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1 – Introduction to Online Tutoring

Hello parents and carers and welcome to a segment where we’ll be talking about online tutoring and the benefits, why you should need a tutor, how you can find a tutor benefits of a tutor debunking some myths of tutoring. Remember that we’re all in this together and there are many people available to help you. 

My name is Claire Mulligan. I am an ex-primary school teacher who has left the classroom to focus on tutoring. I left the classroom last year for different reasons, but I’m very, very happy to say that this is a perfect time for tutoring. And the reason that I wanted to focus on tutoring instead of being in the classroom was the one on one attention that so many kids need and want. 

Honestly, teachers have so much going on right now and they are constantly needing to tick-off so many different items during the day. So I really, really wanted the one-on-one attention that I could give students and watch their growth happen on a very personal and customizable level. It’s been really great! 

I’ve really enjoyed tutoring and I’ve been doing online tutoring and in-person tutoring for years. I’ve worked for a company, I’ve worked by myself and obviously I’ve also worked in the classroom. So that’s a bit of my background. 

I was also on Sunrise on Channel Seven a couple days ago to talk about online tutoring and the benefits. 

Today I’ll speak to you about debunking some of the myths and maybe answering some frequently asked questions that I have already received from family members and friends and other parents.

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