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  • Mar F - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Nov-2019
    I am Mar, a 23 years old student who will be living and enjoying Sydney. I'm possess high energy levels and an ability to develop close relationships with children. I am a well mannered and reponsible person with interest in kids and their development. I have been babysitting in Spain while I was studying pharmacy, taking care of the same family (kids are 4 years-old twins and 2-years-old boy). So I have experience in babies and young children.

  • Michelle E - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Nov-2019
    I startet Babysitting when I was 16 years old. When I was 20, I moved to England for a year and worked as an Aupair in Manchester. I also did an internship in a School for deaf children and worked in a Kindergarten with disabled children. Beyond all my work experience with children, and no less important, is all the volunteering I did back in Germany (hospital, working with disabled adults and children , soup kitchen), that gave me an huge background providing me important tools to deal with every day life and to be more capable of managing my own life, choices and my plans for the future. On a personal level, I am born in Germany and recently moved to Sydney. Before I came to Australia I traveled through Thailand and Indonesia, managing everything by my own. I am a native German speaker, fluent in English. P.S.: Feel free to ask me any kind of question that comes into your mind. Everything I might not have now, I can learn or catch up with.

  • Jessica R - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Nov-2019
    Hi there, Im Jess and I come from Dublin in Ireland. I travelled to Australia in 2014 when I was just 18 years old to live and work for 2 years. Almost 5 years later Im still here enjoying every moment. When i first came to Sydney I started to care for 4 children in Bondi aged 2,4,6 and 8. I loved my job so much. Each morning I would get the kids up and ready for school, take them to school (walk because i cannot drive), and care for the other two little ones, I'd bring them to the beach, park, arrange play dates with their friends, read to them, teach them new things suitable for their age. I collected children from school, help with their homework, heat up their dinner, get a bath ready, have story time, and get them ready for bed. I done all the house work in between, Laundry, Ironing, cleaning up after the day, dishes, making sure kids lunch is ready for the next day. I have plenty experience with working children since a young age. I am currently a casual nanny to a 6year old girl since last August. I am also about to start studying Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I've always wanted to work with children its my passion and it makes me so happy to be around children watching them grow each day. I am very reliable, kids come first always for me, they are my priority. I enjoy the feeling of knowing the parents appreciate everything us nanny's do for their family. Its rewarding. I am available for whatever you need. Mornings,evenings, overnight. Thanks for taking the time to read my short story. Jess P.s as i am about to start college again in 2 weeks, I will work my work schedule around my study timetable.

  • Camila Belen S - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Nov-2019
    I am an Argentinian hard worker who arrives in Sydney in early October to find job opportunities. As I have worked in different positions, I would like to apply to jobs suitable for me. I have worked for more than six years babysitting different children. I have taken care from 6 month to 5 years old both girls and boys. I love kids and I like to play with them. I am used to invent games and songs to have fun together.

  • Maren S - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Nov-2019
    Hi my name is Maren, I am 28 years old and I am from Germany, I am on a Working Holiday Visa and have been in the country for three weeks. I have 10 years experience working with children, in 2009-2011 I started my first education as a childcare assistant and my secondary education as a nursery school teacher from 2014 - 2018, during this time I worked fulltime in child care. I have worked for five years with children from 3 - 7 years old and five years with children from 1 - 3 years old, from 2017 - 2019 I was the team leader of the group. I know how the psychology of young children works and know how to deal with any types of their behavior. I have younger siblings that I helped to look after whilst growing up and I have two nieces that are 3 and 6 years old and I look after them every other week. I am a warmhearted person who loves children in general and to work with children would be fantastic. I am willing to do housework or anything else around the house and available to work full-time from Monday to Sunday. In my spare time I usually meet my friends and do activities with them. I like to read books, cycle, go for a walk or listen to music. I would be happy to hear back from you and your family. Best regards, Maren

  • Aline P - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Nov-2019
    Hello how are you? My name is Aline I am Brazilian and before coming to Sydney, I worked with children in Brazil since 2013 in schools, clinics and residences. I am graduated in Pedagogy, postgraduate in Psychopedagogy and postgraduate in Education of people with autism spectrum disorder, contributions of Applied Behavior Analysis.   I love children, I have enough experience, patience and a lot of love! I love to play together, teach new things and spend time with them! I also performed daily life activities with the child such as personal hygiene and food. I would love to be part of your family and make a difference in your life, I have great references and I can send you the phone to get in touch, I have some pictures of my work with the kids. I study in the morning, but only from 8:30 to 14:30, so that the time is perfect, I am available to study in another period if necessary! I'll be in Sydney by May 2020, so it would be great to work with your family. Hope you get in touch, thank you for your attention.

  • Lisa-marie D - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Nov-2019
    Dear parents I'm Lisa-Marie, a German backpacker. Since my adolescence i work with children. That's why I studied social work. I accompanied and designed class trips during my youth and my studies. The last two years I have been working with families, children and youth. It gives me a lot to make children happy and to help families. I am looking forward to meeting you and your family. Your Lisa-Marie

  • Jennifer A - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Nov-2019
    I am a responsible babysitter with experience caring for children from 2 months to 6 years old. I love taking care of the children. I am sweet, reliable, energetic and can play with the kids, take the kids to the park and playground. I can read stories and help with the home work or other activities. I can help with basic or light meals for children. Above all, I always ensure the kids safety at all times while they are enjoying and having fun. It's a happy place to live and I always want to see kids' happy faces.

  • Elizabeth D - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Nov-2019
    Hi! My name is Liz. I am a bubbly & energetic 29 year old musician with almost 10 years of childcare & nannying work under my belt. I have worked at two different Childcare Centres in Sydney, and as a nanny for multiple families from the age of 19-24 until my music career took me overseas. I have recently moved to Sydney & am looking for some casual or part time nannying work, and would love to look after your children! Besides music, my passion is working with kids! I�ve absolutely loved caring for & working with kids over the years and being a part of their early development has genuinely been one of the most awesome & rewarding times in my life. I have worked with kids of all ages from newborns - 12 years old. I am assertive and very self aware. I am flexible & adaptable to every child�s needs & also to your methods of parenting, knowing there isn�t a one size fits all approach. I am especially passionate about nurturing creativity in children so I am very inventive & enthusiastic when it comes to entertaining them & keeping them busy! Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish to obtain a resume and some references from my previous childcare jobs. Hope to hear from you soon. Liz

  • Bec S - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Nov-2019
    Hi, my name’s Bec, I'm currently studying at University to become an engineer. I really love kids and I (tend to) get along well with them both as a friend and as an authority figure. I'm a very caring and empathetic individual, treating kids as my capable and clever equals, never speaking down to them or condescending. My unwavering patience and initiative are definitely two of my strengths. I'm up for anything - I spent a lot of the last 5 years helping a lovely couple juggle their newborn twins, getting plenty of experience caring for two rowdy kiddos and their older sibling.

  • Sitti A - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Oct-2019
    I really like children. I like playing with them. I have many nieces and nephews, all of whom are cared for. I will take care of your child, like my own niece. I can overcome the problems that exist in children. I have strong stamina. Cheers ;)

  • Sisilia W - 37 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Oct-2019
    Hi, I am Sisilia from Indonesia. I am currently studying in Early Childhood Education and Care. I am in the first year of taking Certificate III and will study until Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.I will have the First-Aid and CPR lesson in the next 2 weeks, and would be given the certificate as well. I had 3 years experiences in teaching Primary students as Teacher's Assistants and Room Leader for G1-3 in an International School in Jakarta, Indonesia. I had 3 year experiences as a private Chinese Tutor. I can speak Indonesian, English, Chinese, and basic Korean. I got Bachelor Degree in English Education in Jakarta, Indonesia and Master in Teaching Chinese As A Second Language in Beijing, China. I am very passionate about being a teacher, especially for little children. Hopefully I would get a chance to work with them again. Thank you for reading and for your consideration. I am looking forward to hear from you.

  • Hannah Y - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Oct-2019
    I am a 22 yr old traveller from California. I am very family-oriented, being the youngest of six. All of my siblings have children (ranging from 0-5 yrs old) and I have babysat most of my nieces and nephews, as well as lived with two of them. I believe that watching a child should not be seen as a job. They deserve love and understanding to help them grow everyday and enjoy life.

  • Hannah S - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 15-Oct-2019
    I am a trained and qualified primary school teacher from New Zealand with two and a half years experience teaching Year 2-3. My partner and I have recently moved to Sydney and I am doing some casual teaching work during term time but keen for more childcare/nanny/household help full time during the holidays, when appropriate in the evenings as a babysitter or even one full day a week if desired. Before becoming a teacher I had a year as a live in Au pair for a family of three, aged 8, 10 and 12. I held many responsibilities including cooking dinners, pick-ups and drop-offs, homework help, practising sports with the kids, walking the dog as well as a range of household jobs for the mother. I believe I communicate well and have positive relationships with children to ensure they are looked after, feel safe and have fun.

  • Tarah M - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Oct-2019
    I have been looking after my nieces and friends children for the last 15 years, I am 31 and originally from England. I have a lot of patience and experience around youngsters, I am a very creative person and love to entertain with fun things to do rather than planting them in front of a tv screen. I can cook and take them out or just keep them in the comfort of their own home. I am also happy to help around the house and do any adhoc jobs if needed.

  • Sujeong L - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 06-Oct-2019
    I am from Korea. I have worked at a child care center in Korea and Australia I have an Australian child care certi 3, WWCC, First aid.

  • Molly H - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 30-Sep-2019
    Although I'm of a young age I have completed and received my Certificate II in Hospitality and First Aid Certificate while at school at Loreto Normanhurst, finished year 12 at said school, completed the Higher School Certificate with included ATAR and have recently been accepted into the University of NSW doing a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons). I have had 2 years previous experience working in a restaurant (The Station Street Bistro) as a barista and waitress and am therefore capable of working under pressure, working with a team and have developed great social skills. My experience working with children is limited other than the occasional babysitting job for family/friends and having twin cousins under the age of 10 who I have looked after since they were babies by changing their nappies, feeding them, taking them out to the park or to lunch and socialising with them for educational purposes and for pleasure. I am more than happy to assist in household work in order to make it easier for families and to support their everyday needs. I however, am leaving to travel around Europe for 6 months on the 27th of March and am unsure how required a temporary nanny would be until a long-term candidate was found. I would love the opportunity to work with your family and gain more experience in this field of work in order to advance my skills within a household environment and with children. Thank you for your time!

  • Isabel R - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Sep-2019
    I’m patient and good with children. I’m quite independent but also find teamwork to be as important. I adapt easily to new atmospheres and I am quite resolutive. I have good communication skills and I’m respectful and easy to talk to. For the past year, I have worked as an English teacher for children in my hometown in Spain. I went once a week to their house and, for an hour, we would practise English through games and fun activities. I first started with one nine year old boy but soon his mom recommended me to her other friends and I ended up teaching in three different houses. In summer, some of these moms asked me to babysit their children, so I have also experience with babysitting. I have also volunteered in a summer camp as one of the leaders. Lastly, a friend of my parents hired me to prepare fun school oriented activities for her granddaughter. She found school very hard and was not motivated. With a lot of patience and well oriented activities, she started to feel different and is now happily starting school. Her grandmother kindly wrote a reference letter for me.

  • Marie O - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Sep-2019
    ⭐️British nanny with over 10 years experience working with children⭐️ Over the years I have 🌸worked in nurseries 🌸nannied for a number of families. 🌸daytime/overnight babysitting 🌸gone on holiday with the families 🌸I also worked for a company called all events childcare where we covered many counties across the UK, our services included ⭐️slumber party ⭐️private and hotel babysitting ⭐️one to one childcare supervisions at Weddings ⭐️mobile crche. Outstanding references on request

  • Juliana M - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Sep-2019
    Hi! My name is Juliana and I'm 22 years old. I'm a responsible, respectful, flexible, careful and affectionate girl with children. At the same time, it is easy for me to find solutions or alternatives when there are problems. -I'm from Colombia and I have a psychology degree. I possess knowledge and experience in building socio-emotional interactions with children. Also, I have abilities in creating fun, engaging, and educational activities while demonstrating a priority for children’s safety and well-being. -At this moment, I'm an English student from ILCS institution. I'm studying in the mornings, then I can be available every afternoon from Monday to Friday. Also, I can work on weekends and holidays. -Although my English is fluency, I want to continue improving it. There is nothing better than learning and perfecting a language when you play and have fun with children. -I wish to work as a Babysitter to be able to finance and save some expenses for my stay in Sydney. -On the other hand, I have the permit to work with children WWCC. Please contact me if you want to know me or if have any questions or doubts! 0424064272 (+57) 3194194628

  • Ruby M - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Sep-2019
    If you are looking for someone with experience in not only looking after children, but also has a passion with assisting the growth and flourishing of children, then look no further! Since 13 I have worked consistently with children aged 1-18. Most of my one-on-one experience being through volunteering services at my local church (youth groups and children's church). Last year I also worked as a mentor and facilitator of a program helping disadvantaged young girls find their purpose and value in life. I've seen first hand how crucial this stage of life is for a child's ability to grow, mature and flourish in significant ways. This is my passion, to look after kids, enjoy time with them, build a genuine relationship and assist them in this vital stage of their life. I would love to invest into your family, learn about your values, seek to fit into your ways of teaching, guiding, playing and supervision, only adding good things to your family's life. I'll be more than happy and equipped to also cook meals, do light cleaning, organising, travelling and activities to support the lives you live as parents.

  • Wonwoo J - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 29-Aug-2019
    Hello, I’m WonwooJung. My nick name is Emma. I’m Korean. I don’t Speak English very well. But I love babies and I’ve taken care of my younger brothers. So I’m confident in babysitting.

  • Katel F - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2019
    French girl. Smiling, serious. I was a nurse in France. Love spending time with children

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