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10 – The Value I Provide As A Tutor

You may be wondering how I’m different from other tutors advertised on many different websites across Australia. 

I offer online tutoring as well as something that is pretty unique called the Impact Academy, which are three day experiences based around a project. 

For Day One in the morning, we pick a topic based on your child’s interests, and we do video conferencing, then they go off and work on projects for that topic the rest of the day. 

For Day Two, we come back and look at the same topic and we look at the project, chat about the project work on the topic for the rest of the day. 

For Day Three, they graduate from my project and they become a part of a community of kids from all across Australia that have done my projects and they become a part of the Impact Academy. 

That is something that is very unique that I’m very passionate about. The reason I started that the Impact Academy is due to my experience as a classroom teacher, where I wanted to do many different things that I was not allowed to do based on the curriculum. The curriculum is very jam-packed, but I found that there’s many, many different tangents that my kids wanted to go on. So that is why I created this Impact Academy so that kids could work on impactful experiences and impactful research, and become part of a community to impact the rest of the world.

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