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  • Malena - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Jun-2019

    COVER LETTER MALENA PORTUGAL I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a huge city. I went to university to study Graphic Design, which gave me a lot of tools for life. When I finished my career I decided to travel out of my country to get a whole different experience. My first job overseas was at a day care in a ski resort at Coloradoís Rocky Mountains and worked with kids, which I enjoyed a lot and gave me the amazing tools of patience, careing and warmth. That was a great start in my journey. Iíve been doing travels around the world mostly following snow through this years. I become a snowboard And ski monitor . That was a very fun job. Motivating them to push themselves and have fun in the snow made me really happy! So this past winter season 2018 I went to thredbo, to work as a ski and snowboard monitor and at the daycare. I worked both jobs in the season and it was so nice to be able to do it again! For the past 4 months (January to April 2019) Iíve been working as an au pair in Young, NSW, for a family of four spending three days with the girls ages 2 and 4, and dropping and picking them up from daycare. Doing regularly duties like making them food, baths, playing with them and get them in bed. The one thing I realize today is that one day Iíll have my own and Iím thrilled for it to happen. Until then, I know that I want to be surrounded by kids who make me remind myself everyday that life is simple and fun! I look forward for this experience!

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