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Kasey Major

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Kasey Major

Nannying for High-Profile and Famous Families

Being a nanny is the most amazing job in the world. Not only do you get to nurture the development of children, but you get to support families so they can spend more quality time together.

Having been a professional nanny for over 23 years (and loving every moment of it!), I’ve had the privilege of working for lots of different families. While nannies provide every child and every family with the highest level of care, nannying for a high-profile family does require extra considerations which I want to share.

If you are considering working for a famous family, or if you’re a parent with a public profile and want to get a nanny but are unsure of what to expect, then this is the article for you.

Being Super Adaptable

Being a nanny for a high-profile family is typically all-consuming. 60-hour weeks are not unusual, and typically means a nanny will be engaged as a full-time employee. Nannies will also need to be highly adaptable with the hours they provide care, so it’s important for both the parents and the nanny to set clear expectations before commencing a role and making sure they’re agreed to in writing. 

Holidaying With The Family

Nannies for high-profile families will typically travel with the family for work or holidays. Trips can happen at a moment’s notice, so nannies need to be prepared to leave home for extended periods. When nannies travel with a family, it isn’t a holiday for the nanny. Their primary role is caring for the children just like they would at home. This doesn’t mean nannies won’t have time off, as everyone needs their own space and time to recharge, but while travelling with the family the children are the number one concern.

A Rotating Roster

Some families need the services of a nanny at all hours of the day. These roles will typically be filled with a rotating roster of nannies. The family may have a number of nannies on their roster, and each nanny will provide support for a number of weeks and then take some time off while another nanny provides support.

The Public Eye Is More Intense

Privacy and security are paramount for every family, and all nannies want to ensure the safety of those under their care. High-profile families receive a higher level of attention from the public, which unfortunately means that the children may receive unwarranted attention that threatens their safety. Nannies working for high-profile families must be comfortable and capable working in an environment which requires higher security.

Working Alongside Service Providers

Nannies for high-profile families will typically be working alongside other service providers, like cleaners, chefs, gardeners and personal assistants. It’s important for the nanny to maintain a positive working relationship with other professionals in the household, but do so at arm’s length. A nanny’s primary role is the support and development of the children, and they must be loyal to the parents above all.

At the end of the day, every role and every family are unique and special. Regardless of their fame, every parent wants the best for their children, and every nanny wants to provide a high level of care to every family they support. I’m here to help parents and nannies find their perfect fit, so please message me for a consultation.

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Kasey Major

Article Written By

Kasey Major

My name is Kasey Major, and I have cherished working as a nanny for 23 years. I am passionate about supporting families and giving children the best opportunities to shine.


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