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3 – The Problem Parents Are Facing

The problem that parents are facing all around the world is how do you work from home and make sure that your kids are on task and are learning? 

Teachers have already provided online learning and they have done a fantastic job of working very fast very quickly in an unprecedented time to provide digital content for kids to work through. 

The only issue there is that teachers are burdened by the fact that it’s 28 to 30 kids that they have to focus on. They’re making sure they’re answering all the parents questions and they have a lot that they need to deal with. So help is available from other people like myself, and other tutors. 

What we can provide is online tutoring sessions for a variety of different things. Maybe you have a child that really needs help in one specific area? Or maybe you have a child that is just bored and has done all their homework already and needs extra things to do? Tutors are available all across the world to provide many different services for you and your family.

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