What Does It Mean To Hire A Nanny

What is a nanny ? Well, we're glad you asked. If you're a parent looking to hire a nanny, knowing exactly what is involved is pretty important. Do you want to hire a nanny, babysitter or au pair ? There's some big differences between what they are paid and what duties they will perform so it's important to get it right. Read on to find out all the impo ... Read Full Article

Hiring A Summer Babysitter

Ahh summer… lazy days, balmy evenings and plenty of opportunities to catch up with family and friends for dinner, drinks and lots of sunshine. Hiring a summer babysitter can be different than hiring a babysitter for other times of the year. If you’re hiring a summer babysitter to make the most of the holiday season this year, here are some tips to e ... Read Full Article

Nanny Services : Just What Is Involved ?

Whether you’ve been planning to hire a nanny for a while, or have had a sudden burst of inspiration after yet another blurred week of frantic pickups, rushed meals, and barely-there sleep, there are plenty of reasons why it can be a great idea.   Before you get a little too carried away with fantasies of nanny services meeting all-round lif ... Read Full Article

Revealed : Who Really Uses A Nanny These Days ?

If your knowledge of nannies is limited to Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, it might be time to re-evaluate. Sure the idea of a nanny might seem to go hand in hand with English-style formality and rather expansive mansions, but in truth, nannies are now an option for anyone who needs childcare.   So just why are nannies ... Read Full Article

Kids And Dogs : Do They Mix ?

For dog lovers, it’s often the big question : Do dogs and kids mix ? The answer, well, there’s no clear one.   Different breeds do have different temperaments, and within that, dogs in the same breed may differ in nature too. As with all aspects of parenting, the key is to do your research, ask for professional ad ... Read Full Article

After School Care : Some Helpful Tips

So you’re ready to start the school years. While in some respects it promises to be easier than the early child care dilemmas you may have navigated, after school child care can also be a tricky area ( yep, not what you wanted to hear ! ).   Demand is high and places are limited. And that’s why many parents look to other options. To find ... Read Full Article

Common Babysitter Problems And How To Avoid Them

Good communication is imperative when you hire someone to look after your children, be it a full-time nanny or occasional babysitter. You love your children, you know them better than anyone else, and you’re pretty darn sure you know what’s best for them, thank you very much!   So when a babysitter suddenly does something to disrupt your ... Read Full Article

How To Find The Perfect Nanny Job

Just as parents need to make some effort to find the perfect nanny, nannies who take the time to thoroughly prepare for the job search and interview process are going to be in a much better position to find that perfect nanny job.   Here are just a few tips to help you get to the interview stage for a nanny job, and beyond.

  ... Read Full Article

How To Write A Great Nanny Job Application

There's a lot of demand for the best nanny jobs these days so here are some tips on how to write a great nanny job application. When you are writing any job application, it pays to be succinct, informative and always professional. These are traits every nanny should remember when applying for a job. Writing a great nanny job application will hel ... Read Full Article

The Essential List Of What To Leave Your Babysitter

It’s both daunting and exciting tasting freedom for the first time after having a baby. Ok, freedom may seem a tad melodramatic, and of course there’s nothing better than spending time with your child, but you’ve got to admit that for sanity’s sake, some solely adult time is pretty important.   Once you’ve chosen a babysitter, there ... Read Full Article