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What we do to support a positive community

Let’s start with our expectations

At We Need A Nanny (WNAN), we’re passionate about connecting nannies (Carers) with parents and children’s guardians (Care Seekers). As a job board, we’re more than a simple social media group, but aren’t employers like a full nanny service. It means fees and charges are low for parents, while also providing more access to expert guidance and links to other useful services.

Given the light touch we have, we work hard to make sure this is a respectful place with open and honest communication. We ask everyone in our community to follow our Community Guidelines. These reflect the standards of behaviour we hold ourselves to as well as those who use our service. 

Our Community Guidelines encourage:

  1. Open and Honest Communication
    No one is to post content that is dishonest, misleading, or untrue.

  2. Respect for Others
    Treat others as you would like them to treat you. No one is permitted to post any content that is discriminatory, bigoted or biased in respect of person or group on the basis of ethnic, national origin, race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

  3. Respect for Privacy
    No one may upload or share any personally identifiable information, including photos, about another person without that person’s express consent.

  4. Being Informed about Internet Safety
    Online privacy and internet security is your responsibility. 

For more detail about the rules for using our site, you can read our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Our service is to provide a nannying job notice board

We host an online job notice board for Carers and Care Seekers (our Users). Our site provides a searchable database of user profiles and job advertisements, along with an online information forum. 

We are not an Employment Agency. All arrangements are made directly between parents and caregivers, and we do not participate in any contractual arrangement that may result from such connections. 

Everyone registered with us must provide to the site accurate, current and complete information and update their profiles to keep the information current. It is the personal responsibility of each user to confirm the accuracy of any content provided by other users on the site. 

Messages between people who use our site 

If you are using our services, limit your communication to topics which are relevant to the job postings. 

Always comply with our Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Use, including a strict prohibition on foul or defamatory language, comments which incite fear, and/or any form of abuse, insults or personal attacks.

It is your responsibility to verify qualifications

If you make contact with someone for nannying services or a family with children who need care, each of you needs to be aware of your respective roles and responsibilities. 

We run a job notice board and have no role in employment agreements between users of the site. Any agreement you enter into is independent of WNAN. 

We do not verify the information that people post to the site, which includes the qualifications and experience of nannies who advertise. 

Anyone who uses the site has responsibility for carefully checking the conditions, qualifications and suitability of any agreement entered into with another user. This can include but is not limited to: 

  • verifying references, Working with Children Checks, Blue Cards, First Aid Certificates, Police Checks and work visa arrangements (if applicable).
  • understanding industry practice and requirements about appropriate employment arrangements. WNAN is not responsible for employment terms and conditions. 

Put simply, any communication or engagement between users is at your own risk. However, we are here to support and create a positive community, and here is how you can help us keep it this way. 

Reporting a breach of our Community Guidelines

We take all complaints seriously. Please report to us if you believe that another user has:
  • communicated inappropriately with you;
  • provided false information to you; 
  • has behaved inappropriately;
  • or you have other concerns.

Our Report Handling Process

All Reports are strictly confidential.

1. Contact Us 

There are three ways you can make a report to We Need A Nanny about another user. 

  1. In your Message Centre, there is an option at the top of every message thread to “report” the user you are in communication with. Clicking this button and filling out the form will send your confidential message to the Customer Service team. 
  2. You can send a message to our Customer Service team via our Contact Us page. 
  3. You can email the Customer Service team directly via [email protected].

2. How we’ll respond 

The first thing we’ll do when we receive your report is get in contact with you about your concerns and make sure we understand your situation fully. 

We will then take you through the possible actions you may choose to take.

If we decide your complaint has sufficient evidence (such as documented messages sent through the WNAN platform) and find that there has been a breach of our Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions of Use, we may:

  1. Contact the offending user and issue a warning; and /or
  2. Remove the offending user’s profile and access to the WNAN Site. 

Please note, we are only in a position to manage complaints about things that happen on our site and breach our Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Use

We do not have the power or ability to investigate any incident that occurs off our site, including any incident that occurs as part of a nannying job. 

If you believe there is a criminal matter to be dealt with or something illegal has happened, you should immediately contact the police or relevant authority. 

WNAN is not in a position to and will not contact regulatory authorities or the police on your behalf. If you are aware of any criminal matters it is up to you to make a police report.

If you report a matter to a regulatory authority or the police, you may choose to advise us as well. 

If contacted by a regulatory authority or the police, WNAN will cooperate with the investigation conducted by them.

Our Customer Service team is available 7 days a week

The process we’ve detailed here is maintained to foster a positive and respectful forum, and our Customer Service team is always available if you wish to discuss this further. 

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