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Kasey Major

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Kasey Major

Support With Morning Chaos

Every parent knows how chaotic mornings can be. Your morning can feel like a race against the clock, as suddenly the simplest tasks feel harder than Mission Impossible!

A nanny can help calm the chaos and make the morning routine a joy for the whole family.

My name is Kasey Major. I’ve been a professional nanny for 23 years and my passion is supporting families. A great morning routine will ensure everyone starts the day in a positive state. Here’s what a typical morning is like for me as a nanny.

I arrive early in the morning, ready to “tag-in” for the parents as they prepare for their day. Sometimes the children are still in their pyjamas, or sometimes they’re changed and ready for breakfast. When the parents are ready to leave the house, they whip up the children in their arms, give them a big hug and a kiss, and then they are out the door to conquer the day!

It’s then time to get the children ready for their day. Just like adults, children will have their ups and downs. A wonderful nanny will be compassionate to the needs of the children. Maybe they need to burn off energy, maybe they’re a little irritable from the night before, or maybe they need a cuddle and some downtime. In every situation, a nanny can be flexible with the children’s needs.

Children may behave differently with a nanny than they will for mum and dad. Children are so smart and they have a keen awareness of the boundaries that are set with different people in their lives. As a nanny, my job is to take them through their normal routine that the parents have established.

If the children haven’t had breakfast, then I’ll get their breakfast ready and leave the kitchen clean. I’ll also prepare their bags for the day, whether it’s for school or an outing together. Then it’s either off to school if they’re old enough, or caring for them at home during the day.

It’s my job to nurture children and support the family. So when the parents return home after a big day, they can dedicate themselves fully to the ones they love the most, knowing that they’ve had a wonderful day of care and learning. It’s an amazing feeling.

For working parents, it can be a challenge to balance a consistent, daily routine. But with the help of a nanny, everyone benefits. This is because nannies are starting their shifts fully energised. They return to their home at the end of every day where they have space to recharge. They aren’t disturbed in the middle of the night and get a full night’s sleep. They are then able to come back the next morning – fresh and ready to go!

If mornings in your household are more “chaos” than “calm”, then getting a wonderful nanny will provide your family with amazing support, especially with keeping to a morning routine that works for everyone. If you need any help in your search to find a nanny, I’m always here to help. 

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Kasey Major

Article Written By

Kasey Major

My name is Kasey Major, and I have cherished working as a nanny for 23 years. I am passionate about supporting families and giving children the best opportunities to shine.


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