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9 – How Your Life Will Change With A Tutor

What life could look like right now with a tutor is getting prepared for school being online for Term 2

If you find a tutor now you can set yourself up with a good routine. You can set yourself and your family up with the tools to be prepared for the rest of Term 2 and the rest of the holidays. 

It will be great to form a relationship with your tutor for the rest of the year to start now. It’s also really important to set up a routine and make sure that your tutor can be embedded as best as possible into your life. 

One example I have for that is making sure that the tutor comes at the same time, same day and that’s what I was doing before the pandemic. And now that the pandemic is here, everything is online. I still do the same thing where it’s the same time, obviously through Zoom or through Google Classrooms. But through the same time, same place, through the Computer and it’s all happening at the same routine, my students are eating at the same times as they would at school. So life is looking like it would at school, you just have the opportunity for a creative and excited tutor to come in and assist your family for a portion of the day. 

At the moment, I’m doing two hours with one of the families on a Monday and then I come see the child virtually on Wednesday for two hours at the same time. And I see her again the next week on Monday and Wednesday as well. So there’s a sense of routine and a sense of breaking up a normal average day by knowing that they will be seeing me from 10 to 12 on Mondays and Wednesdays and my kids are getting really excited to see me and getting excited to show me what they’ve been working on. 

It’s great to start the process of getting a tutor now instead of waiting for Term 2 and potentially feeling a bit more overwhelmed.

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