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caregive arrow Question: How does the caregiver rating system work?

Our rating system is quite unique. While many sites base their ratings only on reviews submitted by parents, we go a little further.

Our rating system combines the ratings submitted by our parent members, with statistics we have in our records about the caregivers. While we don't want to give away the exact calculations we use, below are some of the things our rating system takes into account:

  • Responsiveness - We feel that it is important for all caregivers to respond to messages from our parent members in a timely manner, even if they are not interested in the position offered. Our rating system looks at every message received by our caregivers and calculates the time it takes to respond, points are assigned based on the average time it takes to respond to each message.

  • Activity - When caregivers are actively seeking work, they will login and search for jobs and respond to parents, our system assigned points based on how frequently or infrequently caregivers access our system, update their profile and look for work.

  • References, Police Checks, Training - Additional points are assigned to caregivers based on if references are available, if they have completed a police check, first aid training and other training.

We combine all of the points assigned by the items above as well as a few other criteria including parent ratings and this accounts for the total rating score.

We feel that this method of rating caregivers provides a complete overview of the caregiver.

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