How To Write A Great Nanny Job Application

To help you on your journey to finding the best caregiving role for you, we’ve put together some of our top tips for writing the perfect nanny job application.

When you apply for a nanny job on We Need A Nanny, your first contact with a parent will likely be a message on the site’s secure messaging platform. Some nannies also choose to text a parent directly with SMS credits.

Either way, your job application is your very first impression as a nanny, so it’s very important. It may determine whether or not the parent wants to get to know you!

1. Reference the advertised position

When applying for a job, make sure you reference the job ad in your application. Too many nannies will message and simply ask if the job is available, which is not a great first impression.

Parents respond well to messages where the nanny has introduced themselves and explained why they are applying for their advertised role. It’s a good idea to then outline how your experience and personality would make you suitable for the position, and highlight sections of your profile or CV for the parent to review.

Whatever you do, don’t use the same opening message for every parent! A tailored application shows you have a strong interest not just in nannying, but in working for that particular family. It needs to feel personalised.

Include as many details of the ad as possible to show that you are an ideal candidate. This will give you a big advantage over other nannies who are also applying.

2. Give examples of your experience

Rather than just listing your experience, you could enhance your application by including a description of previous families you have worked for, or child-caring roles you’ve done.

The more specific you can be, the better. So instead of saying “I cared for a family with two boys”, why not include a list of the duties you did with the family, and include stories about your time together? Parents want to know how you will care for their children, so what better way than sharing stories of your previous experience that relate to their family?

It’s also great to share your skills and experience that may not specifically relate to child care but would make you a great nanny for kids. Things like playing musical instruments, or a love for the outdoors, or a knack for creative arts.

If you include these in your message and other nannies don’t, then parents will like your application more!


3. Be honest

The worst thing you can do in your application is mislead a parent when you apply for a job. Parents have very clear requirements about what their family needs in a nanny, so not being open and honest in your application will hurt your chances of getting the job.

If a parent says they need help on Mondays and Tuesdays, do not apply if you know you can only work on Thursdays and Fridays. When providing references, do not just use family and friends. Parents want to hear from your previous employers, and not providing references will likely make parents more wary of your application.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with highlighting your strengths. If you have been told many times that you are organised and efficient, say so. If you are passionate about always being on time, mention that too. Just do not make claims you know are false. Being a nanny is all about trust, so it’s important to start your application with a strong foundation.

4. Some final tips

To summarise, your message should clearly say why you are applying for a role, what you’ve done previously that makes you suitable, and clearly explains your availability and relevant details.

Above all, you need to be enthusiastic, positive and polite, and you must be genuine. Parents want to hear in your application why you love being a nanny, why you want to work for them, and what makes you the right fit for their beautiful family.

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