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  • Victoria S - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Mar-2018
    I´m a lawyer and with a lot of experience with children! I came from a big family full of children, with plenty of cousins and nephews. I came to Australia on Febraury with a working holiday visa. I like traveling, skiing, playing football and tennis, and of course, love children. At Argentina, I worked as baby sitter for five years while I was a law student. I´ve been always very interested in taking care of children and loved playing with them. Also, I was school tutor for youngest kids and made animated birthday parties. I would love to be a babysitter during my stay!

  • Jun Young Y - 23 year old Male   Last logged on 24-Mar-2018
    Hi Host parents! I'm looking for a job as a Nanny in Manly or the neighboring area. I'm currently living and studying in Manly. I've got lots of experience with looking after kids in kindergartens, orphanages, and child care as well because I was a volunteer for working at kindergartens and orphanages for 2 years each.When we meet, you'll see. I'm really friendly, vibrant and quite an organized person as well. You would never regret your choice hiring me. I am extremely helpful and easy to talk with. Feel free to contact me for any more information. All kinds of interest would be appreciated. AND! If your children want to learn Korean? I can try to teach your lovely children :)

  • Catalina F - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Mar-2018
    Before to came in Australia I was working in Chile as agriculture engineer at landscaping company since 2 years. I had to drive many hours at day. But since I'm 22, I used to work as babysitter and particular teacher to pay my studies. I took care of lot of children and I love spent time with them. Since I'm 10, I do sport, I was elite athlete, I love running. I am patient, calm, dynamic, responsible, and serious and I am attentive to the needs of children. If you are interested let me know, can't wait to hear from you and to meet your kids.

  • Maria Trinidad T - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Mar-2018
    Hey mums and dads! I am a dedicated and dependable babysitter seeking for a full or part-time position. I have a successful track record of working with three different kids (6 months old, 1 and 3 years old) through which I developed exceptional child care and needs management expertise. I led them between room, lunch and activity areas. I provided personal care services such as dressing, bathing and diapering. I read them stories before nap, painted and drew together, took them to parks, among other activities. In addition, I have experience as a tutor, I helped a 13 and 10 year old boys to improve in all academic subjects. I feel comfortable talking in english (IGSCE Cambridge Certificate), spanish and basic french. I'm in love with pets and I can also help as a cleaner. I truly love working with children and I get along with kids of all ages. I have wonderful experiencies as a nanny and I hope to have really good ones here as well. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  • Robin G - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Mar-2018
    I am currently searching for a nannying position. I have been living here since September in the northern beaches working with a lovely family which has been a great experience, however my time with my current family is coming to an end at the end of January. I love kids and have lots of experience working with children both in a classroom setting and at home. I worked as a full-time nanny for the past two summers for children ages ranging from 6 months-5 years old, and had wonderful experiences. We spent most of the summer exploring the neighbourhood, playing outdoors, doing crafts, and keeping active. I have also worked as a teacher's assistant in a kindergarten classroom which has helped me to develop strong teaching skills and the ability to supervise and work with multiple children at a time. I can definitely provide excellent references as well. I am more than willing to do house work as i tend to be somewhat of a neat-freak, and i love to cook (both skills learned from my mom). I'm certified in CPR and standard first aid, as well as infant CPR. I used to work as a lifeguard and a swimming instructor, so i am also fully certified in teaching swimming lessons. I was in french immersion from kindergarten to grade 12, so am fully bilingual and comfortable in both french speaking and writing. I hope to work alongside a loving family, similar to the one i was raised in. I have three siblings and grew up in a very active and busy family, and had a nanny who i really loved and am still in contact with today. I truly love working with children and hope to give a family the same kind of child care experience i had when i was little. Thanks!

  • María Emilia R - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Mar-2018
    Back home I studied audiovisual production, and I’ve worked since I was 22 on television and advertising. While I was studying I started babysitting kids, and when I moved to Spain I started doing it again. I really enjoy spending time with kids, playing, helping them with their school work, doing different outdoor activities and cooking for them. I’m a sweet, responsible and reliable person and I would love to have the opportunity to take care of your children!

  • Zuzana Z - 33 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Mar-2018
    I am very friendly, responsible and passionate about assisting children on their daily routines. Very patient and willing to accept responsibility. Able to relate well to children and parents.

  • Aline C - 36 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Mar-2018
    I've been caring for children for more than 8 years, well versed in ages and stages of childhood, including twins, children with food allergies and kids with special needs. My tasks could involve pick up the kids from local schools, taking for activities, appointments, playing games including outside activities, cooking healthy meals, helping with school work, personal hygiene, and preparing them for sleep. Also I am happy to help with any chores such as general tidying, shopping and catering for family events. I consider myself to be very good with children and have been told so many times by clients and friends. I am a patient, well rounded individual who takes pride in their work and would love to foster good morals and habits in any child in my care, I am able to create a fun, secure, inspiring, and nurturing surroundings for the children. I am an active and friendly person, well organized, mature and a willing to accept responsibility.

  • Carrie H - 36 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Mar-2018
    Professional Career Nanny I'm looking for my next beautiful family to nurture.

  • Ana M - 38 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Mar-2018
    I am a Spanish girl living in Manly. I have come to Australia primarily to improve my English. I am studying at Navitas English language school at Manly. I have experience with children, having qualified as a teacher in Spain, teaching Physical Education for the past 11 years. I am available to work as a nanny Monday to Friday from 2.45pm onwards and any times on Saturdays and Sundays. I am responsible, dynamic, cheerful and eager to learn.

  • Anna H - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Mar-2018
    Available now! Hi mums and dads, I'm a fun, energetic, responsible and creative childcare professional with over 5 years of experience (please see below details for more information). Experience: -from newborns to teenagers -including looking after children with disabilities Qualifications: - Diploma in Children’s Care and Development - Bachelor Degree in Physical Education - First Aid Checks: - Working With Children Check - Police Check Avaialbilty: - immediate start - availability (Monday and Wednesday- until 4.30pm, Thursday- until 6.30pm, Friday- all day, occasionally at the weekend) - part-time hours (maximum 20h.) - casual and permanent (preferred) availabilities - the closer to Manly the better

  • Tatiana A - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Mar-2018
    Hi, I've been looking after the little ones since I've arrived in Australia. I have experience with newborn babies, kids around 1yo until 12yo, also I have experience with special needs care. I can help pretty much with everything, getting the kids ready for school, meals, school pick-up and drop-off, organizing outside activities, games, having some art and music time, helping around the house, getting them ready for bed and specially keeping them safe with lots of reponsability. Also I like understanding the house environment and rules to work around the family needs. I am a very happy person, full of energy, love going out with my friends and travelling. I have driver's license and my own car, first aid certificate, wwcc. Would be lovely to have a chat.

  • Isabelle M - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Mar-2018
    I'm a very sociable and happy person. I have been working with kids as a dance teacher in private and public schools and dance studios for 7 years. I have a dance teacher university certificate and algo an gastronomy certificate, last year in Brazil I gave baking classes for kids as well. I love kids and their energy, hope tô find a good family to work with! :)

  • Melina K - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Mar-2018
    I am an experienced nanny, self-tought in education, active who enjoys outdoor activities. I've been working with children for more than 8 years. Nanny for the last three (while teaching the kids Spanish), homeschooling assistant, English teacher in a kindergarten in Argentina, and developing and giving workshops in low resources neighbourhoods in an NGO.

  • Jenna F - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Mar-2018
    Hi, I currently moved here from Minnesota, USA. I am passionate about working with children. My Bachelor’s is in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I have most recently taught English at a TASIS summer boarding program in Switzerland (ages 4-10). At this program, I was also made a Team Leader for the other teachers and counselors working at the program. I have years of experience working with kids and my college education focused on the cognitive and social development of children. I have babysat since the age of 12. I have also worked as a Figure Skating counselor and dorm parents and have worked at the Korea Poly Summer Institute during multiple summers, teaching Theatre and English to 3rd-5th grade students from South Korea. I have a special interest in working with infants and early childhood. I have a lot of energy and a whole lot of patience. I believe that children should learn from every experience they have. I love the imaginations and exploratory nature of children and acknowledge the importance and necessity of a great education in order to prepare them for their future educational careers. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Sofia R - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Mar-2018
    I am a young woman from Argentina, who is travelling through Australia with a work and holiday visa for a major life experience. Very well organized, responsible and self-managed worker. Passionate for providing the highest standard of work quality and eager to undertake new challenges. Self-motivated, confident and reliable. Great adaptability, willing to create a pleasant working environment. Besides working as a nanny with children of various ages I have a big family with many cousins and a little brother that I enjoy playing with and taking care of. I feel comfortable with all ages (0-16).

  • Camila L - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Mar-2018
    Hi, I´m a kinder garden teacher and I love children. I have been educating and caring children for 5 years. And i really enjoy it. Hope to hear from you soon. :) xx

  • Marie Therese Mirella X - 58 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Mar-2018
    My name is Mirella and I live in Manly. I am a mature experienced nanny who took a break for a retail position and would like to go back to my nanny role. I have a Diploma in Interior Design and have worked at Macquarie University Library for 6 Years. While studying,I was doing some part time nanny/babysitting for 2 years,for a few families,which I have developed close relationships with. I am originally from Mauritius and speak fluently in French and English. For all my nanny jobs,I have been commended for my warm nature,reliability and compassion. I love Children,art and craft,going on outings to the beach and zoo. I am very fond of animals. My full CV is available on request.

  • Sofia A - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Mar-2018
    I am really looking foward to the job. I have a little brother and I also worked taking care of children too so I have experience in this area. I am available full time and I am willing to do housekeeper as well.

  • Nina N - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Mar-2018
    I'm studying towards a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I work casual in a Childcare Centre and as a Nanny. I have a lot of experience in working with children as I am a trained and certified Pediatric Nurse and I have a Masters Degree in Special Education. I am trained to work with children of any age, from the premature to 18 years of age. I was specially trained in caring for children with special needs. I have a Work with Children Check and a First Aid Certificate. I can provide you with references if desired. About myself, I'm an energetic, fun-loving, openminded and polite person. I love any kind of outdoor activities as well as doing some arts and craft, reading or playing games at home.

  • Camilla L - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Mar-2018
    Are you looking for a lovely nanny?? Here I am! I have experience in babysitting, I worked with primary and elementary school children during school summer camp and my University studies are relating to the field of children education. I also have a three years old niece and I love to take care of her when I'm in Italy. That's the second year for me in Australia, I love the nature of this country and travel. I'm an easygoing person, I love children and play with them, reading stories, doing homework togheter and drawing.

  • Valentina S - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Mar-2018
    Hi mums and dads. I come to Australia because i really love this country and i know the culture. I'm an outgoing, bubbly, energetic and reliable woman.I take care of kids and I love teaching them things through many different games and activities. I love hearing them laugh and I have fun as much. I can also teach Spanish, help for the housekeeping or cooking. I am a fan of children and like working with them. I really need the job, and I would be very grateful and happy.

  • Belen R - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Mar-2018
    I am a young lady who worked with children for more than 3 years. I have experience working with children of all ages (from newborns to 10 years of age) I am a pedagogic person and committed to my work, so I seek to do activities according to the ages and maturity of each of the children I care for. I have had the possibility of working for families of up to four children, taking charge of all of them. I perform tasks such as changing diapers, bathing, feeding, taking them to school, taking them to bed, helping them to do homework, playing in the square, teaching them to read, count, write, draw and other activities All my experience was working in Argentina, now I want to continue focusing on taking care of children, that is what I'm passionate about.

  • Rosario W - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Mar-2018
    I am a young woman from Argentina, very passionate for kids. I worked for 3 years in a kindergarten as a helper and also, I take care of my little brothers and nephews every day. I adore working with children and learning from them. I am an organized, loving and fun person and i am willing to provide pleasant and confident working environment.

  • Sara G - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Mar-2018
    Hi! My name is Sara and I am from the Canary Islands(Spain). I am responsible with duties-obligations, energetic and friendly, creative and initiative to stimulate the child's development. I considere myself as patient and funny, with my empathy I always create a good relationship with kids. . Moreover ,I love cooking, practicing surf and yoga. I have enough experience to work as a babysitter in different countries (Australia, France, Italy and Spain). Also, I have worked with many groups of children in a surf camp and in a summer farm-school,for 5 years; besides I worked in a kids club in a resort for 3 months. Furthermore, I have always been working on different jobs with children, because I really like it, and I get along with them. In Australia I have been working as nanny for over two years with babies full day 50 hours/week and as some babysitter after school, but my main experience is with babies (twins) from 9months-2years full day. My responsibilities include: organising meals,baby naps,going to playgroups and parks, playing educational games at home, organising house-hold duties including picking up dry-cleaning,shopping grocery,moping, cooking when they take naps,reading books, preparing the bath ,washing if the family requires it, walking dogs, helping parents with any extra household chores, and teaching different languages,sport depends the age of the kids, how to walk, yoga for kids,soccer.... At the moment I am available everyday. I have driver's license,WWCC, First Aid and Police check. I look forward to hearing from you. Sara

  • Isabella T - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Mar-2018
    I grew up in Sydney, then made a move to the Gold Coast for 4 years and decided to then come back the last couple of months to Sydney. In July I plan to start University and study Bachelor of Business which I hope will establish me into property. I enjoy the beach a lot and most days I am surfing or playing guitar. I would describe myself as quite outgoing and positive. My family consists of me, dad and my 2 younger sisters, I'm very dedicated to my family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Emilie W - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Mar-2018
    I am a very fun-loving nanny/babysitter who has experience for over 10 years! I truly love being around any age group of kids and would love to spend my time living in Manly caring for your child/children! I love being outdoors, but also can sit down for some arts and crafts.

  • Holly B - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Mar-2018
    Hi ! I am currently in my third year at ACU studying a bachelor of arts/ bachelor of teaching majoring in visual arts. I have grown up in the Manly area, and have always been passionate about the ocean, teaching surf education to primary and high school children. I have always loved caring for children and have an immense amount of experience in babysitting. I have completed the following; - first aid certificate - bronze medallion - anaphylaxis e-training certificate - working with children cert - AUSTSWIM Hope to hear from you

  • Marina S - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Mar-2018
    I am a very active person who loves sports and kids. Back to my country I used do be a surf instructor and at the College I used to be working with school projects , evolving environmental education to children. Here in Australia I have been working with two families who can give references. I have experience with kids from 3 to 10, and I am also a pet sitter and cleaner . Hoping to hear from you and your kids !

  • Macarena D - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Mar-2018
    I am a Chilean girl with 4+ years experience taking care of children, I have a bachelor degree in agricultural engineering specialized in winemaking and other studies in Marketing and Sales and another in Sustainability issues in corporations. Back in Chile I mainly worked with 3 families, one had two girls aged 4 and 6, the other had 3 boys aged 4, 7 and 10 and the other one 2 boys aged 4 and 7. With all three families, I had a very good experience taking care of all these children. I really enjoy taking care of kids, teaching them anything I can and also learn from them. I have a great sense of responsibility, honesty and patience. I am looking for a full or part-time job as a nanny or baby sitter. I have full availability and I am also willing to do some housework if necessary. On my spare time I like to practice yoga, running and have a healthy life style. I also enjoy travelling to new places.

  • Martina I - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Mar-2018
    Hello dear parent! Are you looking for the perfect big sister for your kids? Well, let me present myself I am from Argentina currently living in Manly. I have previous experience working with children and I will be more than happy to help you. I have the qualification and qualities to meet your expectations. I love children, enjoy their company immensely, and find nothing is more rewarding than taking care of them. I believe in creating a positive, happy environment for children, one in which they feel protected and can thrive. Definitely in love with pets. Have a nice day and don't hesitate to text me😊!

  • Ana Belen M - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Mar-2018
    I am a positive, reliable, and a calm person, who loves spending time with children. I have worked since I was 16 years old in a Kindergarten and as a babysitter until I turned 19 years old. I moved to Ireland and I worked as an Au-pair for 6 months, looking after children from ages of 3, 6 and 9 years. In Ireland I also worked as a nanny, looking after a 1 year old girl for 9 months. In addition I have also looked after children from 10 months old and I feel very comfortable with babies. English references are available.

  • Francisco O - 27 year old Male   Last logged on 17-Mar-2018
    I m originally from Argentina, since Im 15 I take care of little kids, last year I worked as an au pair in Italy for 5 months. Im super energetic, positive, nice loyal and reliable and. I m vegan, I dont smoke neither drink alcohol, Im a super healthy fellow. I Would love to play with your kids :).

  • Charlotte Adina E. J - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Mar-2018
    I come from Norway, in Europe, where I love to be outside and enjoy our nature. For college I moved to the U.S., where I got into my yoga practice, going fully vegan and enjoying life in a different way than ever before. I am so excited to finally have moved to Australia, as I was longing for a warmer climate, happier vibes and more relatable people in general. After graduating high school, I worked in a kindergarten for almost 12 months (children ranging 0-6 y/o) and an after-school program for about 4 months (children raging 6-10 y/o). In 2014 I moved to New York City, to study Graphic Design, and I would work part-time for families around the city. All kinds of ages and nationalities, I am very openminded! I am excited to hear from you all!

  • Flavia Lorena D - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Mar-2018
    I am looking for a full-time job with an employer, which would permit me to demonstrate my skills and experience as babysitter. I am trained and experienced babysitter, committed to details, respectful of client's property, efficient and effective under deadline. Key Strength: • Graduated in physical education, trained and qualified teacher • Enjoyment in playing games with children and keeping them entertained • Reliable and disciplined • Preparing meals. • Positive- patience with children, Dynamic. • Domestic Management Skills • Love of children • Motivated and provided encouragement through offering emotional support Employment History: • 01/2010 - 07/2011 São Paulo, Brazil Physical education teacher Physical education teacher in a public Brazilian school. Responsible for instructing a group of 25 children from 9 to 10 years old and developing recreational and aquatic activities, excursions outside the school environment, dance and theater projects, reading workshops and handicrafts. Analyze and develop individual and collective work to meet the emotional needs of each student, aiming at the complete development of each one. Organize monthly meetings with the parents of the students, providing an individual analysis of each student and a feedback to the development and difficulties related to each child. • 02/2017 - 01/2018 São Paulo, Brazil Babysitter Responsible for a 6 years old girl. Established positive relationships with the children by designing creative games and activities. Maintained child's health and well-being by providing meals, assisted with hygiene such as, bathing, changing diapers, and followed regular routines of child's eating and sleeping schedule. Accompanied children in parks and activity clubs, transported of children to and from school or bus stop, organized playgroup activities and gatherings with neighbourhood children, supervised children's activities in their own rooms and play areas. Education and Training: 01/2008 - 12/2009 Technical Course in Nutrition and Dietetics - ETEC Carlos de Campos – Brazil 01/2010 - 12/2013 Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, Paulista University – Brazil 02/2018 - 12/2018 Sport Coaching, CSF - College of Sports & Fitness - Manly, Australia. Availability Weekdays: From 5:30 to 8:30am and after 14:00pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. Full time on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Weekend: Full time

  • Malena G - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Mar-2018
    I am stuying for a master degree , i am looking for part time work in babysitting. I am enthusiastic, responsible and active woman that enjoy babysitting and meet new people

  • Maria Virginia F - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Mar-2018
    I am an active and responsable person. I have a lot of experience with kids because I am dietitian and I worked in my country in Public health, in schools and hospitals focusing in children. What is more I was nanny while studied in the school. In addition I played hockey and teach hockey too in one of the most importante clubs of Hockey in BS.AS. Argentina. I am an easy going person, always in good mood and healthy. I believe, that Work with kids, is not a hardwork, is one of the most greatful things that I can do in my life, because is a social and nature environment.

  • Lucie H - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Mar-2018
    I love kids, nature and sports! I came to Australia 8 months ago as an au/pair in Lennox Head. I looked after 2 lovely boys (4yo and 6yo) for 8 months. Before I came to Australia I looked after 3yo girl for 2 years. I know that this is still a job, because I will get a money for it, but for me, it’s different. I love kids and playing with them. I enjoy it! Till the end of March I will be moving to Sydney (probably Manly).

  • Juul V - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Mar-2018
    Hi parents, How are you doing? Are you looking or an experienced nanny? Here I am! Last year (aug 2016 till June 2017) I worked as an au-pair for a Dutch family here in Manly. During my time of I was babysitting for different families, in Manly and other places at the northern beaches. In the Netherlands I worked for over 8 years with children and (young) adults with special needs (autism/ADHD). In 2014 i finished by bachelor degree of Social Work. At this moment I'm on a student visa in Australia, what allows me to work. Are you interested? Do you want more information of check references? Please feel free to contact me! I'm looking forward to hear from you.

  • Codie J - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Mar-2018
    I have just finished year 12 at Stella Maris Manly. I have had just over 4 years experience babysitting for locals and family friends, and have a wide range of experience from ages of 1 up to 12. I have my First Aid certificate and am well educated in the safety of children. I am looking for morning work mostly, helping kids to school, helping with breakfast etc. However, I am open to more times if needed. I am a very outgoing, friendly, responsible person, loves children and would love a chance to meet you and your family!!

  • Ana S - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Mar-2018
    I study advertisement in Argentina. I came to Australia to know this amazing culture and I also love children so I'm looking for a job as a babysitter. In Argentina, I took care for two beautiful children for one year and I have learned a lot not only about taking care of them, but also their personalities at that stage of their lives.

  • Brenda C - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Mar-2018
    Hi moms and dads! I have a niece whom i have taken care since she was born. Now she is 1 year eight months. This is not my first experience as a caregiver. I have taken care of two brothers that live opposite my house in Argentina. They are 5 and 10 years old. My social and friendly nature means i have a knack of connecting with children and adults from diverse backgrounds. Child safety is always at the forefront of my mind and i am cool-headed in a stressful situation. On a personal level im a very clean and organized person who is self-motivated and self-directed in the completion of tasks. I always enjoy the company of children and understand how important child care activities are.These are some of my abilities: Help children with eating, dressing and toileting, prepare and serve nutritious meals, and snacks, maintain toys and keep the play area clean and orderly, tell stories, sing songs and prepare craft materials. I therefore very much hope that you will invite me to an interview, where you can ask me questions. Thanks you for your time and consideration.

  • Harriet R - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Mar-2018
    Hi there, I'm a third year university student currently completely a combined Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney whilst living in Manly. I have experience babysitting primary school/early high school aged children and volunteering in an after school care centre, but in the last couple of years have focused my efforts on an internship related to my field of study. Throughout this time, however, I have been volunteering in various primary schools helping run creative writing workshops, as well as tutoring disadvantaged HSC students. I am now looking to get back into part time nannying or casual babysitting around my local area. I can help with homework and reading, but love to play games as well!

  • Victoria D - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Mar-2018
    Hi mums and dads! I’m really excited to get a job as a nanny, I love kids and I had lots of experiencie! I used to take care at more than one kid at a time and I’ve been babysitting for almost 6 years kids from 1 to 13 years old. I’m an enthusiastic and energetic person, and I will really appreciate the opportunity to work with kids!

  • Vanessa S - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Mar-2018
    Hello everyone. I just finished school back in Germany. I´m looking for a job, which is based on harmony and trust. I like working with children and i´m able to take responsibility. I´m sincerely, friendly and motivated. I like to face myself with different challenges and I like to collect experience in every part of life. I work confident and consciously. Tasks in household I do determined. I had an internship in kindergarten back in Germany and I became a person who is able to evaluate situations quickly and in detail.

  • Hanna P - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Mar-2018
    Hi! I am with over 6 years of experience. I am currently studying fashion business and interning with a magazine. In the Gold Coast I used to nanny a family of 3 for over a year. A four year old boy A one year old girl And a 9 year old boy. I have just finished up nannying five days a week a 13 year old girl. I come from a family of six, so am extremely social with kids.

  • Josiane B - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Mar-2018
    I'm a Brazilian girl, 27 years old , friendly, honest, courteous, dedicated and very responsible. I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration. I've been in Australia for 1 year and 8 months, I came here to improve my English, to have a new experience and I fell in love for this amazing country. I really like children and I know how to take care of them and what is required to be a responsible nanny/carer. Before I came to Australia I helped my cousins to take care of their children. I would like the opportunity to demonstrate that I take care very caring and responsibilities.

  • Mohana A - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Mar-2018
    Dear parents I’m an Architect, currently studying my second bachelor at Billy Blue College of Design in the city. I have been babysitting 2 wonderful twin girls for the last 4 years since they were 3 months old. Here in Australia, i've been taking care of a 13-month girl since she was 8 months. (I can provide you with references if needed.) I also have a 2-year-old sister that I used to take care of at home in Peru. I love to cook healthy food and I am very responsible and organized. I enjoy helping kids with their school tasks or homework. I like to play with kids in an educational way, helping them on improving their skills by having a good time. I'm 27 years old, I have a recent Police check, WWCC, 2 First Aid & CPR certificates, Australian References, No drivers license. If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to contact me! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

  • Elise H - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Mar-2018
    Hi! I'm a student from Germany (well, I just finished my studies but will continue with a master's degree in October, when I'm back in Germany) and I gained my babysitting experiences (age 2-12) during Highschool and University. I really enjoyed that, that's why I want to continue doing that as a job here in Australia. I got a lot of patience, love to spend time outdoors and with animals (coming from a family with dogs, cats, fishes and a horse), so taking care of an animal during babysitting should not be a problem. I'll be in Australia til October, but I will do a 4 week trip through Asia from 26.3.-28.4.. Before and afterwards I'm very flexible and also short-term requests wouldn't be a problem! If you're interested in me as a babysitter, I would love to meet you and your children and I'm sure as a punctual, responsible and reliable person I can be a great help!

  • Kirsty S - 45 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Mar-2018
    Mature. I am a cheery, happy and loving mum to 3 school-aged self-sufficient children (8, 13, 16). I am able to drive confidently, think instinctively and be adaptable should things change in your household. I can cook, love a tidy house, am extremely patient and above all loving and LOVE children.

  • Sara C - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Mar-2018
    Hi, I am a hard working, energetic young lady who loves to have fun and look after kids! I am organised and don't mind cleaning, cooking and other house duties. I am a P plate driver who is very safe and cautious on the road.

  • Luciana C - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Mar-2018
    I’m in Australia to improve my English and live a great experience! I have two nephews and I love to be with them. Before I arrived Australia, I use to look after then when my sister and her husband were out for dinner or on weekend trip. I´m very responsible, affective, polite and organized.

  • Maria B - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Mar-2018
    Hi mums and dads, I´m a biotechnologist with a marketing master who love kids and enjoy spending my free time with them. I have a little sister who is 10 years old now, so I'm used to taking care of children since I was a teenager. Besides, I have worked as a babysitter for more than 6 years while I was studying my bachelor and master degree. I am an energetic, happy, responsible, funny and organized person who have looked after from babies to 14 years old children. In addition, during my years of study, I have also given private lessons to children between 10 and 17 years old, so I am used to being surrounded by kids. I love sports and I played field hockey for more than 10. Traveling is also one of my favorites hobbies. I would like to meet you and yours and spend a good time together :)

  • Jessica G - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Feb-2018
    Hello, I am an experienced nanny who is also studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary). I am looking for a casual/part time role...I have looked after children of all ages ranging from babies to tweens. I am committed and dedicated to my work; I believe every job is a chance to improve your skill set which is why I love nannying as it prepares me for my future career as a teacher, and I get to make genuine connections with lovely families. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel I could be the right nanny for your family. Thank you very much :)

  • Megan Y - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Feb-2018
    I am a qualified primary school teacher from England who is in Australia for a year on the working-holiday visa. My experience with nannying is with younger relatives and family friends, ranging from 3 to 13 years old. I have also been nannying an 8 month old boy since arriving in Australia in October. I have much experience working with children through my time as a primary school teacher. I have also worked with children with learning difficulties for many years, providing care, education and play for them. I am very happy to help with any school work / provide tutoring if required. I am an active person who has always believed that outdoor experiences are best for children's growth and development. I am always keen to try new things and have fun. I can be very flexible with hours and work around what suits the family the best. Please feel free to get in contact to see if I would suit your family and provide the help that you need.

  • Francisca M - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Feb-2018
    Hello, I am Social Worker. I distinguish for being a responsible, charismatic and committed person at work. I have experience in taking care baby's and kids. You can trust me to look after them. I give a high quality and safe work. I am full available to work and the most important I am motivated about working. Do not hesitate in ask me any questions! Contact me!

  • Davina K - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Feb-2018
    Hi, my name is Davina and I'm from Korea. I was hesitate to register for find nanny site. Because I can't reference my experience. I raised my neice for 7 years in our family and also I took care about all my cousin. I can't reference of my experience but I assure you that I'm the best person who is loves your baby. I'm comfortable with newborn baby. And also I willing to do housekeeping about baby's. I always want to be babysitter, so just let me chance of close to my dream at least. If you watch me when I taking care of your baby, you would want me to be your baby's nanny.

  • Vyara K - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Feb-2018
    organized and responsible, looking for a nanny position ( flexible availability ) - could teach French Over 10 years experience with children ( babysitting and nannying ) from Babies to 14 years. Driving licence

  • Dana L - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Feb-2018
    Hi moms and Dads! I am Argentinian but have been in Australia for about 2 years now. I'm currently studying a Diploma in Business and Marketing. I really love children and it makes me very happy to work with them. I take any opportunity to hang out with my partner's godson (a 19 months old cutie) breakfast, the park, the beach, etc. I am looking to do some casual and part time nannying in between studies, so I can help out any lovely family out there that needs the extra help. I am very responsible, willing and organized person and I seek to put the best in everything I do. Love and connect with children and that amazing energy that they spread around. I am available for a conversation anytime. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

  • Allison F - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Feb-2018
    I recently moved to Sydney about a year ago from the states. I have over 5 years worth of child care experience ranging from newborns to 11 year olds. I enjoy getting outdoors with children, doing crafts and expanding their knowledge. I currently do volunteer work with the Sydney Story Factory and was hoping to get more into working with children while over here in Manly.

  • Lucia P - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Feb-2018
    I came back to Australia because I love surfing and I will study sport coaching for 9 months. I have been looking after kids since I'm 19 years old and is something that I really enjoy. I worked as a nanny and babysitting in manly for 3 different families from Italy, Czech Republic and Australia. I do have references from mums if needs. I have experience with baby's and kids till 12 years old. When I was 21, I worked as a ski Instructor in north California teaching little kids how to ski. In 2015 I did a course in my country to be an Assistance helping kids and adults with disabilities, using horses as a therapy for them to improve there skills.

  • Maiara B - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Feb-2018
    I am uni student looking to share my enthusiasm and creativity with a family seeking for help with their little ones! Responsibilities include bathing, playing games, reading stories, help with homework, arrange activities, take them to the park, beach and other outdoor locations. Looking for a 2 to 3 days a week job. My schedule is flexible and I am happy to help a few extra hours or days when needed,

  • Julia B - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Feb-2018
    Im currently living in Australia, and I have worked like a Nanny more than 4 years in Argentina. I can not wait to meet you and your children, Im sure they will enjoy with me!

  • Veronika P - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Feb-2018
    Energetic, mature, responsible, reliable and cheerful person with excellent childcare and interpersonal skills with 3 years extensive experience as both a nanny and babysitter. I simply love children, love caring for them teach them and find them fascinating, and I am seeking further nanny work to continue doing what I love and broadening my experience. ● Possessing a cheerful, easygoing and flexible personality ● Able to multitask ● Stress tolerance and high level of energy ● Excellent planning and organization skills ● Speaking fluently 5 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech)

  • Isabelle J - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Feb-2018
    Hello! I was born and raised on the Northern Beaches and studying to be a paediatric nurse. As a nanny I believe the focus should be on entertaining and enriching your children's lifes, and would engage your child with a range of age appropriate activities. Having said that I am also happy to do light housework, and enjoy cooking. What sets me apart is I'm young, so can easily chase after kids and play but I have had medium term experience as a nanny already. I obtained my Working with Children’s Certificate in 2014 and became CPR certified in 2015. I have had experience babysitting, predominantly for three families which involved caring for newborns to high school age children, and am able to provide recommendations on request. I am looking for work that will potentially continue throughout my 4 year degree so that I can really become part of your family.

  • Carmela A - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Feb-2018
    Having a pediatrician father and a pediatric phonoaudiologist mother at home, i grew up surrounded by children and became a loving, pacient person, always respectfull of children’ s times. I consider myself a creative person, who incorporated her passion for design and is always trying to have fun with children, inventing games to also help them learn something new while they play.

  • Delfina T - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Feb-2018
    I'm from Argentina currently living in Manly. I have a degree in Advertising and back home while I was studying I used to take care of two beautiful kids for 1 year and a half (the boy of 5 and the girl 7 years old). I loved playing with them, going to the park, helping them with school work and taking them to their activities during the day.

  • Angeles L - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Feb-2018
    An enthusistic Nanny and baby sitter with over six years experiencie caring for children of all ages,who enjoys being part of the family. I am an Argentinian psychologist with extensive experience working with children with special needs. Seeks a challenging and variedad position that will enable me to capitalise on my professional experience and build upon my skills.

  • Haridian B - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Feb-2018
    Hello I am from Spain and I am nurse. I am studying English because I have to improve it. I was working in Spain with children in the hospital for 6 months. Moreover I was looking after a child for a year, he was 4 years old. I love children, I think we can learn many thing with them!! I am a responsable, tidy and friendly girl.

  • Matilda A - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Feb-2018
    Hi, parents! I'm a Swedish student doing my Bachelors degree in Public Relations here in Sydney. I just moved from Bondi, where I've lived for 1,5 years, to Manly and are now looking for new families! I started babysitting 6 years ago in Stockholm, for families with children aged 0-13. In the beginning of 2015, I moved to NYC where I was an Au Pair for almost two years. I took care of 11 years old twin girls that I to this day still have very good contact with. I have 17 reviews on Jugglestreet since I've been getting my babysitting jobs from that website since I moved to Sydney. I am now looking for nannying/babysitting jobs around Manly, and I can't wait to expand my network here! Please don't hesitate to ask for further information or references!

  • Tina O - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Feb-2018
    Hi, I am currently studying at ICMS Tuesdays 9-12, Wednesdays 9-4 and Fridays 9-12. I am looking for a part time job outside my school schedule, preferably 2-5 days a week. I live local in Manly and are mainly looking for jobs nearby, but would be willing to take the bus for around 30 min to get to my work. I love to play and take care of kids, and have experience with kids from the age 0 to 12 years old. Back in Norway, where I am from, I have been babysitting my cousins kids, occasionally, from they were babies. I would be willing to play and take care of the kids at home, make them food (breakfast, lunch, dinner), drop off and pick up from school/day care/other activities, and help out with housekeeping and laundry if needed. I do have a driver license, but not my own car. I am an experienced driver, but have mostly been driving in Europe, so I would probably need a lesson or two to get used to driving on the left side of the road too. I am a fast learner.

  • Elza S - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Feb-2018
    I’m looking for a parttime job in Manly as a nanny or babysitter. I have many years of experience, used to babysit since I was 14 years old. I’m patient, responsible and love to take good care of children. I’m staying in Manly till the beginning of April, so if you or your family are in need for a reliable nanny or babysitter please contact me. I can give you references if you want to (family in Holland where I used to work for), please ask me.

  • Giovana F - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Feb-2018
    I have experience with children in Brazil, I love children and love doing outdoor activities am patient and dedicated. I can cook, ironing and have a driver's license.

  • Maria Cecilia R - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Feb-2018
    I studied Child Psychology. I arrived in Australia with a Working Holiday visa (Until December 2018). I have been living in Manly for the past month and I'm looking for a job as a nanny! My WWC is in the process, I should have it very soon. In Chile, i worked as a kindergarten and primary school for 4 years and I have a lot of experience looking after children of all ages! I have worked with children from 8 months to 16 years in educational and clinical contexts. I love being, outside, sports, crafts, animals and mostly having fun. I am available to work all week, full time, casual o part-time, I am very flexible! I am enthusiastic and I learn fast. Thanks!!! :) :) :)

  • Jessi R - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Feb-2018
    I have nine years experience in the childcare industry and am trained with a certificate III Childcare Services. I am passionate in using my skills to work with children, experience and comfortable with all ages. I am very punctual, honest, well groomed and reliable. I am enthusiastic and work well independently and within a team. I am flexible with working any day at any time. I have a happy disposition with a bubbly personality. I am a patient, self-motivated worker who is always giving attention to detail that is second to none.

  • Danielle C - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Feb-2018
    Hi moms and dads. I have experience as nanny/babysitter and I’m looking for some extra works around Northern Beaches cause I live in Manly. I'm friendly, passionate about assisting children on daily routines, patient, honest, able to relate well to children and parents, and willing to accept responsibility. I have great references, two years as nanny experience with children all ages, WWCC and Police Check. I don't own my own car, but I have a driver's license. I can do cooking, laundry and houseworks. I’m available Mondays, Fridays and weekends full time, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 12 pm. Please feel free to contact me and request to view my CV. Cheers

  • Camila G - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Feb-2018
    I have 4 little brothers who I’m always taking care of. I think i would be a good nanny because i have life experience and i’m simple and flexible with everything.

  • Carolina B - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Feb-2018
    I'm studying English in Manly and I'm looking for a job as a nanny. I am a nurse and I have experience taking care of children. I am responsible, careful and attentive person. Thank you!

  • Agustina C - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Feb-2018
    I am a psychologist and I worked with many children of different ages. I enjoy playing games, dancing and having fun with them. I am free to work full time during the week and also during the weekends.

  • Nadine T - 44 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Feb-2018
    Hi my name is Nadine. I am a passionate nanny/ babysitter that loves children. I am honest,reliable and loyal. I am looking for a special family to take care of and love. I have experience with babies and toddlers. I have a 'whatever you need' attitude. I enjoy teaching children to read, swim and ball skills. I also enjoy painting, craft, dress ups, outside games at the park with the children. I am passionate about education and believe learning should be fun and children encouraged to be creative. I love cooking and have cooked for my previous families and am conscious of chemicals, preservatives and food allergies. I have my Infant First Aid Cert updated 19/11/11. I have also worked with toddlers infants and teenagers with behavioural challenges. Looking for: Casual Evening Babysitting, Casual Weekend Babysitting, Part-time Daytime Work, Full-time Daytime Work, , Overnight Stays Education Status: Course Complete - BA Health & Behavioural Sciences (Indigenous Health specialisation) at University of Wollongong Other Skills: I have a certificate in fine arts and love creating photo boards with the kids. I have a broad based knowledge of arts and crafts. I have taught toddlers how to swim with AUSwim. I have coached basketball teams and coached windsurfing and sailing. I have tutored reading and spelling in the UK. Languages: I have studied Indonesian at University in Indonesia. Residency status: Permanent

  • Anne E - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Feb-2018
    Dear parents, I am a young and reliable girl from Germany, currently as a student in Australia. I am looking for babysitting/ nanny work around Manly and surrounding areas for the forseeable future. I already have some experience here in Australia, doing some babysitting for a few families, as well as in Germany. Back home I have done an internship in a Kindergarten, where I looked after children in different ages. In addition I have done nannying for a several families. I love being around children, playing, preparing meals, reading books to them, etc. References available. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions! :)

  • Ximena O - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Feb-2018
    Hello I studied Finance in a Town called Querétaro. I speak Spanish, English and a little of French. Im staying in Australia for a year and a half, i studied all Primary school in Oxford, Uk I consider myself as a responsible person, energetic and friendly, creative and with the initiative to stimulate the child´s development. I believe my patience and empathy helps me to create a good relationship with kids. In Mexico i worked as nanny with to little kids, a 3-year-old girl and a baby of 11 months for more than 2 years. My responsibilities include: organising meals, baby naps, going to playgroups and parks, playing educational games at home, going to excursions, helping with school homework, reading books, preparing the bath, washing if the family requires it, walking dogs, helping parents with any extra household chores, and teaching spanish. At the moment i am available every day, full day. I am looking forward to hearing from you

  • Francisca C - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Feb-2018
    Im from Argentina, currently living in Manly for the next ten months, I came here with a working holliday visa. I studied Economics in Lisbon and came to Australia looking for another experience abroad. I have been working as a baby sitter for an Australian family for four months now. I pick up the children from School at 15 30 and drive them home. I help them out with their homework, I play with them and I cook dinner. Im looking for another Job during the day or for some ocasional baby sitting. I also do Housesitting for them. Back in argentina I used to take care of four boys, and in Portugal I babysitted a baby girl.

  • Marina C - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Feb-2018
    Hello, I am a student from France. I am here to discover the country and learn English. It is going to be useful for my studies. I am looking for a job such as babysitter. I have some experience with children, I did babysitting before in France in a family, and I did an internship in an elementary school for a year, it was a part of my studies. I am as well an educator in my rugby club. I had to train children of the age of eight years old. On october and november i were au pair on an australian family in the western australia. Taking care of children is very pleasant for me and I think I have a perfect profile for this job. I am very athletic, sociable, patient, joyful and I love being around children. I can cook as well, do the cleaning and other tasks in a house. I am very motivated to work and answer your wishes. I have my driving license.

  • Pilar B - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Feb-2018
    Friendly and responsible Babysitter with 3 years’ experience in nurturing and developing children of different ages. Capacity of serving meals, handling children’s overall activities, changing diapers and managing timetable as instructed by parents. Well-versed in monitoring the safety and well- being of children all times. Thorough understanding of age appropriate nutritional needs. - Current driver’s license.

  • Martina M - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Feb-2018
    I am travelling to Australia with a Working Holiday Visa, arriving on February 2018. I have a degree in a psychology in Argentina. In 2013 I traveled to the US for 2 weeks to take care of a baby of 8 months. In Argentina I worked as a baby sitter with children of different ages ( from 1 year- 13 years old), not only taking care of them but also helping with homework. In the last years I worked as a therapeutic companion of two children with down syndrome ( ages: 5 and 11 years old), and with two children with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) of 5 and 6 years old. I love working with children of all ages, it is very rewarding!

  • Gina T - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Feb-2018
    I've been a caring for children for over ten years now and have extensive experience with all ages. I've been a babysitter, a daycare teacher, and a nanny in my years and have loved every job. I take the job of caring for families most precious ones very seriously and am always professional. I'm experienced in meal prep and basic housekeeping as well as care for pets and house sitting. I enjoy planning crafts, themed activities, and daily outings. I believe kids learn best when playing and exploring and I'm happy to help them along. In all, I truly love spending time with children. I'm originally from the US and arrived to Australia last October. I fell in love with the Northern Beaches and have been living in Manly since. In my downtime I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time at the beach (of course!)

  • Laura L - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Feb-2018
    Hi! My name is Laura Lordi, I am From Argentina and I came to Australia with a working-holiday visa. I have finish my Medicine degree last year and decided to live one year in this country to have new experiences and meet new people from different cultures. I have been working as a Nanny for the last years in Buenos Aires. Also, last summer I spent 3 months living in " Hogar Antonio Orphanage" in Mexico. I had to support and comfort children, help them with their homework, organize games for the children and having lunch and dinner with them. In the future I want to be a Pediatrician, because I love spending time with children.

  • Lucy C - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Feb-2018
    I am a qualified Physiotherapist from England living in Manly on a working holiday visa currently. I have had experience with looking after my niece (now 9 months old) as well as the odd bit of babysitting for children between the ages 5-12. I have also worked with children whilst training as a Physiotherapist, including children with special needs. I have recently gained a police check through my physiotherapy registration here in Australia and have a British driving license and access to a reliable car. I am a kind and considerate individual and recognise the importance of development in children and facilitating this. With all the amazing outdoor activities available here in Australia, and specifically the Northern Beaches it is the perfect environment to keep children entertained and enjoying their free time. I believe I am an easy going and sensible person and would enjoy a role within your family.

  • Elisa C - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Feb-2018
    I'm a student almost finishing my career of agriculture engineer. I have a big family so I have been in contact with children from all my life. I'm nice, friendly, confident and very responsable. I have more than 10 years of experience as baby sitter in Buenos Aires. I worked with children from 3 months to 12 years old and I would love to still working in the same.

  • Maria Florencia G - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Feb-2018
    Hi Mums and Dads! I'm lucky enough to be on a working holiday visa in beautiful Australia. I'm argentine and I just moved to Manly. I’ve been working in childcare for almost a year. I love spending time with kids and having fun with them. I'm reliable, responsible, friendly, creative, energetic and patience. I have flexible timetables so I would love hearing from you!

  • Sarah C - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Feb-2018
    HI, I come in Sydney with a working holiday visa. I am a nice and very helpful person. I am rather dynamic and serious person. I was a babysitter in casual, in france for several parents, moreover I gave lessons at home for children and adults. I am looking for a babysitter job as I did in france, cause I love it.

  • Rebeka Z - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Feb-2018
    I am looking for a babysitting job for a couple days per week (1-2 days max). I am working in a management of the restaurant in the city and have BA in media and communication. I have a lot of experience in babysitting as I did this in the past a lot on side with my studies. I also have my little nephew who is 6 years old now. As my days off are MONDAY & TUESDAY those are the days when I prefer working.

  • Jasthine G - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Feb-2018
    I'm a girl form Germany. I'm here the a working holiday visa. I have advanced experience in childcare. In Germany I took care of a child aged 2 years for one year (2016 - 2017) two times a week. I love spending time with children and playing with them at home and outside in nature. I'm looking for a part time job as a babysitter. I also willing to do housework and I'm available on every day of the week. I'm very flexible when to work.

  • Camille S - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 01-Feb-2018
    I've been in Australia for two years and I speak fluent english. When I arrived I was an live in au pair and i was looking after 2 kids, 5 and 7 yo. I stayed with this family for 8 months in Drummoyne, and I loved it so much! I was helping the kids on the morning to get ready for school and drop them off. I also picked them up after school and just played with them, do some homeworks and I cooked for them once a week. I really like to spend time with kids and teach them things. I also used to babysit children in France, I was working for an agency. I was looking after a little girl of 5 years old after school every day and sometimes on the week end. And i was looking after a baby (1yo) once a week. I am now studying and living in Manly. I don't have a car but i am happy to use public transport and i do have my international driver license if necessary. I am also happy to do some house chores. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Josefina C - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Jan-2018
    Hi! I studied Business Administration in Argentina and finished my degree on Dic 2010 and have been working in marketing ever since. When I was in the university, I volunteered for a year in the "hogar de niños de las damas rosadas" which is a kindergarten for children between 3 months and 4 years which their parents are in a situation of scarce resources and can´t pay a nanny to look after their children when they are at work so they can leave them in this child care home. There were different classes for children with different ages and I assist the teachers. The first thing we did when they arrived is we give them breakfast, then we played a bit usually trying to teach them something and after that they had a little break where they could go play in the playground. After that we did some other activity and then we gave them lunch. After lunch it was nap time and then about three in the afternoon their parents came by to pick them up. I am looking for a babysitting/ nanny job. I am available to work any day from Monday to Friday and some Saturdays also. I don`t have any time restrictions In my spare time I like cooking, dancing, singing (I can play the guitar) and doing sports.

  • Raquel G - 36 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Jan-2018
    I am a Brazilian, have been in Australia since December/2015 and have been working as a Nanny since May/2016. I love kids and their energy! I am an active person, practice yoga and functional training, surfing and cycling. Living a healthy life is very important for me as practicing sports and eating well. I am studying Certificate 4 in Fitness until december.

  • Sofia L - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Jan-2018
    Hi! I studied Business Administration back in Chile and I'm in Australia to have a great experience living in another country for a year. I love kids! I've looked after children in Chile casually. Also I was scout and for 4 years I took care of 10 years old little girls. And I always took care of my nephew for a year, part time the first few months and after my sister's maternity leave ended I took care of him full time until he turned 1, so I learned all about babies! I'm organized and reliable. I have full availability and can help with some housework if required. I have my chilean driver's license so If necessary, I can translate it to be able to drive here too. Also I'm willing to apply for working with children or any kind of certification.

  • Jessica A - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Jan-2018
    Dear Parents I am an experienced, energetic, fun, caring, reliable, responsible and organised carer with excellent references. I live locally in the northern beaches and I have licence for any school pick up/ drop off, Out of school activities. I am very clean and organised and can assist with any basic house hold duties, I am a great cook! I also love getting involved with the kids and having fun! I love to kick a ball around the yard and being a creative, I love arts and crafts! In Australia I worked as a babysitter for 2 families with children from 8 months to 4 years. I supervised the children, made meals, maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the children, I read to the kids, taking trips to the park, I played toys and etc... I decided to be a nanny because: Firstly I love kids and I came to Australia to learn English, besides that I need to work as well, then I chose be nanny, this job is rewarding. I am also available for more hours during the week during Christmas holidays if needed. If you have any questions regarding my experience and references, Please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you,

  • Pilar P - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Jan-2018
    I am a very active person, with experience with children and I am studying to be a Physical Education Teacher

  • Candelaria Y - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Jan-2018
    Hi there! I am an economy student living in Manly. After a short visit to my sister and her partner (they’re both lawyers living in Manly and working in Sydney) I decided to take a sabbatical from books and move in to their guest room (lucky me they had one). I have heaps of experience babysitting. Ever since I finished high school, I’ve been babysitting in Buenos Aires for my other sister’s friends (for hours and over the night as well) during the weekends. So I can provide you with references if needed. I also spent a winter season in Vail Colorado 2 years ago babysitting kids while their parents where skiing. Also, I’ve been giving French private lessons for high school students during my uni days last year. I can speak English, Spanish and French. I am non-smoker. My passion is dancing (seriously) and animals, so it won’t be long until I take up dancing classes during my free-time. Feel free to contact me if you would like to meet me. Cheers!

  • Macarena A - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Jan-2018
    I'm a enthusiastic, comitted, empathic, reliable and very responsible person. I love child care and I love to share experiences that can give them the tools to improve their knowledge and learning, always motivating them to encourage their creativity. I have experience in taking care of childrens from different ages, and with relatives and family friends for around five years. I have a flexible timetable and immediate availability. Please feel welcome to contact me for any additional information, look foward to hearing from you soon!

  • Emma W - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jan-2018
    Hi Families, I'm an experienced nanny currently searching for work on Wednesday and Thursday as I currently care for 2 beautiful children on Mondays and Tuesdays. I have 8 years experience working with children of all ages, 2 years experience working in childcare aged 0-2 and 3-4 and 6 years experience nannying caring for children aged 6 months to 7 years. In this time I have gained a certificate 3 in childrens services, first aid certificate, Working With Childrens Check and police check. I have my own car. I love children and all aspects of caring for them, being active, having fun and teaching them.

  • Laurence D - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Jan-2018
    Hello, French is my first language my English is very good too. In Canada I am an high school teacher. Although I have more experience with teenagers I love to take care of younger child. I have a pretty calm temper but I am also super active. I like to go swimming, I'm a hockey player, I like running ... If your kids like to move I'll definitely be able to follow them. I am confident in my nanny abilities. I do not have a car but I have a valid license since I was 17 years old. I will be happy to run some errands for you, pick up the kids at school and make sure your home stays clean and safe. I am a person of trust, a meeting with me will confirm it. Looking forward to meeting you to answer more questions.

  • Maria Victoria C - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Jan-2018
    I have recently arrived to Manly to spend a year. I've got my degree in Arts and decided to travel to Australia by myself. I really would love to work as a nanny as I love spending time with kids,

  • Angela A - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Jan-2018
    I am Argentinian, and I am here in Australia on a work & holiday visa for a year. Back home I live with my whole family: father, mother, two elder sisters and one younger brother. I have had lots of experience with children; I have even overseen four children including a pair of twins with ages ranging from 7 years to 6 months old. I have worked performing roles as babysitter and nanny for the past five years in Argentina. I first started acquiring experience with my nieces and nephews and have worked with numerous families since then. What makes me good for these kinds of roles is that I am a very patient and calm person and have always been fond of children. I understand the responsibility of keeping children safe while having fun in the process. I am open to listening to them and sharing time playing. Above all, I love being able to discover the wittiness and rich imagination that only children can convey. I have no problem in being asked to perform housework and/ or cooking duties as well as driving children to and from different places. I am looking for a role in childcare/ au pair, and I am available full time, every day, including weekends. My hobbies include reading, riding bicycles, going to the beach and traveling.

  • Belen M - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jan-2018
    I am from Argentina, currently living in Manly (holding a Partner visa) I have been doing childcare for 5 years in Argentina, working with children raging from 3 month up to 4 years as a Nanny. I have been working in manly for 4 month with a 2 years old boy. I stopped working with them because they moved to New York. I can provide references from that beautiful family. Before that i have worked with a family taking care of children of aged 8 and 13 years old, this family would be happy to provide references if you need them ! I would describe myself as a responsible, warm, caring, fan, attentive, enthusiastic, creative, hardworking and reliable person. I speak fluent English and Spanish and love dancing, singing, cooking and painting!! I am also a non smoker and i have an international driver license.

  • Ines P - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Jan-2018
    I'm argentine, responsible and hardworking. I do not have much experience with small children since I am the smallest in my family, but I have no doubt that I will learn quickly. I would love to be part of the BabbySitting program, part time. In the year 2015 I was the babysitter for seven months of three children from Dubai. I was in charge of their care, entertainment and recreation, and great help in their schoolwork in Spanish. And I worked as a babysitter in various occasions also for the year 2014. I would love to have a personal interview with you so we can know each other.

  • Kyoka S - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Jan-2018
    Hi mums and dads , I studied childcare in Japan for 2 years and I've got deproma . Some times I was looking after my tow nephews . I was swimming teacher , taught 0-18 years old . I have cooking and cake deproma in japan. I'm really love children and I'm going to enjoy babysitting !! I'm a student with classsed 5 days per week. Monday , Wednesday, Friday until at 12. Tuesday and Thursday until at 4pm. Everyday from 8:30.

  • Sofia M - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Jan-2018
    I am a psychologist. I have experience working as a nanny and have worked in a foundation that dedicates to the care of poor children. My last job was in a school as a tutor with teenagers. I have take cared of two 6 year old twins and a 12 year old boy during a year and have made eventually babysitting with babies too. I love kids and working with them

  • Maria Josefina L - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Jan-2018
    Hello! I came with the working Visa to have an experience in Australia. I´ve been babysitting since I was 16 years old. I started taking care of my cousins, then I took care of the children of my parent's friends, and then with different people. In 2014 I went to New York for a week to take care of the children, and in summer 2015/2016 I worked as a helper of ski instructors in Vail Resorts, Colorado, USA, with children from 3 to 6 years Old. I love playing games and drawing with the kids. I´m really interested in obtaining this job as a babysitter in Australia, so if you are looking for someone, let me know :)

  • Alice W - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Jan-2018
    I am a fun, energetic and caring female with previous experience nannying and babysitting for different families in Australia and in the UK. I enjoy reading, writing, water sports, yoga and cooking. I have also previously worked in Television Production and Hospitality, however, I am now currently studying Business and leadership management part-time. My previous nanny and au pair jobs have included live-in, part time, casual, full time and babysitting roles, helping with mother duties as well as providing a fun, safe, educational environment. I am happy to help with anything that needs doing as well as caring for your children, I can make meals for the family, clean the house, wash clothes, help with homework and general household duties.

  • Kate B - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Jan-2018
    Hi Mums and Dads, I am currently a university student always looking for casual baby sitting work. I am an enthusiastic and keen worker and would love the opportunity to get to know you and your kids! I have been babysitting for over three years for numerous different families. I am comfortable with children of all ages and have experience babysitting children from 15 months - 15 years old. I love babysitting and find it a rewarding and exciting experience.

  • Allegra M - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Jan-2018
    Hello, I am currently looking for a part time/casual babysitting/nannying job. I love working with children and have experience working with children ages 2-11. I would ultimately like to study Early Childhood Learning. I am willing to do some housekeeping duties, some food preparation and light cleaning. I am flexible regarding the days and hours that I can work. My hobbies include soccer, art, music, travel and caring for my pet rabbit. I have my drivers license and have access to a car. I graduated from High School with my First Aid Certificate and my Certificate III in Tourism & Events. I am looking for a job preferably in the greater Manly Area. If you have any questions and think I can help your family, please feel free to message me. Thank you.

  • Tania D - 43 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Jan-2018
    Hi Families, i'm a fun loving nanny/ childminder. I have heaps of experience from newborns, toddlers to little ones and big ones and i have great hands on experience with having 2 of my own childern aged 5 and 7. I am flexible with hours, days, evening and last minute arrangments are generally not a problem. I am a local in manly and know all the playgroups, parks and activities in the area. I am more than happy to assist and help with the running of the household and to take the initiative when needed. I'm a highly motivated, active & caring nanny/ carer to children and also give support to parents and the home enviroment. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Lucila R - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Jan-2018
    Hi parents, I love kids, thats the reason why i studied to become a Kindergarten teacher. Kids are the most beautiful and innocent creatures in this world. I ve been working and looking after kids for, the last 5 years, im full-time available.Cant wait to meet my new buddies!

  • Jade-marie M - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 07-Jan-2018
    I from Wales in the UK and have recently moved out to Manly, Australia on a 417 visa. I was brought up in a loving family by my mother and father with my older brother and sister. I am a very passionate and driven person. I enjoy listening and interacting with everyone I meet. I am very approachable and caring, essential skills needed to work within Childcare and Education. I am extremely hard working, conscientious and reliable thriving on new experiences, challenges and success. I consider myself a valuable team member always carrying out tasks delegated to me to the best of my ability. I am continuously seeking to improve my personal and professional skills by reflecting and acting on latest experiences. Qualifications 2014-2015 Pontypool College Beauty Therapy VRQ Level 2 2008-2010 City of Newport College Diploma in Childcare and Education Level 3 2002-2008 GCSE’s Caerleon Comprehensive School Design & Technology (A) Mathematics (C) English Literature (C) English Language (C) Science Double Award (C,C) Sociology (C) Work Experience Post Graduate: Private Nanny: Emma Cooper, Newport (2015-2016) 2 yr old boy • Ensure the child’s safety and welfare was paramount at all times, implement routine • Bathe, change nappies and make healthy and nutritious meals • Organise stimulating, developmental and fun activities • Plan trips to play centres and educational play groups • Communicate with parents daily Post Graduate: Personal Assistant: Emma Cooper Global LTD, Newport (2015-2016) Personal Assistant • Organise Managers daily diary • Manage stock levels, analysing sales figures and forecasting future sales • Respond to team and customer enquiries and complaints • Complete orders and arrange delivery • Create motivating and appealing team incentives • Plan large business events Post Graduate: Retail Manager: Bonnie & Pearl LTD, Cardiff (2014-2015) Children’s Doll Shop • Manage and motivate my team to deliver great customer service and increase sales • Manage stock levels, analyse sales figures and forecast future sales • Organise and lead staff training • Respond to customer complaints and enquiries in a polite and professional manner • Complete orders and arranging delivery • Interact with children and parents in a fun and approachable manner • Organise and host children’s craft sessions Post Graduate: Crèche Manager: Ski Beat LTD, France (2013-2014) Children aged 5 mths-12 yrs • Ensure the safety and welfare of each child at all times • Manager and organise my team, ensuring they are prepared for each day’s activities • Offer stimulating, developmental and fun activities • Communicate in a polite, professional manner to parents and guardians. Post-Graduate: Classroom Teaching Assistant: Langstone Primary School, Newport (2012-2013) Children aged 4-5 yrs • Active member of the class team, while also excelling as an individual • Guided reading, one to one support, literacy and numeracy sessions • Outside and lunchtime duties Post-Graduate: Student: University of South Wales, United Kingdom (2010-2012) Childhood and Youth Studies Undergraduate (2008-2010) Year 2 • Juniors 8-9 yrs old (Apr 2010-Jun 2010) Langstone Primary School • Special Needs 12-16 yrs old (Nov 2009-Mar 2010) Maes Ebbw Special Needs School • Babies 1yr -2 yrs old (Sep 2009– Nov 2009) Seren Fach Private Day Nursery Year 1 • Babies 5 wks-1 yr old (Apr 2009- Jun 2009) Seren Fach Private Day Nursery • Statutory Nursery 4 yrs old (Jan 2009- Mar 2009) Eveswell Nursery • Infants 5-6 yrs old (Sep 2008- Dec 2008) Langstone Primary School My First Aid Certificate has expired this year however, I am completing the course again in Sydney shortly. I have a British police check but am going to get an Australian check carried out. As you can see from the above information I have several years experience working with children of all ages in home and educational settings and am very passionate about my work. I am looking for a nanny postition full time/part time. I am happy to carry out light house work duties relevant to the children. I am extremely flexible and available to work as soon as required. My hobbies include beauty therapy, music and walking.

  • Sol S - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Jan-2018
    Caring nanny who offers full time flexibility. Offering a 7 years with childcare experience. Skilled at creating and following schedules, following routines and commitments. Trilingual; english, spanish and french. Effetive leader and mentor, Organized and adaptable.

  • Tamika L - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Jan-2018
    Im currently looking for a second job. I work at the 16ft Skiff Club in Manly and I am more than experienced with looking after young children as I am the eldest of 5 kids and have been looking after all of them since they were born. I have looked after other people's children, however, and more than confident when given instructions and things required for the child e.g bathing them, changing nappies, feeding and cooking dinner. I hope you will consider my application as I know I am young, but babysitting has become a second nature in my life. Thank you

  • Lais S - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Jan-2018
    Hi Mums and Dads I have worked as a teacher for 3 years in Brazil and as au pair for one year and half here..Now I’m living in my own apartment in Manly and working 10 hours at Woolworths. So I’m available to help you Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Weekends. Please contact me anytime

  • Ayelen L - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Jan-2018
    Hi! I have working holiday visa. I'm Doctor, finish Medicin School the last November. My English is not so good but i try to improve. I'm a responsible and honest person, and friendly, I get along well with children.

  • María A - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Jan-2018
    I came from my country to work and travel for an year. I have a work and holiday visa which lets me work. As regards my studies I finished university in 2017 where I studied Industrial engineer. I have always had contact with children because In my country I worked as a math teacher. Also I casually took care of three siblings During a year because their parents need to travel for work. I took them to school, made them do their homework and cooked. I love kids and I know how to get familiar with them. I have a driving license too.

  • Felicitas D - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 01-Jan-2018
    I am from Argentina I’m going to Sydney from december 25 to fabruary 23 willing to found a job, its my dream to find one as a babby sitter or nanny. I am responsible, committed, and very well organised individual. I love beeing with children, in this moment i am working in a primary school (here in Argentina) as a third teacher, helping in all grades from 7 years to 12. Also some days i take care ass a babby sitter in other moments. Experience with children i have, in jobs and in my house with my little sisters and brothers.

  • Johanna H - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Dec-2017
    I am a professional, responsible, enthusiastic and fun German native, who loves working with children. Through my experiences with children of different age groups (6months - 14 years) over the last 12 years, I have built skills and capabilities to supervise and care for children in many different environments. I have learnt to quickly adapt to each child's special needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me for further questions. Look forward to hearing from you :)

  • Juan M - 26 year old Male   Last logged on 29-Dec-2017
    i think it´s not normal for a man to apply for this job, but this was my job for a long time in Argentina. I am very responsible person and i enjoy doing this job. I am good driver, good cook, clean, wash. I have worked in Kindergartens and in family homes. If you need me, I´m available full time.

  • Maria Victoria R - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Dec-2017
    I’m a cute girl willing to work as a nanny in Sydney. I arrived on December 14th and i’m staying until March 18th. I have vast experience as a nanny, and great conection with kids.

  • Maria R - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Dec-2017
    HI there! I have a big family, six sisters and three brothers. I have always take care children in my family (nephews and nieces) and I love doing it. I ha ve be en working the last year as a Nanny, taking care of three children. They were four, two and one years old. We did activities all the time, playing, painting, reading, cooking, going for a walk, etc. I really enjoy taking care of children and I like to create a bond with them. Thank you! :)

  • Martina U - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Dec-2017
    Friendly, sociable, young Babysitter with 2 year's experience with kids of all ages. Skilled cooker, special talent for serving meals, handling children's overall activities, changing diapers and managing timetable as instructed by parents. Areas of expertise: Preparing meals, childcare, baby sitting, baby washing, housekeeping. English and Spanish speaker.

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