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Nannies, Here’s What Parents Really Want

If you are looking for a wonderful family to help raise their beautiful children, we’re here to help. 

We’ve interviewed over one hundred families that have an amazing relationship with their nanny, and we know what they really like. 

Each family has different needs, but there are a few basics most families expect. And while a family is looking for a nanny that’s the right fit for them, it’s just as important to know if the family is the right fit for you!


Here’s what families want in a nanny:

Trust and respect

Many of the families that we interviewed put trust at the top of their list of a great nanny. Trust comes with honesty and respect. If you are honest and respectful, trust will develop naturally between you, the children, and the parents. 

To foster trust, some of the things that the parents expect from you are: 

  • Ensuring you meet what’s expected of you
  • Not letting other people or friends into the house unless you have permission beforehand
  • Being respectful of the family’s privacy
  • Owning up to mistakes; nobody’s perfect, so admitting when something goes wrong helps foster trust. 
  • Giving the family space and ensuring the parents have plenty of time to spend with their kids
  • Asking the parents about what to do if their child is misbehaving. Remember that discipline styles differ between families. 

A big heart

Parents using We Need A Nanny want a nanny that cares for their children as much as they do. By being attentive and caring toward the child, your bond will grow with the family. 

Show enthusiasm for the child’s development, teach them new things, encourage their laughter, and above all ensure the children are happy and safe. 

Being flexible

If you can be flexible with your time, it will be greatly appreciated. Outlining this when you are interviewed is important as many families will expect a little flexibility, especially if you are providing live-in care.

If you are flexible, the parents are more likely to be flexible with you when you need it. 

  • Always be mindful when times are more stressful, like when kids need to get ready for school. 
  • Make things easy for the family after work by asking what can be done for the parents before they arrive home. 
  • Offer to look after the kids on a weekend – parents cherish alone time as well. 
  • Sometimes parents need space, so offer to take the kids for an outing with their permission. 

If you show that you are willing to go the extra mile, the parents will see that you are adaptable, that you care, and that you want to contribute to the family’s overall needs and comfort. Always remember that you are entitled to payment for your time, so if you are working longer hours than agreed to in the contract, you must let the parents know and renegotiate the terms to ensure you receive fair remuneration. 

Hearing about their kids

Parents love to hear all about what their kids and their day! Share what you’re doing with the children as much as you can. Perhaps the kids did something outstanding, or they may be experiencing a particular challenge. Be sure to provide frequent updates on what’s happening, regardless of how small it may be, because parents love it. 

Here are some great ways to share your day with parents:

  • Keep a diary or notebook of things that you do or places you visit
  • Take photos of the children through the day to share with the parents (with their permission)
  • Ask the parents what they’d like to know about their children and provide feedback on how the children have behaved. 

Parents like to know how their children are developing, the adventures they are having and how they are doing when they aren’t around. Sharing your day will demonstrate to the parents how much their family means to you. 

Becoming a part of the family

Parents simply want the best for their children. Be open, caring, sharing and trustworthy, and before you know it, you will become an important part of the family.

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