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  • Kwanriam - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Sep-2019

    Hi ! My English name is Kasey and I provide overnight/weekend babysitting service for in the area St Lucia (4067) . I am outgoing and cheerful person and I love to deal with kids ! I have experiences in babysitting my nieces and nephews for hours and I really enjoyed my time with them . I am currently studying in The University of Queensland and are looking for babysitting jobs to support my living expenses :) I am very happy to help with anything and I volunteer to teach kids with homework as well. I am great with Mathematics and Sciences !! I will also teach them my native languages for free ( only if requested by parents ) . I offers Thai , Malay and Bahasa Indonesia .

  • Ruth - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Sep-2019

    As an Occupational Therapist student, I have a passion for working with children and have experience in teaching on a weekly basis in Sunday School, from ages 2-6. I also worked as an instructor for Little Medical School, delivering an enriching medical-related programme to children aged 3-12. I have many young nieces and nephews that I have taken care of and am generally well versed in child-care. I enjoy spending time and watching children grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Berrin - 38 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Sep-2019

    Hi, Mum and Dad coming over for 5 months and looking for couple of hours to generate some cash. They are both professional lovely grandparents, with 4 already brought up children and 5 grandkids :)) They can only help those who are at Ironside SS while dropping and picking up own granddaughters. If you have a little one at Ironside, he/she can join us :))

  • Olga - 34 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Sep-2019

    Hello!! My name is Olga, I am a teacher whit experience in children education and I also have a Master degree in Education, I am a reliable and very responsible person who is currently studying English at Queensland University because I am from Colombia and my native tongue is Spanish, however, my English level is upper intermediate. I would love to take care of your children when you need!

  • Sarah - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Sep-2019

    I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Secondary Education/Science at the University of Queensland. I have experience babysitting infants and young children. I also have experience as a tutor and teacher assistant for students with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities.

  • Kate - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Sep-2019

    Hi! My name is Kate and I am currently a student at UQ, studying a Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education. I have worked with children for over 10 years and it is an absolute passion of mine making children giggle and learn! I have had much experience babysitting as well as living in Canada for a year as a Camp Counsellor and currently a Soccer Coach. I have worked with ages between 1-17. I am very bubbly and energetic and love laughing!

  • Zoe - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Sep-2019

    I am 19 years old, and am currently a full time university student at the University of Queensland. I have experience working with children from previous employment at a child development centre called Gymbaroo which works with children from the age of 5 months to 7 years old. I have also babysat for multiple families since then and love looking after children.

  • Alice - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Sep-2019

    Hello, I am a uni student currently studying at UQ with a love for children and helping families. I have been looking after children since I was 15 and developed strong bonds nannying two separate families for many years. I have looked after babies as young as 2 weeks old, all the way up to teenagers aged 14 and nearly every age in between! I have a passion for health and fitness and love being active with the kids I care for and believe it has a significant impact on child development, I am really into all sports and love bringing that drive out in children. I also have a great passion for arts and music and enjoy often bringing my guitar to the families I look after as I believe this also helps children learn fine motor skills and also is a lot of fun. I have a ton of energy and relate to mostly all families really well and always want the best for your children. I currently have my first aid and for qualification as well as basic fire training - because you can really never be too careful. I enjoy cooking and can help with any house work necessary to ensure work is taken off of already hectic parent schedules. I hope to be in contact with you soon. :)

  • Mieke - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Sep-2019

    Hi, my name is Mieke. I am studying business part time at the University of Queensland and live on campus. I am bubbly, energetic and confident with an undeniable love for children. Since I am only studying part time I am completely flexible with my availability. I am a blessed aunty of one 6 month old boy and two 2 year old girls. I did not exactly sign up for basically being a full-time step in mum at my age but I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. I have worked in hospitality for over 4 years and am desperately seeking a career change. Since I've been absolutely enjoying taking care of my nieces and nephew, I am certain that i'd love being a nanny and friend to other young kiddies. Last year I also had the privilege of babysitting little children at church during and after the services which gave me experience in caring for a large diversity of children. I also have my own reliable, child friendly car (Hyundai accent sport) that I can take the kids to school in or to some fun dates.

  • Molly - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Aug-2019

    Hey my name is Molly, I'm 19 and just beginning my first year of uni studying at UQ. I have been baby sitting children around my neighbourhood since the age of 16. Last year I was an aupair for 4 months over the European summer in Spain and loved every minute of it. I have a working with children check, first aid certificate and my driver licence. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss more information

  • Lulu - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Aug-2019

    I have been babysitting children of all ages for around 5 years now. I am passionate about helping children grown and learn. I have also been volunteering in childcare centres since I was 15 so I have a lot of experience with children.

  • Sophie - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Aug-2019

    I have 5 years of experience babysitting occasionally for various families, during this time I have looked after children from the ages of 1 - 12 years old. During my time babysitting I have prepared meals, bathed, and put children to bed. I am able to drive children around to various activities. I am a second year nursing student at QUT.

  • Taylor - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Aug-2019

    Hello! My name is Taylor, I am currently on a break until the end of February 2020 when I go back to university for primary education. As you can tell this means I am passionate about children and will care for yours with love and dedication. My uni schedule is very flexible therefore once I resume, nannying is still a priority for me. I have three sisters, 2 are younger and have given me plenty of experience caring for them. I have my full drivers license and a car if required. Previous work for me includes being a pharmacy assistant from the age of 14 to 18 and also running trivia at a local golf club for 2 years. I enjoy playing with the kids outdoors, craft, reading, cooking and helping with school work where I can. I grew up with many dogs and cats so I’m more than happy to work with them too. I am happy to answer any all questions you have.

  • Jemma - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Aug-2019

    Hi there! My name is Jemma and I'm currently in my 3rd year studying Exercise Physiology at UQ. I am located in St Lucia and have current first aid and CPR certificates, a Diploma of Health, open drivers licence and blue card. I have experience with children through looking after young cousins for my large extended family, as well as through my involvement in dancing and surf lifesaving growing up. I would love the opportunity to help provide care and support to your kids. I can cook and clean as required, as well as help with homework and drive to any after school activities if a car is available. Due to university and sport commitments, I am available for work Saturday afternoons (will become available full day in the next 2 months), any time Sunday, Monday afternoons, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings, Thursday before 10am and Friday after 5pm. Please get in touch if it sounds like I would be a great fit for you and your children!

  • Monique - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 30-Jul-2019

    I am a high school graduate seeking to gain a casual or part-time position with a local family that will enable me to use my love for children and motivation to provide an effective and caring employee. I have recently moved to Brisbane from a remote country town to attend university. I have three younger siblings whom I have cared for over many years. I have little-paid experience, but I am a dedicated person who loves children and would be a great asset to a family.

  • Isabelle - 47 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jul-2019

    Hi, I recently arrived from FRANCE to establish a new life in Brisbane with my husband (he's a genetic researcher at the UQ). I'm holding a permanent residency visa. I mainly did my career in the domain of healthcare, as a dental assistant in a French hospital, which is a job that requires strong communication, multi-task and organisation. I feel very comfortable with human contacts, caring and well-being of people. I was a Government agent too in schools for hygiene and prevention education and during seven years (one day/week) i took care of three children (homework, walks, activities, bath, etc...) and helped for housekeeping (laundry, iron, vacuum, dust). I've got two nephews (now 7 and 13 years) and i spent a lot of time with them too. I don't have children but i love spend time with them and play games, sport and activities ! I love reading books (in english now !!!), music, arts and movies, French fashion designers, swimming, walking (Australia nature is so beautiful) and spend time with my friends and family. I work with four families on St Lucia and I love it ! I'm very reliable, dynamic, enthusiastic, funny and my French culture can bring something new and different in your family. Feel free to contact me, i will be very happy to help you !!!

  • Marlyn - 41 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Jul-2019

    I am an international student at UQ. My daily work at campus is from 9 am to around 3 pm and I am available to work for about 20 hours per week. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to do some part time jobs as a nanny or domestic cleaner. I love to take care of children as I am a mother of two. I have two daughters 5 and 6 years old and they with my husband will come and join with me soon. At the moment, I do not have motor vehicle to work therefore I am only looking for jobs around St Lucia with working hours from 3 - 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

  • James - 19 year old Male   Last logged on 18-Jul-2019

    Hi, mums and dads in the Brisbane area. I am an upcoming physiotherapist who is studying at the University of Queensland. I am great with kids and would love the opportunity to take care of yours.

  • Jane - 55 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Jul-2019

    I am a mother of two adult daughters so completely understand children and their needs. I love being around and interacting with children and am looking for part time nanny work. I am interested in health and fitness and run or swim most days. I also enjoy reading and cooking. I have just moved to Brisbane after two years living in NZ and prior to that was in Sydney. I am in the process of getting my Working with Children Check done and can also get a Police Check if required. I have a current First Aid certificate which I did in New Zealand twelve months ago. I am fully flexible with regards to hours and days of work. I can provide referees on request.

  • Catalina - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jul-2019

    Hello I am a 27 years old Chilean girl... i am looking for a part-time , full time or casual work. I am available during the weekdays and some weekends too. I have experience babysitting I used to work as a babysitter in the university time also I was scout guide during 5 years so I worked with children and teenagers. I really like kids, I love spending time outdoors, being active and playing. I am an honest and responsible person.

  • Lilian - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Jul-2019

    I am currently a student at the University of Queensland, studying a Bachelor of Arts. I am friendly and outgoing and I work well with children.

  • Emma - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Jul-2019

    Hello, My name is Emma and I am Speech Pathology Student at the University of Queensland. I have a plethora of experience looking after children of many ages. In 2018 I nannied for a family with two beautiful children. My responsibilities included school pick up, helping with homework, making lunches and preparing meals, bathtime and bedtime routines, and playing with the kids after school as well as organising school holiday activities. I also worked in a creche in a gym in 2018, looking after kids aged 6 weeks through to 12 years. My experience stems from a combination of babysitting for multiple families over the last 6 years and growing up in a large family, looking after my younger siblings and cousins. These experiences have instilled in me the skills of behaviour management, building rapport with kids, mealtime and bedtime routines, and feeding and changing the nappies of young ones. I am a loving, energetic, responsible, family-based person and understand the importance of having a reliable, engaging and trustworthy Nanny/babysitter. I have a passion for being outdoors and active and love to instil this in the kids I look after. I am more than happy to help with anything the family needs, from school pick up/ drop off, homework, housework, preparing food, driving the kids to activities, and playing. I have a drivers license, a First Aid certificate, a CPR certificate and a Working With Children's Blue Card. If I sound like a good match for your family I would love to hear from you. Kind regards, Emma

  • Phoebe - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Jul-2019

    My name is Phoebe. I am a University student studying a Bachelor of Property Economics at QUT. I went to St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School in Ascot and participated in the buddy program in year 11. I come from a big family with great values and morals. I have three big sisters, so I know how it feels to have someone older looking after me and how I would like to be treated as the little person. I am creative and love playing games. I also have my blue card. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Chloe - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Jul-2019

    I'm a student who is currently looking for part time or casual babysitting work in my local area. I have experience working with young kids, as I spent a number of years volunteering with Riding for the Disabled and I have also tutored children for the last 2 years. I love working with kids and I always love to have fun with them! My availability is flexible around my studies, and I can sometimes be available for last minute requests. In my spare time I enjoy singing, playing piano, cooking and reading :) I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ibana - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Jun-2019

    Hi, Im a graduate who majored in Psychology, looking for work, and in the mean time, as a person who genuinely loves little humans, i wanna babysit/nanny for young children. I have 4 younger brothers (aged 9 -11) and 1 cousin (aged 5) who I cared and babysat for, thus I've experience with newborns , bottle feeding, and feeding, settling and putting them to sleep. I'm from Maldives and I believe my academic background in addition with my experience from working as a clinical assistant for the Maldives Institute for Psychological Services, Training and Research (MIPSTAR) makes me a unique proffesional suitable for this job. During my internship, I had the responsibility of managing cases and conducting numerous psychological assessments with children and parents for psychological profiling, wrote Psychologist’s reports, and aided in consultations with psychologists. By doing so, I interacted with children and adolescents from ages 2months to 10 years on a daily basis where I gained full knowledge of knowing the age appropriate expectations of children and to help them in personal growth and I believe I can take these skills forward and create a warm and happy environment for them when working as a babysitter. I am willing to assist parents with houseworks and i am available all days from 8am-8pm. Somethings I do in my spare time are going for long walks and cleaning and organizing around the house :)

  • Barbara - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Jun-2019

    Have lots of experience looking after my much younger siblings (twins 12 year olds) I am looking towards studying a cert in teachers education so I could become a Teachers aid ect. Have finished my diploma of Visual arts so love doing creative things :)

  • Georgie - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Jun-2019

    I am an outgoing, hardworking individual who enjoys having fun and working with children. I have had various child-caring roles in various family situations. I have cared for my own family (my little sister and 4 god sisters). I have also cared for a family of three amazing boys, a family of two girls and a family of a single girl (ages 1 Month -12). As well as caring for the children I have also acted as a tutor in, Maths, English, Science and History. I have 6 years’ experience in customer service; this has required me to be multi-skilled, flexible and responsive to an organisation’s needs. My strengths include my ability to problem solve and manage time effectively. I have strong communication skills; this includes easily establishing and maintaining good relationships with people of all ages. Honesty and reliability are two qualities that are important in the working industry, to which I take very seriously. I have excellent personal presentation and am extremely diligent in everything I do; I have my open license. If fortunate enough to be a successful candidate I will provide my hardest work ethic, enthusiastic behaviour and bubbly attitude to all tasks given. I am available to work days, afternoons, evenings and on weekends.

  • Dayana - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 23-Jun-2019

    I serve as a loving, nurturing and trustworthy companion to children. One of the most important things when it comes to looking after children make sure their safety at all moment. I have a special ability to handle children and a sense of commitment that always leads me to do things the best way I can.

  • Imogen - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Jun-2019

    I am a friendly university student, studying a Bachelor of Commerce. I am passionate about the outdoors, enjoying running and social netball. I am living on campus at UQ, previously lived in the Gold Coast and New Zealand. I am looking for either part time work, school drop offs/ pick ups or overnight work. I enjoy working with children, which makes me suitable for this position. I have had experience babysitting my younger cousins, as well as babysitting a lovely girl from 6-9 years old. In regarding my hours, I am very flexible and am able to change my university schedule around to suit your preferred hours, with most afternoons free. I am willing to undertake light housework, as well as prepare meals. I do have my drivers license and first aid certificate as well.

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