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  • Elise - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Jan-2019

    Hey, I'm Elise, I'm from France and I have a working holiday visa for a year. I'm living in Coolangatta. I have a brother, a sister and a lot of cousins in my family. I like to spend time with children. I have many experiences as a baby sitter : I've worked for different families who needed help with their children. I will be more than happy to take care of your children and spend time with them :) If you need a young and friendly baby sitter do not hesitate and send me a message !

  • Tayla - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Jan-2019

    Dear family, I am a down to earth, experienced, 23 year old female seeking work as a babysitter or nanny. After growing up on the Sunshine Coast and travelling for 2 years I relocated to the Gold Coast 2 years ago and now call the Coast my long term home. I currently work for Aesop in Pacific Fair 4-5 days a week. I plan to lower my hours to a set 2-3 days at Aesop and babysit/nanny part time 3 - 4 days a week. Of course I would discuss with my manager the days in which I would need off weekly for babysitting. I have 2 -3 years experience with babysitting and also have a younger sister of my own that I frequently babysat growing up. I am fairly flexible and happy to work on short notice. I have a current driver's licence, vehicle, have applied for a new Blue Card and am completing my first aid/CPR course on Monday 21st January at First Aid Accident and Emergency in Varsity Lakes. I consider myself a respectful, loving young woman who enjoys being outdoors and being creative. If you can't find me at the beach I am usually creating something delicious in the kitchen, spending time at my local ceramic studio or creating on my potters wheel. I would love the opportunity to meet you in person and talk further about a potential position. Please do not hesitate to contact me. References can also be provided. Best regards, Tayla

  • Annija - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Jan-2019

    My name is Annija. I am 23 years old and I come from Latvia. This year I challenged myself and completely changed my environment by moving here to Australia. I have Study and work visa. My studies will take place once a week (4hours in the Monday morning), but the rest of the time I am free. I plan to stay in Coolangatta for at least nine months. I will be honest, it is been some time, since I worked as a nanny. During my last years of secondary school for two years I took care of my godparents son, who was 5/6 years old at that time. And during my first year of university I was working with two families - together three kids (3, 5 and 7 years old). I really enjoyed spending time with these kids but as the studies become harder, I had to quit the job as nanny and focus only on university. But I hope that I will have a chance to help some family again and become a friend to their kids. Last July I finished my bachelor degree in chemical engineering. I love science, but during my studies I realised that this industry is not for me (this is one of the reasons why I wanted to change everything). But I really would love to share my knowledge and show some easy and of course safe science tricks to kids (depending on their age). Also in my free time I like to do crafts and paint and all kind of DIY things, so free time with kids is filled not only with games and relaxation, but also with lots of activities for development. In conclusion - I am hard working, I know how to manage my time, , i am friendly, fun (at least my friends say so) and social person.

  • Tahnee - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Jan-2019

    I am a female with more than 7 years experience working with children. With a background in providing excellent care and a fun environment for children, I believe that I have the essential skills and qualifications to meet your needs. I have experience working with children from the ages of 0- 14. During the past 7 years, I have worked as a regular babysitter, after-school carer, Childcare teacher, and Child Snowboard Instructor. Throughout these roles, I have always displayed a high level of professionalism, through providing a fun, safe, and positive environment. I possess expertise in nurturing, guiding, teaching, disciplining, and providing loving care to children of all ages. I excel at remaining calm and composed in challenging situations while demonstrating superb active listening, organization, and communication talents. Additionally, I have complementary experience providing overarching support with various household responsibilities, including cooking, cleaning, errand-running, and transportation. My skills in childcare provision, along with my positive attitude and friendly nature, position me to excel in this role. I am eager to accept a new opportunity and make a positive difference in your childrenís lives. The chance to offer more insight into my qualifications would be most welcome.

  • Isabella - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Jan-2019

    Hi there, my name is Isabella, Iím a psychology student from Brazil and I came to Australia to improve my english. My parents own two private schools in my country so I grew up in contact with kids enviroment. Besides that I have eight younger cousins wich I help taking care of since they were babys. Soon Iím really used to dealling with kids and I totally love them. Iím a very fun, reliable and responsable person and I believe that Iím able to take care of kids with love and dedication.

  • Tarni - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Jan-2019

    Hi, my name is Tarni and I would love to come and baby sit your little loved ones. I am a very gentle, kind hearted, happy, reliable person. I love going to the beach in my spare time and enjoying time in the sun and surf with friends. I love looking after little ones and I believe I will be a great nanny to have help out in your family home. I would be excited to hear from you :)

  • Rachel - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Jan-2019

    Hi Mums and Dads, My name is Rachel and have been nannying for the last year and a half for a family that has just had their third baby. Due to this I will be seeking further employment in the childcare industry. My past nannying position requires me to take one child to and from school (prep age, I also looked after this child last year) I then continue the day caring for a 18 month old. We go out to parks and do lots of craft and playing throughout the day. I also cook meals and clean up the house. My past hours were 7am-6pm, 2 days a week. But I am flexible to change these times to suit your family. I am great with children and next year going to start my studies as a midwife. At current, I have done a year of nursing which has provided me with CPR and first aid experience. I also have a blue card and police background checks. Looking forward to becoming a part of your family and giving your child/children the care they need. Can't wait to hear from you!

  • Jemma - 40 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Jan-2019

    Hi there, I am a proud mother of two gorgeous teenage boys. Children have always been my passion and I have been a primary school teacher for the last 8 years. I adore teaching and learning with children however I am interested in caring for younger children, during their first and hugely important years. I have cared for many children of friends and family in an informal way and am commonly known as "The Baby Whisperer". I love to shower children with love and cuddles and my nature is warm and nurturing. I am energetic, creative, honest and responsible and know that caring for children is an absolute privilege. Jemma

  • Lexus - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Jan-2019

    My name is Lexus but everybody calls me Lexy. I have recently graduated year 12 and I am planning a career in child care. I am an easy going girl that absolutely has a big passion for kids. In my spare time I love to go to the beach, read, or catch a movie with my friends. I am 18 turning 19 in April 2019, I hold a P2 provisional license and have my own car. I am living with my family at the moment but plan on moving out very soon. My goals for the future would be to travel overseas and become an AU Pair and eventually come back to Australia and start my own child care business. I am currently working casually at Woolworths but am looking for work involving kids! At school I have studied many things that can help me in this field including Community and family studies and child studies. I regularly baby sit 2 beautiful kids ages 9 and 6 since they where very young but they arnt needing me very much anymore as they both attend school.

  • Denisa - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Dec-2018

    Hello, my name is Denisa,I am 24 and currently looking for casual babysitting jobs. I am a reliable, patient and active girl from the Czech Republic. I was working like a children trainer for 3 years. I provided group athletic trainings for children and young people. During summer holiday I worked like a instructor in outdoor camp where we focus on developing the child's general sporting skills and learning basic outdoor activities. Also I have experience from Spain where I worked like aupair. My duties were babysitting, cleaning and teaching english. If you are interested please let me know:)

  • Lucinda - 33 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Dec-2018

    Hi there, My name is Lucinda,, Iím 33 years old finishing of my Masters in primary education (via correspondence so I have plenty of flexible hours available). I have worked extensively as a nanny in Sydney for 2 gorgeous families (references available) before moving to the Gold Coast to be closer to my own family. I have my own car and full drivers license, WWCC, anaphylaxis training, references and a lot of experience with children. But most importantly, I love kids. Iím happy to be flexible with my work hours and understand that family life/kids can be unpredictable, so Iím up for anything. If I sound like I can help you and would be a good match for what you require please feel free to contact me. Iíd prefer 2-4 days a week but can easily work around what you require. Warmest Regards, Lucinda

  • Sarah - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Dec-2018

    Hi there, Iím a friendly and responsible female who has a lot of experience in being both a nanny and as a childcare educator. I am looking for one to two days per week during work hours but can also be a bit flexible if you need. I am currently studying to be a social worker and am looking for a job to supplement my existing income. I love children and really enjoy my time being around them and their beautiful little personalities. I donít have any kids of my own but have two young nieces and a nephew on the way. Iíve had a lot of experience with kids of all ages, from working with babies in the baby room to nannying a special needs girl. I am patient, kind, fun and dedicated. I can cook and clean as well, if this is something youíre interested in. I also have worked as a kindergarten and preschool teacher during my year abroad in South America and can speak basic Spanish. If this is something you would like your child to learn then I am happy to help. My availability would be Thursdays and Fridays although I could move things around with my other job if need be. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Moni - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Dec-2018

    I am currently studying a Bachelor of Primary/Secondary Education at Southern Cross University and am looking for a nannying/babysitting job to coincide with my studies. I live in Coolangatta, drive my own car and am available 24/7. I have a blue card which enables me to work with children. I love all children and I love establishing bonds with children. I am warm, caring and patient. I love art and music and like to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions and outlets that children can engage in. I am enthusiastic, creative, outgoing, friendly and positive as well as hard working, responsible, timely, extremely clean, hygienic and methodical. I cherish the curiosity of children and therefore I like to teach, ask questions and encourage them to learn new things. I like to work with the parents to collaborate ideas and take advice regarding the requirements of the children, however, I will also take initiative when necessary. I like to stay connected whether that means taking notes or having catch up conversations to ensure that you are up to date. I am aware that accidents can occur and therefore I make safety a priority inside and outside of the home. For example, I will ensure their seat belts are tightened before driving or simply holding their hand when crossing the road.

  • Meghan - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Dec-2018

    Hi, I'm Meghan. I am 19 years of age living in Coolangatta Queensland. I have recently completed my swim school licence through AUS-SWIM and looking for a part time babysitting job. I have my BLUECARD and CPR. I am outgoing, friendly, fun loving, responsible, trustworthy and enjoy the company of children of any age. I have a very relaxed personality and find it rather easy to relate to children. I have moved to Coolangatta from Boambee, just outside of Coffs Harbour, where I grew up living on a banana plantation. I would often take care of my younger cousins while my parents and relatives were working. Growing up surrounded by serval young cousins, I was exposed to many different personalities and mannerisms. I am use to the high as well as the low energy levels that children posses and highly enjoy keeping them entertained. While still in school I was working at a local caravan park with the position of a Kids Club Leader. This job enabled me to gain and enhance my skills around children, as well as learn how to cope with a large amount of children. Working as a Kids Club Leader has allowed me to realised my love for being around children. Their creativity and wide imagination excites me. In regards to working hours I am quite flexible. I am currently unemployed. I am available to work throughout the week as well as weekends. I am also happy to complete lighthouse work duties, such as cleaning, washing up, folding and organising. Feel free to give me a call to further discuss any questions or information you may have.

  • Reoot - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Dec-2018

    My name is Reoot, 23 years old female from Israel. I love kids, play with them and take care for everything that they need. Highly motivated to work and learn, dedicated, responsible and initiative. Have a former experience in different works including working with kids at all ages. Always keep a positive attitude and flexibility in working hours. Looking for a nanny or au pair job, will be glad to stay in the house and will be happy to help with the house care as well. I have one year working holiday visa.

  • Stella - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Dec-2018

    I am a 25 years old girl with a Master degree in filmmaking. Over the years I have worked with 3 families while I was studying my career, 2 in Paris and one in Switzerland. I keep great memories from those families that ended up being my own family. I really enjoy spending time with the kids and trying to help them in whatever I can, such as teaching them french or spanish, or helping them with their own homework. I also love to cook so all my kids were very happy by lunch time! I can say that I am very responsible person, organized, proactive and punctual! I will take care of your children as my own, and they will never get bored ! I am also a reliable person, discrete and honest. I was raised with good values and good manners. I am available right now I can start whenever you need me too!! I have my own car and I live in Coolangatta.

  • Nike - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Dec-2018

    I am a care and willing to look after person.

  • Nathalia - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Dec-2018

    Hi there, I am Nathalia, 27 years old, Brazilian which already lives on Gold Coast over 3 years. Last year I worked in a Child Centre for 4 months, full-time in the Senior Toddlers room (18 months to 3 years). After that I start as a Nanny looking after 2 years old boy, which I still with only twice per week. I am a nature lover, so I enjoy in have a good time outside in parks, always looking after the child development, singing songs, reading books, making science experiences, talking about cooking while I am preparing the meal, animals lover...but my focus is always the child wellbeing, having a good and funny time, with all my love :)

  • Hannah - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Nov-2018

    I am an extremely enthusiastic and confident hard worker who has an incredible passion for travel and the sun and ocean. Straight after my successful completion of year 12 VCE, I worked part time at Bunnings taking on 30 hour weeks. I then travelled independently overseas for 2 months which influenced my confidence immensely, and have been travelling the country for the last 5 months picking up short term work when necessary. I am currently looking to obtain casual, part time or full time work that will assist me in being able to settle down and live in the lovely, sunny town of Coolangatta. I have had a lot of experience with children, caring for a numerous number of families with children ranging from new born to 10 years old, and I feel very confident and able to care for any child of any age and have lots of fun while doing it!

  • Grace - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Nov-2018

    My name is Grace, I am 20 years old. I am currently working at a chiropractic clinic (that specialises with children) as a receptionist 2 days a week. I love working with kids and looking after them. I have previous experience with babysitting from the ages of 1-16yrs of age. I do have younger siblings which has helped me gain experience with babies/toddlers.

  • Gabriela - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Nov-2018

    I am Brazilian and I am looking for a job of Nanny because I am in love with babies and children! I have experiences with newborn babies and twins. They really miss me here away from my house. I like to play, I like to feed them, take them for rides. I'm organized, punctual, and I'm available all day! It would be a great pleasure to spend my days with these beautiful children that Australia has!

  • Lindsay - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Nov-2018

    I'm a 20 years old tahitian girl. My grandma is owning a child care place in Tahiti and I like to help her during my holidays. I also babysit my teacher's children when they need it.

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