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By using, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. All We Need a Nanny customers tick a box agreeing to our Terms and Conditions when they join or register. A link to the Terms and Conditions is located on the homepage.The terms and conditions are subject to change by at any time, effective upon posting on the website, and your use of the site or service after such posting will constitute acceptance by you of such changes. YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF USE WHEN YOU BROWSE OUR SITE AND USE OUR SERVICES. YOU WILL WAIVE CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO SUE OR CLAIM COMPENSATION IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY. will in these terms and conditions be referred to as WNAN :

Our services are available only to individuals and companies that can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. You are wholly responsible for your participation on the site and use the site at your own risk. You agree to indemnify WNAN for all and any liability to which WNAN may be exposed.

In no event except those at will you be entitled to any refund of payments for chargeable services or features. In particular, Parents are not entitled to any refund if they fail to find a caregiver via the site. We do not make any representation or guarantee that a Parent will find a caregiver via the site, nor do we make any representation or guarantee that caregivers will be available for employment in any area. Nor are parents entitled to a refund of any "unused" portion of their subscription if they wish to cancel ( or no longer require ) their subscription for any reason.

If a parent or premium caregiver chooses the monthly subscription option their account will be immediately charged $75 parents or $25 caregivers . They authorize us to then charge them $20 a month after that until they cancel their subscription at anytime by logging into their account and clicking on " Cancel my subscription " or by contacting us at Once you cancel your account you agree it is your responsibility to check your credit card or Paypal account for any $20 monthly charges from WNAN and if you have a dispute to contact WNAN within 21 days. You agree that the maximum refund will be $20 if you contact WNAN within 21 days of the $20 being charged to you. You agree after 21 days of any $20 being charged to your account that there will be no refund whether you have used your account or not.

Please note there is no one month subscription option. It is a monthly subscription option which automatically renews at $20 a month until cancelled. You agree it is your responsibility to check your credit card or Paypal account for any $20 monthly charges from WNAN and if you have a dispute to contact WNAN within 21 days. You agree that the maximum refund will be $20 if you contact WNAN within 21 days of the $20 being charged to you. You agree after 21 days of any $20 being charged to your account that there will be no refund whether you have used your account or not.

Members are wholly responsible for complying with all applicable laws in relation to their employment relationship. In particular when posting a job ad on our site parents must at least pay the minimum award rate as outlined at

WNAN is not an employment agency and does not have the resources to check the correctness of the qualifications and experience professed to be possessed by registered caregivers who have offered their services and consequently, WNAN accepts no responsibility for any loss, expense or damage to property or persons arising directly or indirectly from any registered caregiver sourced by You using this service. We are not responsible for the conduct of any member of the site, either online or offline. WNAN does not expressly or by implication warrant the suitability of any registered caregiver sourced by you through this service for your purposes nor does WNAN make any representations regarding any registered caregiver other than as expressly stipulated in these terms and conditions accordingly you should before engaging any registered caregiver make and rely upon your own investigations and enquiries of and be satisfied of such persons' suitability for your purposes. Registered users and registered caregivers are responsible for contacting each other. Subject to you reaching and entering agreement You will become the employer of the caregiver You choose. All caregiver information is confidential and You agree not to disclose to any third party caregiver information sourced by You through this service.

WNAN does not introduce or supply Carers to Care Seekers, nor do we select or propose specific Carers to Care Seekers or Care Seekers to Carers. Instead, we offer an online forum that among other things enables Carers to post profiles and interact with Care Seekers for potential work opportunities. Through our Site, Care Seekers may post information describing the services for which they are seeking care, the terms of such services and related information, and Carers may post profiles describing the services they provide as well as their experience, training, qualifications and related information

We do not employ any Carers nor are we an employment agency or a recruitment agency for any Carer or Care Seeker. We do not provide referral services.

We do not verify, review, evaluate, interview, screen, vet or perform background checks on Carers or Care Seekers nor do we verify any content posted to the Site by a Carer, Care Seeker or others.

We are not a party to any agreement between a Carer and a Care Seeker. Care Seekers are the potential employers of Carers and are responsible for compliance with all applicable employment and other laws in connection with any employment relationship they establish (such as applicable employment standards legislation (including minimum wage laws), occupational health and safety legislation, and worker's compensation insurance or benefit programs).

There are risks, including but not limited to risk of physical harm, when you deal with someone you connect with through our Site. You assume all risks associated with dealing with other persons with whom you come in contact through the Site.

We urge you to be cautious when interacting with other members. We take your online and offline security very seriously so have prepared a number of resources for parents and caregivers to assist you when interacting with other members which can be accessed by members when they login to their account. By registering with WNAN you agree you have read the information at and indemnify WNAN against any loss that occurs to you from a scam.

If a nanny/sitter puts a 10 digit Australian mobile number on their profile then parents also have the option of sending them an SMS through our secure website. Please note they will not be able to see your mobile number unless you reply to the SMS. If you don't want to receive SMS's through our site then please leave the Mobile number field blank on your profile.

WNAN accepts no liability or responsibility for the inaccuracy or falseness of information provided to us by registrants or registered users and You agree to indemnify WNAN ( and our employees, directors, affiliates, investors, subsidiaries, officers and agents ) for all and any liability to which WNAN may be exposed by reason of any information supplied by You to WNAN being inaccurate or false. It is each registered user's and registered caregiver's responsibility to adhere to all relevant legislation before entering into an agreement with each other. WNAN does not mediate disputes, registered users and registered caregivers should resolve disagreements between each other and it is their responsibility to contact the necessary authorities when required.

Parents are allowed to send a maximum of 25 emails/SMS's in a 24 hour period.

Each parent subscription purchased allows one job ad to be posted on our site while the subscription is active, there will be a charge for extra job ads posted

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude all implied representations and warranties which might apply in relation to your use of the site. To the extent that our liability cannot be excluded by law, our maximum aggregate liability to you will be limited to the total amount paid by you ( if any ) for any chargeable service or feature on the site purchased by you during the term of your membership or, if you have not paid WNAN for the use of any services, the amount of $AUD25.

In no circumstances will we be liable for any indirect, punitive or consequential loss or damages ; loss of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money; or loss or damages arising from or in any way connected to business interruption of any type, whether in tort, contract or otherwise.

WNAN does not warrant that the site is free from viruses, worms, trojan horses or other harmful components. WNAN takes reasonable measures to ensure that the information provided by users is disclosed only to those persons specified by users. WNAN cannot and does not, however, guarantee that the personal information entered by users will not be misappropriated, intercepted, deleted, destroyed or used by others. Users agree not to hold WNAN liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as a result of any such misappropriation, interception, deletion, destruction or use of information provided by users through the site. WNAN shall not be liable for any claim, injury or damage arising from the use or inability to use the site.

It is the registered caregiver's responsibility to have references, a police check and all work visa documents ( if applicable ) available for registered users to inspect. Persons under the age of 18 are forbidden to register as caregivers. All registered users and registered caregivers must update any information given to WNAN as and when their respective circumstances change. You must be currently living in Australia and have an Australian address as well as a current Australian working visa to register as a caregiver on our site.

While we use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the site is available 24 hours a day, we do not make any representations or warranties that your access will be uninterrupted or error free. Access to the site may be suspended temporarily without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or any reason beyond our control.

The Site uses reasonable security measures in an attempt to keep User Information secure, including without limitation Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for sensitive User Information. However, no data transmitted over or accessible through the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, WeNeedaNanny does not represent or warrant that User Information will be completely secure from misappropriation by hackers or from other nefarious or criminal activities, or in the event of a failure of computer hardware, software, or a telecommunications network. Any User Information is provided at User's own risk. WeNeedaNanny expressly disclaims any and all liability whatsoever for any controversies, claims, suits, injuries and/or damages, arising from and/or in any way related to any User Information, including without limitation to any acts by other Users or third parties with respect to such User Information.

WNAN may deregister any registered user and/or registered caregiver in its absolute and unfettered discretion for any or no reason and will deregister a registered user or registered caregiver in circumstances where a registered user or registered caregiver has provided offensive, obscene, illegal information or who has intentionally provided false or misleading information or who has otherwise contravened these Terms and Conditions. You agree that if we receive a complaint about you that your account with us will be deleted from the site. You agree we do not have to contact you about these matters.

If we terminate your registration, we have no obligation to notify you of the reason, if any, for your termination. Following any termination of any individual's use of the Site or the Services, we reserve the right to send a notice thereof to other Registered Users with whom we believe the individual has corresponded. Our decision to terminate an individual's registration and/or to notify other Registered Users with whom we believe the individual has corresponded does not constitute, and should not be interpreted or used as information bearing on, the individual's character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Please note that when you click on one of these links, you are moving to another website. We encourage you to read the privacy and/or terms and conditions of any linked sites you click to, as their policies may differ from ours. Whilst we do our best to verify that all links on our site are functional and lead to websites which provide valuable information to our visitors, we accept no liability for any information gained from such links or actions you take as a result.

Due to legislative requirements in Tasmania you are not permitted to register as a caregiver or parent if you are offering or seeking childcare services in Tasmania.

WNAN has an absolute and unfettered discretion whether to accept or refuse any application for registration of a person as a user or as a caregiver and employees and owners of businesses in competition to WNAN will be refused registration on this website.

Members are not permitted to publish personal contact details including email address and phone numbers or any confidential information on their public profile or job posting. Please note this information is available to be seen by the public and you give us permission to publish it on our partner sites. By becoming a member you acknowledge that we may be compelled to disclose your personal details to any Government authority including the Australian Tax Office.

Any content that you transmit or post on the site, or otherwise transmit to any other member of the site by any other means, will be considered non-confidential. For security reasons, you will not be permitted to post any personal contact details or confidential details on your profile or job posting including links to Facebook (or other third party website).
We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to review any member's use of the site or to review any content transmitted or posted on the site or (where possible) transmitted to any member of the site by any other means.
Without limiting your responsibilities under these terms, we reserve the right to modify and/or remove any content that, in our opinion, violates these terms, is inappropriate or otherwise has the potential to harm, endanger or violate the rights of any person.

WNAN may offer limited-time free trial subscriptions to parents from time-to-time. Parents who sign up on a free trial subscription may have limited access to the features of the site. They can upgrade their subscription at anytime to access the full features of the site.

7 Day Free Trial Parent Subscription Explanation : The 7 day free trial parent subscription allows a parent to join and post a job ad on our site. They will be able to see the response rate, view the profiles of nannies who have sent them messages but won’t be able to read the content of the message or contact nannies until they pay by Upgrading their subscription.

By joining as a member you give permission for WNAN to email you with details of services and products from our sponsors. If you do not want to receive these offers you can login to your account and cancel it or click on "Edit my profile" and untick "Allow emails". You can also reply to the email with "Unsubscribe" and we will cancel your account for you.

Any advice that may be posted on the site or emailed to members is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, legal or other advice. WNAN makes no representations or warranties and expressly disclaims any and all liability concerning any treatment, action by, or effect on any person following the information offered or provided within or through the site. If you have specific concerns or a situation arises in which you require professional or medical advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified specialist.

This website is not to be used for commercial purposes without emailing

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. All content in this website is subject to copyright protection under the Copyright Act 1986 (Cth) and under international copyright treaties and is the property of


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