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  • Sarah - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Dec-2019

    Hi my name is Sarah I’m currently a babysitter to 2 families. Jobs include: School/kinder pickup and drop off Cooking Cleaning/household jobs Engaging with the children Bath time/getting them ready for bed Taking them to the park/library Looking to move to Melbourne at the start of the 2020

  • Jaspreet - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Dec-2019

    Jaspreet I have completed my bachelor's degree

  • Jasmine - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Dec-2019

    Hi there! My name is Jasmine. I am 19 years old and located in Ringwood, VIC. I am looking to be a day nanny for a family, either part time or full time during weekdays. I am the eldest of 4 children, and have more than 4 years experience working with over 8 other families. The children of these families have ranged in age from babies through to young teenagers. These jobs have required me to provide varied care suitable to each different family, and deal with many situations. I feel that I have the skills, capabilities and intuition to provide the best care for your family. I am confident in my ability to create a fun, safe and nurturing environment to encourage children to blossom and grow. After initial contact, my resume can be made available with detailed information on my work history, skills and other important information that will help you get to know me. I am a creative person, and you will always find me doing something crafty and trying a new DIY project! In life, I place a lot of importance on the values of trust, loyalty and consideration. I have a probationary driver’s license (obtained October 2018), but I do not own my own car as yet. Because of this I am looking for a fairly local job that I can either walk, ride or catch public transport to. I hope to hear from you soon! Best wishes, Jasmine

  • Leah - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Dec-2019

    I'm currently studying Bachelor of early childhood and have 5 years experience in child care, in ages ranging from 3-14 years. I have first aid, asthma, anaphylaxis, CPA training, working with children's card and happy to get a police check. I look forward to meeting and talking to you.

  • Sammi - 34 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Nov-2019

    I'm animal friendly person, treat everything with love, tidy, organize and trustworthy.

  • Hannah - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Nov-2019

    Hi there, My name is Hannah, I’d be very interested in being a nanny/ babysitter for your family. I am currently in Mexico with YWAM which is a mission school and I will be returning home towards the end of November. So I’ll be coming back really soon and I’m searching for a job that I can work over the holidays. Being here in Mexico I’ve been doing a lot of kids ministry and I’ve realized that I love being with kids and feel that kids can be impacted by people they look up to. I want to work with kids so that I can help them grow and be there to have fun with them. I have a lot of energy but I’m also very responsible and look forward to the challenge of working with kids. I’m also really happy to do any other extra house cleaning things or food preparing if needed! I grew up in a large family as well so through that I was also always surrounded by kids and I had to babysit quite a lot as well. Definitely excited for any type of flexibility or things that may be required. Let me know Regards, Hannah

  • Phoebe - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Oct-2019

    Hello, I am currently in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Primary Education at Swinburne University. I am passionate about caring for and teaching kids and have experience with both early childhood and primary aged children.

  • Rachel - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Oct-2019

    I am a kind and caring individual who absolutely loves to help and care for others!

  • Brittany - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Oct-2019

    In response to the recent advertisement online it is with much enthusiasm that I submit my resume to you. Essentially, I am a hard-working and caring individual who is at their best in an energetic, fast-paced work environment and is always willing to go that extra mile. I am highly motivated and adaptable, bubbly, energetic, funny and loveable with the capabilities to work dependently. I have highlighted my previous experience in babysitting roles. This experience has given me the necessary confidence and skill set to fulfil your requirements. I have a friendly manner and enjoy interacting and being around children and adults. I respect that professionalism within your home is important to you and believe I will be a valuable addition to your family. I have experience looking after the wellbeing and health of young children from newborn up to 10 years of age. I believe the combination of my experience in a diverse range of work environments and my genuine passion for providing excellent service would see me become an integral member of your family. I have completed my first aid course and have a working with childrens check. I have sent off for a police check and am studying Child Care and Professional Nanny Training with the Suzan Johnston Academy part time. Please contact my references as additional support for my application. If you require anything further please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Brittany

  • Priscilla - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Sep-2019

    I am a bright, energetic 25 year old with a love for music, travelling, the outdoors, sport, making people laugh, smile and helping them to be the best they can be! My passion definitely lies in working/caring for youth and children. I grew up in a big family, and love being constantly surrounded by babies, children and teens! I am big on hugs and I love to have fun and play games with the younger kids (Hide and seek, Tiggy, Make-Believe, Dress ups, Arts and crafts or sports) but i also know when rules need to be followed or enforced. I have worked in a high school as a counsellor, worked on multiple camps for over 100 kids aged 9-17 and I have 7 years sitting experience with children aged 6 months - 7 years. I also have 8 nieces and nephews under the age of 8 (Including 4yr twin girls so i don't get overwhelmed and am good at caring for multiple children at one time). I am ready to go very early in the morning, and I NEVER run out of energy. I am happy to answer any questions you may have at any time. I also have a working with children check, a police check, my drivers license (and own car) and a Diploma in Community Services/Youth Work and am first aid qualified. Feel free to contact me via email and am happy to arrange a meeting or over the phone contact. Thankyou for your consideration =)

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