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8 – You Want A Tutor, But Where Do You Start?

The time has come and you have realized, I definitely need a tutor! You may be wondering, “Okay, so where do we start?” 

My recommendation is to go to www.WeNeedATeacher.com.au to start with, or alternative sites, and figure out from all the profiles presented which tutor fits my child the best. 

Maybe your child works best with someone from the same gender? Maybe they would appreciate someone from a different gender? Maybe they would appreciate someone who’s a bit older or but younger, it’s completely up to you and what your family wants. 

My advice would be to have a 10 minute phone call with the tutor you are interested in. Have a chat with them, see what they’re offering, see what they can provide, understand their experience and see if they would benefit from working with your child and if your child would benefit from working with them. 

My other advice would be to think about what the tutor can offer that other tutors cannot. For example, I am a soccer player and a soccer coach and one of the boys that I tutor has ADHD and really, really struggles to focus. So when his mum found out that I could provide outdoor services through tutoring, we did that straightaway. 

So for example, I was in the goal, and he was with the ball and he was shooting in his home goal. And he was doing multiplication facts with me as we were playing soccer. We would also talk about different English assessments and English tasks that we had to do while we were passing the ball. He was not allowed to pass me the ball until he added an adjective to his sentence and things like that. So it’s all about what the tutor can offer your child as a customisable experience.

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