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Are You Prepared If The Perfect Nanny Leaves

Are You Prepared If The Perfect Nanny Leaves?

When your new nanny joins your family, everything is so much easier. However, what do you do if your perfect nanny leaves? Are you even prepared? Replacing a nanny will be very disruptive to your kids, your routine and to you. With this in mind, you ideally should find a nanny before you need one. By maintaining an active subscription on We Need A Nanny, you’ll always be aware of the available nannies in your local area.

By keeping an active advert on the site that explains your family’s specific needs, you will receive a healthy flow of great applications from the right caregivers. It’s an unfortunate fact for many families that their nanny may need to relocate or perhaps they just don’t feel that they’re the right fit, so they move on. There are so many reasons why the working partnership can end. This can often happen after many happy years together, therefore, it can be particularly distressing for your children in particular.

A good nanny quickly becomes a part of the family. Your children will naturally develop feelings for this person so severing ties can be very upsetting. Do remember to talk about your nanny leaving with your kids. So too, you need to help them with the transition to having a new nanny in your home. Let your child know that it is natural to miss their nanny, but it is also okay to enjoy their new relationship with their next nanny.

You need to make everything as smooth and easy as you can. Even if you feel angry or upset, it’s crucial to create a flowing exit so that everyone benefits. If possible, ask your departing nanny to have a chat with your children to reassure them. Perhaps let younger kids draw your nanny a picture that they can keep so your little ones still feel that there’s a connection there. Your kids will get over this loss, but it will take some time and support.

In terms of you, as a parent or primary caregiver, don’t panic. You will certainly find a replacement who will be just as good if not even better! Try not to let your nanny leaving have a bigger emotional impact on your life than it should. Yes, they were the one person you could always count on. Even so, do bear in mind that many relationships come to a natural end. You now have a blank canvas on which to paint the next exciting era of your family life. Just remember that here at We Need A Nanny, we want you to find the perfect nanny to take care of your children. We have so many wonderful nannies on our site who are looking to help families just like yours! We Need A Nanny is here for you on this wonderful journey.

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