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  • Janine - 59 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Dec-2019

    Hello, I am Janine live in Cherrybrook and am diploma trained, I have lived in Cherrybrook for over 25 years and always worked locally. I love children and would love an opportunity to meet you and your family. I have a wwc, first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis certificates and a gold license all current. I would love to take your children on outtings to the local library, the park and other fun activities in the area. I am Australian born and have two grown boys who live out of home, I love this area and love to explore. I look forward to hearing from you, I am available Monday to Friday regards Janine

  • Maddy - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Dec-2019

    Hi, my name is Madeleine however, feel free to call me Mads or Maddy! I am currently 17 years old and looking to babysit in Sydney. I love spending time with children and would like to start my first years of my career life, working with young ones before progressing to something new. I do have some hands on experience like taking care of a robotic baby for 3 days (required for a course I study) and I've looked after real children from ages 1 month to about 8 years old. I also have completed work experience at a local daycare / preschool for 5 days, where I studied how children play, eat and socially interact. I study a course in high school called Exploring Early Chiodhood, which teaches you about anything related to pregnancy, babies, young children and everything in between. I am proudly ranked first in my class and my teachers would love to see me progress into more physical experiences such as babysitting, as they think i have the potential. I also love animals and cooking, so if you need me to cook or look after the family pets, I will gladly do so :)

  • Sofia - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Nov-2019

    A fun loving, dedicated nanny/babysitter willing to help families in need of extra help with children

  • Caileigh - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Nov-2019

    Hi, my name is Caileigh, Im from South Africa, but I get to call Australia home now. I absolutely love working with children of all ages, being able to be part of the milestones they make in life brings me great joy! I have over 10 years experience with newborns to teens, babysitting, au pairing, and being a nanny, I have worked in the USA and South Africa and would love to be your part time/ full time nanny and get to know your family.

  • Toula - 56 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Nov-2019

    I’m a 55 year old mother of two grown up children who is looking for a babysitter position as I love children and miss the day to day routine of bringing up young children. I feel that I would excel in this environment as I have done a lot of babysitting for family and friends alike. I am a nurturing energetic, fun loving and responsible person who believes in positive parenting and am very much looking forward to working with like minded parents.

  • Nawal - 60 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Nov-2019

    I am a qualified childcare work with a diploma in children services, i have 15 years experience working with children, 13 years in a daycare center and 2 years nannying, I have cared for 0-12 year old children. I have 5 children of my own all grown up, and a grandmother. I am a fun loving person and find it easy to build a great relationship with both parents and children. I have a current First Aid certificate and had previously owned my own daycare center.

  • Bridget - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Nov-2019

    My name is Bridget, I am currently 20 years of age and a law student at Macquarie university. I am bright, bubbly and always up for a laugh. I am the 3rd eldest of 9 siblings, which has granted me responsibility and people skills that I couldn�t imagine obtaining anywhere else. In my spare time I enjoy exercising, reading and cooking, with baking is my go-to choice of procrastination. I am a self-diagnosed workaholic and will never leave a task half-done. I have worked a magnitude of varying jobs for my age, as I have had minimum 2 jobs at a time since the age of 14, with this propelling my time and task management skills. Babysitting as a job has always been a constant, caring for children across all ages. I am the go-to nanny for all the parents within my street, and I often travel to the city to babysit in hotels or to weddings with families to care for their babies who are still breast-feeding and cannot stay with someone. All my cousins have their new-borns also and being the young adult with the most maternal instinct out of myself and my siblings, I am constantly asked to help out the new parents when they deserve a night out. I am well experience with all the needs of caring for babies, from nappies to feeding, I have it down pact. I have also cared for youngsters with special needs, as well as currently caring for 19-year-old girl whom I am the sole carer for. I am happy to help with meal preparation (my cooking skills come in handy here), cleaning, grooming and all emotional development needs of your children. I do drive and have my own manual car. I am currently on my green Ps but have my fulls license test booked for next week. As most of my babysitting/caring duties have been quite casual, they are not on my resume (besides my current caring as I work through the NDIS), but I hope I have given you an insight into what I am capable of. All my other jobs have also had interactions with children - from throwing parties at McDonalds within my time there to entertaining kids who are a little frightened in the dental chair. I know that I am great with kids and absolutely adore their company.

  • Tash - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Oct-2019

    Hi! I'm Tash ☺️ I currently live with my husband, dad and pupper. but hoping to get pregnant in a year or two. Until I have my own kiddos, I'd absolutely love to help yours grow in every way I can. My main passion is helping improve people's lives, which is why I work as a personal trainer specialising in biomechanics, movement, pain elimination and overall quality of life. I have been working with kids, mostly in primary schools, for 3 years, teaching gymnastics and athletics. It's super fun, but I'd like to have more of an influence on their lives outside of a 40 minute class once a week. I have a few adult siblings, plus a 6yo sister and a 2yo brother.. They're insane but I absolutely love spending time with them! (though they live 1.5hrs away so I don't see them enough). I have alooot of hobbies! I love dancing, rock climbing, bushwalking, cooking, gardening, tennis, puppy hugging, leaning/studying, travelling, sleeping on the grass... I'd love to be your kid's friend, role model, chef, teacher, fitness trainer, driver... Essentially I'd love to help them grow up to be amazing 😊

  • Brianna - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Sep-2019

    I have a 3 month old baby and looking to do some part time nannying as well. I have previously worked in the disabilities service and real estate industry. I also am a piano teacher in the evening once a week. I am looking for a family that is easy going, i love taking kids to the park, local swimming pool, and mothers group/playgroup activities.

  • Gina - 56 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Sep-2019

    Dynamic, experienced Nanny looking for part time work. I am an Occuaptional Therapist who has extensive experience with children ( including raising 4 of my own). I am passionate about keeping children active, engaged and happy! I am opposed to children sitting on electronic devices (it's ok for short periods!) and want all children to eat healthy food and have joy in their young lives. I have an excellent driving record and have my own Audi 4WD. I am Keen to support a young family with raising their children.

  • Sheila - 57 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Sep-2019

    I am responding to the employment opportunity that you have listed in your website. I feel that my background in caring for both my blind sister and granddaughter for several years will deem me fit for the position. I am currently holding Bridging Visa A (Spouse). I am currently studying Business Administration (Medical), an online program offered by Wesley Institute of Training. Along with my passion for learning, I would like to offer my services as I have a soft spot for children and I find it a joy simply being around them. After my mother passed away in 2007, I was given the responsibility to take care of my sister Jean, who was born blind. I was her constant companion and carer as she had diabetes and had to be constantly monitored. My granddaughter was also under my care from the time she was brought home from the hospital until she turned 6 years old. In addition to my experience, I have a solid educational foundation and have a passion for helping and nurturing children. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your childrens growth and development. Please accept this letter and resume as evidence of my interest in applying for this position. Thank you very much for your time.

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