing his formula and feeding him, reading and singing for him (babies this age love different kinds of auditory and visual stimulation. I would also take him to the park across the street to watch the children play and to watch the summer shows held in the park during the months of July and August. I didn't bathe him, I only changed his nappies and his clothes. Well, that's it! These are my experiences! I hope I gave you a little pick of my passion for children. I have excellent references and letters of recommendation that I will gladly provide once we meet. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting your family and to being a part of your children's healthy development.

  • Thais T - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jul-2018

    I love child and I pleasure in be nanny. I have 4 years experience as nanny. I am patient, attentive and careful. I have first aid certificate course and wwcc.

  • Fanny M - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jul-2018

    My name is Fanny and I'm a young dynamic and smiling french girl! I'm working with children for 6 years now. I have a lot of experience. I used to take care of one little girl ans one little boy during 2 years. I was looking after them before and after school, helping them with their homeworks, cooking them lovely meals and playing with them. I also teach horse riding to 40 children between 4 and 17 years old every summer. I am a caring person who really loves working with kids!

  • Laurie B - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jul-2018

    A well mannered, articulate and responsible nanny, with great deal of experience and interest in children and their development. A confident child carer who is emotionally mature and possess high energy levels and an ability to develop close relationships with both children and families. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to relate well with people at all levels and converse in a polite and courteous manner. Able to work to an excellent standard under considerable pressure whilst presenting a positive image to others.I consider myself someone trustworthy, reliable, punctual that shares important values such as respect and honesty neither its in my private or work relationships. I have had many experiences with children throughout my previous job and private life as I come from a big family and I have been put in charge of the youngest since an early age. I supplies Loving, care and fun while making sure to meet disciplinary and educational goals for each child. Don't hesitate to contact me for more details. Best regards :)

  • Nekane F - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Jul-2018

    I am a highly self motivated and hard working person. I have great people skills, adapt easily to new surroundings and like new challenges. When I was 18 years old I started working as a nanny due to my interest in the kids development. As I was learning more about education and the impact it has in the human development, I realized that I needed to learn more about this field in order to help the kids I was working with and become a professional. I am a helpful, polite and responsible nanny with a great interest in children and their development. I encourage play skills and autonomy among the children. I am a supportive child care who is emotionally mature with high energy levels and a great capacity to develop close relationships with kids and their families. I have the ability to keep calm and professional care while working under considerable pressure. Always positive and trying to find the best solution to any problem. I love being outside and don稚 mind getting messy. I am confident in my ability to make a substantial and positive impact on your kids lives. I am seeking for a position where I could apply the skills I have learned in my professional studies.

  • Julia B - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Jul-2018

    Hello! My name is Julia and I'm 18 yo. I'm looking for a job as a nanny or casual babysitting. I've worked in Brazil as a nanny since I was 9 and I also have two siblings that I helped my mom raising (9 yo girl and 7 yo boy). I'm friendly, responsible and careful. I can play games, dance, take the kids to the beach or park, help with their homework and have a lot of fun. For sure I will have a good time with your kids! I decided to come to Australia to improve my English and my skills, which is why I am now looking for a job that I know I can do my best at the same time that I will learn a lot. I'm available monday-friday all day I look forward to hearing from you!!

  • Gabriela P - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Jul-2018

    I arrive to Sydney a few weeks ago and i am completely available to work as a nanny whenever you need. I am an active, creative and friendly person, animal lover and also love kids!. I am here with a working holiday visa and i planned to stay here for the hole year. I would love to make differents kind of activities either outside (playing, taking the kids for a walk) or inside (painting, cooking, homework). I am also patient and easy going person so i can easily manage long shifts. Back home i studied to be a speech pathologist and work two years in that position (primary school with an integration program) so i am confident with the work with kids with specials need too. I worked casual as a babysitter too while i was studying and when i was working at the school. I can do housekeeper, take care of pets and cook if you need it.

  • Millie G - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Jul-2018

    I am a fun trust worthy girl, I have worked in childcare for the past 4 years and I am looking for a casual/ part time nannying position!

  • Jess B - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jul-2018

    Hello! I have recently moved over to Australia from New Zealand, and am looking forward to getting myself established in Sydney for the foreseeable future. While in New Zealand, I gained over four years of child care experience. I have worked as a private nanny, where I was based with one family for a majority of those four years, and also as a teacher at an Early Learning Centre. I have also worked as a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, where I worked alongside a Therapist who specialised in supporting pre- and primary school aged children. I have really enjoyed the challenges that have come with working with children in these different situations, and believe the opportunity to create a safe and educational environment for little people to thrive in is a very special privilege. I love being outside - my idea of a perfect afternoon would involve going for a long walk, running, swimming, or exploring a new beach. While exercise and a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, I think a bit of balance is crucial - baking is my favourite hobby (and I've found it always gets a good response from small "helpers"!). I also love animals and have always had lots of pets - including guineas pigs, rabbits, sheep, and chickens. So if you have pets, I am more than happy to care for them as well. I have a full NSW Driving Licence, a Working with Children Check, and a Police Check. I have also completed my First Aid Certificate and CPR for Children, and am experienced in working with children with special dietary requirements. I am comfortable to care for babies, toddlers, and older children. Ideally I am after part-time work during the day, but am happy to be flexible with the days that I do work - I tutor on some evenings, but do not have any other commitments. I am also happy to carry out light housekeeping (washing, folding, dishes) and prepare simple, healthy meals. I hope to hear from you soon!

  • Elizabeth M - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Jul-2018

    I'm currently working full time in the Sydney CBD in accounting administration. Previously i worked in childcare for 3 and a half years in two centres in the hills district, i have my certificate III in children's services and have worked mostly with children aged 3 months - 2 years, but also have experience in working with children up to 5 years. I'm a friendly and kind person who is looking to use my skills again in casual babysitting.

  • Nuria S - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Jul-2018

    Personal: I consider myself a positive and energetic person, responsible, respectful, co-operative and enthusiastic with high capacity of dealing with problems and making decisions. I like to learn and concentrate on work. Also I am always ready to work respecting my class hours Professional: I studied childhood education and social work. I did an student Erasmus at the university of Copenhagen. I did my practicum in schools with Malaguzzi and Nicola Cuomo pedagogy. I did Nanny for one year.

  • Daphne G - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Jul-2018

    I知 brazilian and i知 here learning english (now I知 in the upper level). I知 looking for a job, I thought about being nany because I love children and baby. I thinks this is the perfect job for me! Accessible, understandable and in the mood to work.

  • Roberta C - 36 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Jul-2018

    Iエm a lovely and energetic Brazilian girl who can quickly create a real bond with children whilst at the same time respecting their familyエs privacy. I love cooking and making delicious healthy meals for the family, I'm very organised and your home will be left tidy with me around! I have 4 years of nanny experience with new borns to 12 years old, families with up to 4 kids and twins. Experienced in - toilet training - eating habits - getting babies onto solids - teaching kids to read - educational play - behavioral issues - strengthening little bodies to crawl, walk and gain strength needed to develop - school homework help

  • Maria N - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Jul-2018

    Mexican girl, with first aid certificate. I have experience in the care of minors since I worked with infants of 3 months up, not counting my adorable nephews that I have looked after since they were born. Chef by profession

  • Monira G - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Jul-2018

    Are you looking for a Nanny who speaks french with your kids ? I can be the person you are looking for! ABOUT ME: My name is Monira, I'm 27 years old and I come from Belgium. 3 years ago, I got a Master's degree in Information & Communication specialized in Cultural Mediation. Then, I worked for more than 1 year as a Communication Officer and Client Support for a fitness Start-up. Progressively, I wanted to discover the world and to acquire various new experiences, that's why I'm here in Australia. LANGUAGE : French (mother tongue) and English (intermediate - and I want to improve it !!!). CHILDCARE EXPERIENCE: Troop leader for 5 years for children (age 5-8) and teenager (age 12-16). CERTIFICATION : Obtaining the certificate of ォHoliday center animator サ at the end of the course (2 years) by Belgian State approved. When I was 6 years old, my parents enrolled me in the Youth Scout Movement. So every Saturday, I spent my day with other children. Our animators often prepared outside games. I loved it. So, I learned very quickly how to live and play with other children and to know the notion of "sharing" and "living together". When I was 17, the opportunity to animate came naturally to me and it is without hesitation that I agreed to do it. I chose to animate children from 5 to 8 years for 2 years and then I animated teenagers (12 to 16) for 3 years until my 22 years old. In order to organize nice days for the children/teenagers, my staff and I met us one evening of the week after school/university to prepare a nice game for Saturday. In addition, there was the fabulous Summer Camp that we organized with haste and joy during the 2 weeks preceding the camp. For the children (and for us), this camp was the culmination of a year spent with theirs friends! Sincerely, these years count as the most beautiful of my life. Before starting to animate, I had the opportunity to follow a training to become a good troop leader. This is a certificate that recognizes my ability to mentor young people. This training is recognized by the entire Scout movement and is awarded by the Belgian State. Note also that this investment was free throughout my years (and I will do it again without hesitation!). All the values learned during my years of animation, I then passed on to the children. And I will pass them on to mine too. And if I can pass it on to your kids, I'll do it! Sincerely, these years count as the most beautiful of my life. I am currently looking for a full time or a part time as a babysitter or nanny. I am someone organized, orderly and reliable and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty (cleaning, laundry) and I cook pretty well! I am also very creative and I will love to come up with innovative ideas to brighten up your children's day. I have also my driving license for 8 years and my own car in Sydney. Concerning my hobbies, I like shopping, going to the gym and spending time with my boyfriend and my friends! In Belgium, I went to the gym but I also did Squash and sometimes tennis. I look forward to meeting you and your kids and eventually, to share a little bit of time together.

  • Vicki L - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Jul-2018

    I completed a Bsc in Leisure Management. During this time I worked in the USA for two summers running kids activities. This involved having a group of children each day and planning activities and keeping them busy. We also ran night time activities which included movie nights and kids night in. I am well used to children of all ages as my mam minds children at home. This has also lead to a lot of babysitting experience. I am based in Bondi and am looking for full time work but babysitting could also be an option. I am free every day at the moment. Looking forward to hearing from you.:)

  • Mariana U - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Jul-2018

    Hi! My name is Mariana and I'm brazilian I'm 26yo, business student, easy going and reliable. I used to be nanny in my hometown and I did some babysitters here in Sydney too. I love kids, animals and cooking. I'm looking for an opportunity as nanny part time or full time. Feel free to message me.

  • Josefina E - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Jul-2018

    I am an outgoing, organized and enthusiastic girl from Santiago, Chile. I am looking for a full time or part time job on baby sitting that will allow me to work hard, learn and give my knowledge. I have the ability to work in a profesional and sociable way, always thinking in what I can learn. From aerly age I have worked as a baby sitter taking care of my cousins, brothers and others families sons tan trust me because they know that is my passion.

  • Flavia M - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Jun-2018

    Hi, moms and dads! My name is Flavia and I'm from Brazil. I am a reliable, responsible, energetic and punctual person. In my country I helped take care of the children in the church. I'm very passionate about children. I love playing with them and helping them use their imagination and creativity. I'm studying English and my level is intermediate. I'm available on weekdays from 4 p.m and on weekends any time.

  • Lucy U - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Jun-2018

    Hi everyone, I have recently moved to Bondi from the countryside. I am originally from London but am a resident living in Australia permenantly. I work shifts in the emergency department at a local hospital so have found I quite often have long evening free or mornings and daytimes and I would love to fill this time helping out casually with families who need the odd day or evenings care for their child/children. I have a diploma in childcare and absolutely love children. I have plenty of experience with all ages from 3 months to 13 years and I have lots of experience caring for multiple children and one on one care. I have worked in a variety of childcare roles from babysitting for family and friends, sole charge nanny for children aged between 16 months and 11 years, room leader in the toddler room in a day nursery, nursery nurse in a primary school and interventions teachers for early years. I would be happy to plan fun activities and take children to any sports or clubs they are involved in, help with homework or with dinner and bedtime routines and the morning school run or just to give you a night of to go out! I love animals and would be happy to look after any pets too if needed, taking dogs for a walk etc... I also offer pet sitting services on Mad paws if you ever need someone to look after your furry friends while you're away. Like I said because of the rotating shifts I cannot commit to any repeat days but quite regularly the shifts are similar and I am aware well in advanced so would always be able to plan for thr month ahead. If you think I could be helpful to you and your family please feel free to contact me. My usual rate would be $26 per hour but I am happy to negotiate on pay depending on circumstance. Look forward to hearing from you :)

  • Rebekah W - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Jun-2018

    I am a happy, energetic and fun person who is dedicated to helping children to have fun whilst learning. I enjoy creating stimulating and encouraging environments, where children are safe and happy. During my ten years working in childcare, I have developed strong skills in supporting each and every child痴 individual needs. I am extremely passionate about helping children emotionally and physically through play. I have worked with many different families and have always had a friendly, professional relationship with them all. I have exceptional time management and organisational skills and I am punctual and reliable. I have a bachelor degree in primary education and also a national diploma in childcare from back in England. I have worked with children from the ages of birth-12 years. This was teaching, being a room leader at a busy day care centre and nannying for two children.

  • Loreto E - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jun-2018

    I have more than 7 years of experience like au pair in my country, also I have experience like a school teacher and tutoring children in the afternoons. Recently in Chile I was taking care of a 18 months boy and also I was doing private lessons to children. So if you want I have the references!

  • Megan B - 39 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jun-2018

    I am an experienced 31 year old nanny/babysitter. I have excellent references and was a helper with Camp Quality for the younger children for some years after being a camper for 10 years. I am willing to work anytime Day,Evening and Weekends. I am also willing to trial with your child or children to ensure they and yourself are happy with me. My previous employers have been.

  • Alisa T - 37 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Jun-2018

    I love children am energetic and kind. I am gentle but can be very firm. I am reliable. I can do housework and play with children.I love arts and crafts and can teach children drawing. I love going to parks with children or the beach or movies or there events. I grew up in a household with six jewish brothers and sisters!. Currently Babysitting once a week a child of 2.5 years in Cooggee. I clean and cook, and change diapers, am happy to take them to the local park, to friends houses, or for an ice cream. I have my WWC check and have two weeks experience at Good start Early learning. I have 7 years experience babysitting. I am studying Cert three in child education and care.(TAFE Petersham)I am available 100% in January and December. After January am only available weekends and nights.I dont drive.

  • Bruna Cristina L - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jun-2018

    Hi mons, I'm looking for a job to realize a drean caring for children. I'm from Brazil and I arrive 1 year ago. now I'm work as a cleaner so I can help too, I love pets and cook. I want to find a nice family to fell at home.

  • Camila G - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Jun-2018

    Hi mums and dads, I been working as a babysitter since I was 17 years old. I worked with two families for a lot of time and care of my brothers (one of 4 years old and the other 8 years old). I love kids and I know its hard take care of them and some time you need help, I hope can be that help. Im a responsable person, with a lot of patience, funny and tidy so if you need help at home I can help you . More about me: Im Chilean so i speak spanish but i have a fluent english, Im graduated in comunication, i arrive few weeks ago to Sydney with the work and holiday visa. If you have any question just contact me I dont have my WWC yet if you really need i can apply for one if you have any question please contact me.

  • Giulianna F - 39 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Jun-2018

    Hi Parents! I知 a brazilian girl -who loves children- looking for an opportunity to work as a nanny/babysitter Here in Australia, I have been a babysitter for two boys, 7 and 8 years old, but I also had many other nanny / babysitter positions in Brazil. I'm patient, reliable and able to devise creative games to play with children to keep them entertained, always following parent's instructions / plans and give them feedback on children's behaviors, also have domestic management skills for children and I would love to help you as a nanny or babysitter for your children. I have FirstAid Certification, WWCC, license to drive (but I don稚 have access to a car) and excellent references available on request. As bonus i知 a great cooker and love pets. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me. I'd be happy to meet in person..

  • Camila S - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 30-May-2018

    Hello Mom and Dad :) I'm very easygoing person, love to take care of children, I've been here in Australia for 06 months and I really enjoy my time in here. It's a great and beautiful country. I used to be an Au Pair (USA) in 2006 during two years, so I had a great time as a nanny and Au Pair. I took care of 3 kids with all differents ages: - One baby just 06 moths; - One little boy 3 years old; - The big sister 6 years old; My most activities was: - Bring and taking to the school; - Helping with homework - Cooking and preparing the food or snacks; - Reading, playing music and spend the day outside at the park; - Helping the parents with some cleaning; - Kid's laundry; - Creating a fun time with activities and playing; I'm an student in Australia, studying for IELTS and VET course, i live in Clovelly in a small studio. In my free time I really doing activities, going to the beach, reading and watching series and movies. I just turned 30 years old, I'm very responsible and keeping me happy is my priority. I hope you like me and if you have any question, please, feel free to call or text me. Thanks so much and looking forward to meet you and your kids <3

  • Daniele P - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 29-May-2018

    i am a person who like kids, like to play with kids, i worked as a nanny in my county for 1 year in 2017 in my city in Brazil, it was a girl with 5 years old, i usually take care and play with her after school,i really like to work taking care of children because i love kids, and i love be caregiver of people, in my country i have a cousin and i always play with her

  • Alexandra T - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 29-May-2018

    I have over 8 years experience with children and have experience in 0 years to 15year old children, I am able to assist with new borns to the teenage years. housework and homework duties are also some of the other tasks I am used to taking on. I am very flexible with time I know its hard for parents to stick to time scales so don't worry I won't be watching the clock. I love entertaining children as well as being entertained. I also understand a routine is important and instructions and schedules are there to be followed when bringing up a family so I will 100% support you in that. any questions or references you may need.... just ask :) looking forward to hearing from you

  • Tara B - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 29-May-2018

    I have a lot of experience in Nanny work as well as teaching and caring.I have First Aid, WWWC, police check and references available. Im really enthusiastic and motivated and love working with kids

  • Gabriela V - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 23-May-2018

    I m a professional accountant from Argentina now traveling the world . Traveling I have te wonderful experience of working with children and now I m willing to work with them forever . The love and energy they have fill my life with happiness. I m very responsible and hard worker, healthy , and love practicing sports reading and , drawing. I m in Australia in my working holiday visa , but planning to stay longer studying something related to childcare.

  • Tuulia K - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 22-May-2018

    Hi! I am seeking nanny and babysitting jobs. I am available weekdays/ weekends/ early mornings and late nights / school holidays, you name it! In Finland I worked in a after school care for seven and eight years olds! My job included helping kids with homework, playing games, and preparing lunch. I have also coached cheerleading. There we learned basic acrobatics, team work and had tons of fun. I consider myself loving, caring, responsible and funny. I am more than happy to help with some housework as well. I'm also very aware of special diets and nutrition. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

  • Magdalena B - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 21-May-2018

    Responsible, proactive and committed teacher who has the ability to respond will to difficult situations. Likes to do the job in the best way, despite its complexity. Has many social skills and enjoys working with others.

  • Camille W - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 21-May-2018

    Hi, I come from France and recently moved to Sydney. I would be happy to take care of children while I have some spare time. I'm free and available all day during the week and weekends. Feel free to contact me if you want more info about me.

  • Julieta S - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 16-May-2018

    I'm nutritionist and I love to cook healthy and yummy food. I'm responsable, active, organised and funny person I love kids. In my free times I like to run or walk and read a book at the beach. I can also teach Spanish :)..I was nutrition Teacher in a secondary school and in the university that why i have skills to teach. I worked as nanny in Australia and in Argentina during my university studies. I'm going to class 2 days a week (Monday and Tuesday until 4) but I can Fix my timetables.

  • Carolina Z - 37 year old Female   Last logged on 15-May-2018

    I am an Argentinian/Italian who's just moved from Amsterdam to Sydney. I was living in the Netherlands for the past four years. There, I worked as a nanny for 1 year. I was looking after a 2 1/2 year old girl. I do yoga, go out running, I meditate and do Reiki. I also enjoy reading, baking and writing.

  • Tara M - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 14-May-2018

    BEAUTIFUL, NURTURING, RESPONSIBLE. I come from a very big family which has lead me to have many years experience with children of all ages. As well as previous nannying experience for a family in Sydney. I see my self as fun loving, hard working and an overall positive person. I believe I would be a great asset as I take each child's individuality seriously and would love to be able to engage them and help them grow. This may be in games, activities and everyday tasks. I have and massive heart and patience to go with so I can give the children I look after the care they deserve. I also have experience in cleaning and cooking allowing me to help out where needed.

  • Mercedes A - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 09-May-2018

    Hi Mums and Dads! I知 great with kids and I love spend time with them. I would love the opportunity to meet you and yours, to let you know about my experiences. I can also teach them some spanish! I have been babysitting for almost 4 years, while I was studying at university. I have worked with kids as a ski instructor and I have also a lot of friends with kids so sometimes I take care of them at home. I love kids because you also learn things with them and I have spent the most funniest times ever.

  • Maria De Los Angeles T - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 06-May-2018

    I知 a Chilean girl that loves kids. I have 1 year of experience with kids from 2 to 5 years old. I am fast learner and interested in finding a lovely family to give their kids a lot of love. I知 organized, punctual and happy to go the extra mile for the right person. I love animals and have no problem with doing some housekeeping in the house.

  • Paige Y - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 03-May-2018

    I am a kind-hearted, enthusiastic Scottish girl. I love working with children and have a passion for childcare excellence. Valued by previous families for warmth, professionalism and dedication, I will provide parents with an unwavering commitment to ensure the safety and welfare of their children. I enjoy engaging children in entertainment and intellectual activities and love participating in what makes them happy. I have a full drivers license however do not own my own car. I am more than happy to take the kids out in your vehicle (if you desire!) or via public transport/by foot. I am interested in seeking some on going nanny hours but also happy to do casual babysitting when needed - I understand that families have chaotic lifestyles which may require last minute arrangements! If I sound like a suitable person for your family, please get in touch.

  • Georgia R - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 02-May-2018

    I am a uni student looking for a part-time nanny/housekeeper job. My uni timetable is usually 2 days a week but is very flexible and can be changed if needed. I have been looking after children since i was 15 an have looked after children as young as 15 months. I am a fun and outgoing person who loves kids and doesnt just sit them infront of the t.v. to keep them busy. I have my own car so am able to do school drop offs andpick ups and any other household needs ie grocery shopping. I can also cook so can prepare breakfas, lunch and dinner for the kids. I am looking to start work in the new year ie january 2011. Please contact me if you are interested in someone only to begin then

  • Danitza L - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 02-May-2018

    I have a student visa for one year with the possibility of extending it for a longer time. I am interested in the offer of work, I consider myself a person with positive attitude, happy, responsible, I love children and I would love to help them, I fit perfectly in the hoario they need. I await your news greetings.

  • Silvia P - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Apr-2018

    I'm an Italian girl by almost 30 years. I always worked as a babysitter ever since I was a student in high school. I love children and spending time with them. I have had experience with children ages 2 years and up. over the past 4 years I worked for a family with two children aged 6-8 years. I would drive them to school and I used to take them, we studied together, we colored, we made games and I took care of them every afternoon. I enjoy being with them, take them to play at the Park and stay with them into open spaces. Sometimes they would cook together cookies, creating objects with the modeling paste and much more beautiful and creative stuff . The kids never get bored with me! I speak Italian as mother language so it can be interesting to give them a first approach to another language.

  • Gabriela Belen E - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Apr-2018

    I love being with kids and babies, play, sing, draw and have fun together. Im very patient and have a great relation with them.

  • Dominique E - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Apr-2018

    Hello! I've been living in Australia for about a year working in promo jobs, salesperson and waitress. I'm currently looking for a full time job or something more stable, and I would love to do it as a babysitter! I'm very reliable and responsible! I'm very bubbly and energetic, I can guarantee that your kids would have fun with me! Iエm a multitasker and I can easily adapt to any kind of tasks that you may need to be done.

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