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2 – How Teachers Tailor Learning For Your Child

One example of the different kinds of tutoring services I offer is a boy I work with in year three and a girl that I work with in year five. 

With the boy in year three, he needs a lot of help with reading comprehension, doing inferential questions, literal questions, going back to the text, searching for clues, and figuring out how to summarize succinctly what he has actually read. His common thing that he is working on is making sure he’s using vocabulary from the text to answer the questions, which is what teachers look for in the classroom. 

I’ve been working with him through online sessions. And it has been really great because his mother and father sit with him as well. So they get to hear me asking him questions and working with him. So they’re also absorbing the knowledge as we’re going along.

The other example is a girl I work with in year five. She’s a very high achieving student and she’s already very bored with what has happened in 2020. So she’s at home, she’s done all her homework, and she needs some more stimulation. 

So I have chatted with her about her interests, and we have realized that she really, really loves animals. So what we did is we focused on one particular animal, which was the polar bear. And we talked about the life cycle of a polar bear. We talked about habitat loss due to global warming, ice caps, melting, all of those different things that have to do with global warming, because she’s actually very interested in that. She started her own little research project on what she can do to make sure global warming stops. 

Through speaking with her about the polar bear, we did all this different research and we ended our project by going on to the San Diego Zoo and “speaking” with the polar bears – not actually speaking with them, but looking at what they are doing in their habitat through their enclosure cams. The San Diego Zoo provides a 24 hour live streaming service of the polar bear enclosure. We got to see the polar bear walking around going for a swim and interacting with the other polar bears. So she was absolutely fascinated by this. And we have a session scheduled to talk about another animal and look at another cam for later in the week.

Today I’ll speak to you about debunking some of the myths and maybe answering some frequently asked questions that I have already received from family members and friends and other parents.

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