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NannyPay helps you employ your nanny properly on a fortnightly payroll

There are many legal obligations that come with employing a Nanny that must be met. This area can be overwhelming, time-consuming and stressful for many parents which is why we recommend NannyPay to families looking for a complete solution for their nanny employment and payroll needs.

What Is Nannypay

What Is NannyPay?

NannyPay takes the guesswork out of hiring your nanny. They work with you to ensure your obligations are met and then handle the ongoing payroll requirements such as processing fortnightly direct debits, processing your nanny’s wage, superannuation and tax installments. Everything you need to help you meet your employment obligations.

Make Paying Your Nanny Stress-Free

NannyPay’s tailored systems allow you to automate your nanny’s payroll with a fortnightly direct debit from your chosen bank account. From there sit back and relax as NannyPay processes your nanny’s wage, tax (PAYG installments), superannuation, Singletouch Payroll and EOFY reporting. It’s never been easier to pay your nanny properly.

Make Paying Your Nanny Stress Free Nannypay
Make Paying Your Nanny Stress Free

Here's Why We Need A Nanny Recommends NannyPay

No-Pressure FREE Initial Consultation

Fill out the form below to arrange a complementary consultation with a nanny payroll specialist at NannyPay to find out if NannyPay is right for you.

Fast & Easy Set Up

If you engage with NannyPay they will guide you through a simple process so you can provide everything needed to meet your employment obligations.

Fortnightly Payroll

Each fortnight, NannyPay will direct debit your account and pay your nanny so you can relax knowing your nanny is paid properly and your obligations are met.

Quarterly & End Of Year Lodgments

At the end of each financial quarter and year, NannyPay will process all required lodgments to the ATO on your behalf. It really is a done-for-you service.

Great Customer Service

NannyPay are incredibly customer-focused and exist to make your life easier wherever they can, this is reflected in how they communicate and provide customer service.

Cover Yourself

Properly employing on a payroll ensures you’re meeting your obligations, removing the liability you would face if you had incorrect or messy records.

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Fill out the form by clicking the button below and the NannyPay team will be in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss the setup and onboarding. Once you decide to move forward, we can set up your account by the next business day.

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