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How to find a well-qualified nanny, au pair, or babysitter...quickly, easily, and affordably

Sign up for our FREE 7-day trial and post a job on our website with your exact requirements and see what the response rate is like

If you don't receive any responses then you don't need to upgrade your subscription. If you do receive responses then you can choose to upgrade your subscription ( costs $75 ) which will allow you to read the messages you receive, reply to them and also send messages to any other nannies and babysitters on our database that suit you.

Parents who sign up for WE NEED A NANNY have a 90 per cent success rate finding a suitable au pair, nanny, or baby sitter. For seven days, beginning immediately, you can try We Need a Nanny absolutely free. Click here now to start your search

We've organized our service around parent feedback to make We Need a Nanny as easy to use as possible.

Eleven Great Reasons To Choose We Need A Nanny

Reason One
High Success Rate

90% of parents who join us find a great nanny or babysitter for their kids. The results speak for themselves. We Need a Nanny has thousands of happy parents and thousands of delighted nannies, au pairs, and babysitters. Meet members of the We Need a Nanny family here. Sign up for your FREE seven day trial here.

Reason Two
Ratings From Other Parents

We Need a Nanny provides an extremely advanced ratings system based on a combination of actual human feedback with advanced ratings metrics. We update the ratings weekly based on what other parents write...using key characteristics like how quickly they respond to inquiries from parents, how often they log in into our website PLUS police checks and references. During the seven day FREE trial, you get full access to the ratings.

Reason Three
Free Job Posting

With your paid subscription, you receive a FREE job posting on We Need a Nanny. Au pairs, babysitters, and nannies constantly search the postings and satisfied parents tell us it's a great way to find the best match for your family.

Reason Four
Biggest Database = Widest Selection

We've carefully built the largest, most up-to-date, and most detailed list of nannies, babysitters and au pairs in Australia. It currently includes more than 81,000 caregivers and the database grows every day. Each entry includes all the information you need to make an educated decision for your family.

Lindi - ( Bondi Junction ) - NSW. September 2010 wrote: "We have found a great Nanny through your service. She is experienced, professional and has offered fantastic references. I look forward to using your service when necessary again."

Reason Five
Meet Other Parents

One extremely popular part of our site is the online Community Parent Centre. Communicate with parents, ask questions about caregivers, and share ideas. Sign up here now.

Reason Six
All The Information You Need In One Place

Very quickly, you can learn what you need to know about your new au pair, babysitter, or nanny. Age...location...last log-in...references...availability of police check...driver's license...smoker or rate...pretty much everything you need to know before you schedule an interview. To see an example of a 'Nanny' page, take advantage of the FREE seven day trial here.

Reason Seven
Text A Good Candidate

We constantly work on enhancements and updates to We Need a Nanny to give you the easiest user experience AND the most updated information. We recently introduced a texting option...when you see a candidate profile you like, you can instantly TEXT the candidate.

Reason Eight
More Than Nannies

In addition to nannies, you'll find au pairs and babysitters. In many cities, just finding a babysitter on a Saturday night is a major achievement.

Reason Nine
Find A Caregiver Now

Sign up for the FREE seven day trial and post a job on our website with your exact requirements and see what the response rate is like. Sign up here now.

Reason Ten
Save Hundreds Over Traditional Services

Nanny agencies charge upwards of $800 to find you a fulltime nanny and take much longer than using this website. Sign up here now.

  1. Nanny agencies charge upwards of $20 every time you use their services for a babysitter. The babysitter belongs to them, and every time you want to use their services you need to go through the agency and pay their fees each time. There is usually a minimum 3 hour booking at rates that the agency sets. At no stage are you allowed to contact the babysitter directly. The whole process ends up costing a lot more and certainly takes a lot more time. We take out the “middle-man” and pass the time and cost savings onto you.
  2. Classified ads : Depending on where and how often you advertise, costs range from $50-$190 for one advertisement. You then must wait for the newspaper to go to print before answering the phone, writing down all the applicant’s details before deciding who to contact. If nothing comes of the first advertisement you must go through the whole process again. With this website you have 3 months unlimited access, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  3. Other websites. At $95 for 3 months we believe we have one of the lowest registration fees when you look at the large size of our database of carers. This is a one-off fee and your only other costs will be the rate of pay you negotiate with your caregiver.


Kate - ( Highett ) - Victoria. June 2010 wrote: "The nanny search has been extremely successful. I posted a job for caregivers at unusual hours with low expectations of responses and have received a number of excellent and very positive responses. Thanks for this fantastic service. It has genuinely saved me a lot of time and running around."

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Right now, thousands of nannies, au pairs, and babysitters are getting regular work, good pay, and plenty of enquiries from great families through a FREE listing on We Need a Nanny

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And receive messages from interested families instantly by email or text.

We Need a Nanny has become Australia's #1 way for nannies, au pairs, and babysitters to meet great parents actively searching for outstanding caregivers just like you.

If you're looking for a better position, a more convenient location, plus better pay and conditions, start right now by clicking here and joining. Your listing is absolutely free.

Frances - ( Manly ) - NSW. Sept 2010 wrote: "Just would like to let you know, I reactivated my account last Wednesday, had an interview set up for Saturday and had a new job by Sunday!!!!! Thank you very much. This is the second position that I have gained through this site.I hope to be just as happy in my new position as I am with the one I am moving from."

Nine Great Reasons For Caregivers To Choose We Need A Nanny

Reason One
Thousands Of Parents Looking Right Now

Every week, thousands of parents visit We Need a Nanny to help them find a nanny, au pair, or babysitter. When you join We Need a Nanny, they can find you quickly and easily.

Reason Two
Hundreds Of Job Postings

Each parent who subscribes to We Need a Nanny receives a free job posting. Join We Need a Nanny now and you can instantly access these job postings...parents who are looking for you!

Reason Three

On Australia's #1 caregiver site, you're more likely to find the most convenient working hours, the best rates, and you can choose the family that's the best fit.

Reason Four
Get The Best Position For You

On We Need a Nanny, find the best match for your personality.

Vicki - ( Laidley Heights ) - QLD. October 2009 wrote: "I got a babysitting job in Lowood through We need a Nanny and it was great. A little 2 year old boy and we hit it off straight away. There will be more babysitting required soon."

Reason Five
Make Yourself Look Even Better!

You control your profile on We Need a Nanny. Update your profile. Add information. Add references. Make yourself stand out from the competition.

Reason Six
Speed...Familes Can Text You

Because We Need a Nanny quickly provides all the key information to parents, including access to police background checks, parents get all the information they need quickly. In fact, many parents choose the texting option and you could get a text instantly. Register today for We Need a Nanny and you could be working tomorrow.

Reason Seven
Get To The Front Of The Queue

Upgrade your listing for a small fee and you'll be among the first in the area that parents see when they search.

Reason Eight
Find a Job Now

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