Discovering The Advantages Of Nanny Jobs With Travel

Discovering the Advantages of Nanny Jobs with Travel

When envisioning a nanny job, many people think of a nanny caring for children at the family’s home. However, there are unique types of nanny jobs available today. One of those unique nanny jobs is nanny jobs with travel. 

This job description is not something that you will find very often. Discovering the advantages of nanny jobs with travel may entice many nannies to consider this field.

Being a travel nanny is an exciting and rewarding child care job. However, it does come with some challenges.

What are Travel Nannies or Vacation Nannies?

In a nutshell, a travel nanny is a childcare professional hired to accompany a family on their trips or vacations out of town. Trips could essentially entail vacations or business trips out of town or even overseas. 

Many parents work remotely and want their children to experience the world. Additionally, parents may require a nanny on their vacation trips. 

Travel nannies work in this specific role during vacation seasons or all year around. They ideally help parents who need some quality time as a couple or those who are working. Travel nannies provide childcare on trips and ensure that children enjoy the best possible travel experiences

What is Expected of Nannies that Travel

There are quite a few unique responsibilities and expectations of nannies who travel. Not only are they responsible for caring for their children, but they also need to ensure that the children are safe and cared for while on the go. 

Travel nannies are usually required to accompany the family on vacations, business trips or certain events. This may even include extended stays in various locations.

Nannies are expected to adapt to different schedules and environments. Thus, it may not be as easy as it looks. Additionally, nannies who travel are expected to assist with packing and organising the children’s belongings for the trip. They must be very flexible and adaptable, as well as able to handle the challenges that come with travelling.

These nannies often must be prepared for unexpected situations, and they must be resourceful in finding solutions for these situations. Things like travel logistics, booking flights, arranging transportation, and ensuring all the necessary documents are in order. Often, they are also responsible for planning and organising activities for children during long trips or vacations.

These nannies must maintain a sense of routine and structure for the children during these trips and in unfamiliar surroundings. Overall, they play a crucial role in providing a safe and enriching experience for the children while they are away from home.

Although every travel nanny job placement is unique, there are a few common travel nanny duties and services that can be provided in this role:

  • They need to create itineraries for the children.
  • They must arrange meals for the children.
  • They must ensure children get proper naps and stick to their sleep schedules.
  • Nannies must keep children entertained while the parents are busy.
  • They are required to supervise children when they are at the beach, pool, or sightseeing attractions.
  • Travel nannies must be available 24/7 and are usually live-in nannies.

Examples of Travel Nanny Services and Jobs

Travel nanny jobs are anything but boring. The various types of nanny jobs offer travel opportunities. Some families may require nannies to accommodate them during vacations and provide care for the children while the parents enjoy some time away. Other nannies may need to accompany the family to different destinations for work.

Whether for business purposes or on vacation, these destinations often include tropical resorts, ski resorts or cultural landmarks. In the case of business trips, the nanny is responsible for caring for the children while the parents attend their meetings and events. 

Some families even require a full-time travel nanny with the nanny’s primary role being to provide care to the children, while the family is travelling to different locations for extended periods of time.

These are just a few examples of the many diverse nanny jobs that all include travelling.

Various types of nanny jobs offer travel opportunities. Some families may require a nanny to travel with them on vacations to provide care for the children while the parents enjoy their time off. 

High Profile and Famous Family Nannies

One of the most typical nanny jobs that include plenty of travelling is, of course, nannying for high-profile and famous families. While nannies provide every child and every family with the highest level of professional care and nanny in the case of a high-profile family, there are many extra considerations. When you are working for a famous family, you are always going to be with a parent who has a public profile.

There are a few considerations before attempting nannying for a famous or high-profile family:


Firstly, you need these candidates to be super adaptable and ready for long working hours. These nannies are full-time employees, and they need candidates to be adaptable to their time and their care. They are there to support both the parents and the children.


Nannies for high-profile families will often travel with a family for work and holidays. These trips can happen at a moment’s notice, and the nanny needs to be prepared to leave the home for an extended period. Keep in mind a holiday for the family is not necessarily a holiday for the nanny. The primary role of the nannies is to care for their children, just as they would at home.

This doesn’t mean that the nannies won’t have some time off to enjoy themselves. They still have their own space and time to recharge. However, while travelling with the family, the children are their number one priority.

Rotating Rosters

Often these families need the services and assistance of the nannies at all hours of the day. Their roles can be filled with a rotating roster of other nannies. The family may have several nannies on their roster, each that provides support for a certain number of weeks, and then can take some time off when another nanny takes over.

The Public Eye

Privacy and security are valuable for every family, and even more so for high-profile families. Thus, nannies want to always ensure the safety of the children under their care. High-profile families receive a much higher level of public attention. 

This also, unfortunately, means that the children may receive unwanted attention that can threaten their safety. So, nannies working for high-profile families must be comfortable and able to work in environments where there is higher security required.

Working with Service Providers

High-profile families may require nannies that can work alongside other service providers. These include cleaners, chefs, gardeners, and personal assistants. The nanny needs to maintain a positive working relationship and professionalism in the household. 

However, they must do so at arm’s length. Still, the primary role of the nanny is to support the development of the children, and they must be loyal to the parents above all. 

Keep in mind every role and every family is unique and special. So regardless of the fame of the family, they are still parents who want the best for their children. They expect a high level of care for their family and support for their children.

Advantages of Nanny Jobs with Travel

If you are considering a nanny job with travel, it is quite an interesting field with many new opportunities for an adventurous individual. So, let’s explore some of the many benefits:

Flexible Work Schedule

One of the biggest benefits of nanny jobs with travelling is the flexibility in their work schedules. The flexibility is especially beneficial for those individuals who would like to explore new destinations and experience different cultures while they work. 

So, whether you prefer to work part-time or full-time, you can easily find a nanny job that will fit your desired schedule. You can balance your work and personal life effectively, and make it easier to pursue your travel aspirations. 

You have more opportunities to explore new places, experience different cultures and visit popular tourist attractions. They can try new local cuisines, and immerse themselves in the local customs and traditions. Because of the flexibility of their schedule, they can expand their horizons and gain a broader perspective of the world. 

Thus, it is truly an enriching experience for the nanny and the children under their care. Furthermore, travel nannies have a much more varied and dynamic work schedule in comparison to traditional nannies. 

They could work in different time zones and adapt to different routines, as well as enjoy constant change of scenery. Though this flexibility may seem appealing for nannies, they need to be able to thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. However, this helps them to constantly learn and grow in their role as a nanny.

Cultural Immersion

Working as a nanny while travelling is a unique opportunity for cultural immersion. Because you are living and working in different countries and cities, you can easily immerse yourself in all the local cultures, customs, and traditions. This experience allows you to gain a much deeper understanding of all these cultures, and it also broadens your horizons.

Essentially, you can learn new languages, try authentic cuisine, engage with the local communities and much, much more. Cultural immersion will enrich your personal life and enhance your professional skills as you develop a greater appreciation for diversity and adaptability.

Exposure to these diverse cultures broadens your knowledge and understanding of the world and makes you a more globally aware individual. This is not just for the nanny, but also for the children that they are caring for.

Nannies who travel develop valuable life skills such as adaptability, problem-solving skills, and resilience. They learn to navigate unfamiliar environments and to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds and different languages. 

These nannies often can handle unexpected situations with much confidence. These skills are all beneficial for the personal growth of a nanny as well as professional growth. Essentially, it can develop you into a well-rounded individual.

Professional Development

Let’s look a bit further into professional development. Nanny jobs with travel offer excellent opportunities for professional development. You can gain valuable skills such as childcare, communication and problem-solving skills when travelling. 

Skills can be transferred and applied to many other career paths in the future. Furthermore, working in different environments and with more diverse families will allow you to broaden your knowledge and expertise. 

You can easily adapt to different parenting styles, cultural norms, and household routines. All in all, this will enhance your ability to work effectively in any situation.

Building Strong Relationships

One of the most rewarding facts about nanny jobs in the travelling situation is the opportunity to build strong relationships. Travel nannies often build stronger relationships with families and their children. 

Any professional nanny plays a crucial role in a child’s life, whether it’s for their care, their guidance or support. Similarly, they play a crucial role in the life of the family. So, by establishing a meaningful connection with the children, you care for the family and create lasting bonds that will extend beyond your time as just a nanny. 

A good relationship with the children and the family will enrich your love and create a sense of belonging, even when you are far away from home. When nannies travel with families, they spend a significant amount of time with a family and the children and a bond created on trust and shared experiences is built. 

These nannies often become an integral part of the family, and they do not just provide childcare, but also emotional support and companionship for these families and children.

Often travelling together with the families allows nannies to witness and be a part of many special moments and milestones in the children’s lives. 

These can create lasting memories and form deep connections with their children and the families under their care. The strong bond has a positive impact on the children’s development and well-being. 

This is because the children feel secure and loved even when they’re far away from home or their parents aren’t around. Similarly, families also benefit from having someone reliable and trusted that can become an extension of their family.

Exploring New Destinations

Perhaps one of the most desirable traits of being a travel nanny is the excellent advantage of exploring new destinations. As a nanny, you have the chance to visit and live in different countries and cities, and experience all their unique attractions, landscapes, and cultures. 

So, whether you enjoy sandy beaches, exploring historic streets or even immersing yourself in a vibrant city, life, a nanny job with travelling allows you to discover new places and create many unforgettable memories.

Enhancing Resume for a Nanny Job with Travel

Now that all the benefits are covered, you may be quite interested in becoming a travel nanny. But where to start?

Firstly, it must be said that travel nannies or professionally trained nannies have experience. Thus, it is important to understand the vital roles of a professional nanny, as well as their position, job description and qualifications.

If you are a qualified professional nanny, you could easily adapt your employment profile and render services as a travelling nanny.

It is important to state your availability and the specific services you provide. Similarly, you need to state that you are flexible about travelling and that you can travel. Also, keep in mind that you may need a visa to travel to international countries.

Ideally, offering a service for travel as a nanny will also significantly enhance your resume overall. Especially if you have experience in travelling and working in different environments, you are much more likely to get a job. Experience as a travelling nanny showcases your ability to handle challenging situations and provide quality care for children in various settings.

Adding a nanny job with travel on your resume can make you stand out as a candidate in a competitive job market. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile and that you have the skills and experience to provide exceptional care for children, even in unique circumstances.

Overcoming Challenges and Tips for Success as a Travel Nannies or a Vacation Nanny

As with any nanny job, they face some challenges to be successful as a travel nanny. Though there are many advantages to this job, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

One of the main challenges of travelling jobs is being away from your home for extended periods of time. It can be emotionally taxing, especially for nannies who have their own families and commitments. 

Thus, nannies need to find ways to maintain their work/life balance to take care of their well-being while on the go. Another challenge is adapting to the different environment’s routines and traditions.

It would be beneficial to try to learn basic phrases in the local languages if you are going to a country with a foreign language and to be open to learning about their customs and traditions. In this job, nannies should be proactive in planning and well-prepared for these trips. They must be resourceful in finding solutions even in unexpected situations.

Another challenge is adapting to different environments and routines. Nannies that travel may be constantly adjusting to new time zones, living arrangements, and schedules. Nannies need to be flexible and adaptable, as well as proactive in creating a sense of routine and stability for the children.

As a Final Thought:

Nanny jobs with travel offer many benefits, which include cultural immersion, personal growth, and an opportunity to build a strong relationship with your families. Similarly, it’s an excellent opportunity to see the world. 

However, it is very important to be aware of all the challenges involved. As a travel nanny, you need to be well informed and prepared to overcome all the challenges involved in this job description.

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