Nannying Xmas

Nannying Over Christmas

How is it already December?! Where on earth has the year gone?

It feels like we’re all still trying to catch up from the last few years and yet another new year is upon us!

But it’s also so exciting that Christmas is here (hands up if this is also your favourite time of the year too?!)

The festive spirit is everywhere! Decorations are up in every shop you pass. Mariah Carey and Michael Buble have defrosted. Christmas trees are going up in every home (or were already put up in November… I couldn’t wait… sorry not sorry…)

Though while we’re all looking forward to the big day, we know it’s not called the silly season for nothing.

Christmas can be a challenge for families and nannies..

Perhaps you’re a nanny wanting to take some time off for the holidays? Or maybe you’re a parent who wants to go traveling as a family? Or maybe you’re trying to work out your care arrangements for the New Year?

During this time, our communication as parents and nannies needs to go up a level.

Nannies, if you are a contractor it’s important to give your families as much notice as possible if you’re going to be unavailable over the Christmas period so they can make alternate arrangements.

The same goes for parents! If you know you don’t need any help for a few weeks between Christmas and the New Year, it’s important you let your nanny know as soon as you can so they can arrange other work if they need to.

As for the nannies that are employees of their families rather than contractors, you should have a built-in holiday period arrangement in place. As an employee, you have leave and remuneration entitlements, so make sure you and your family have a clear conversation and understanding about what’s involved.

Whether you’re a nanny looking for work over the holidays, or a parent seeking care during this busy period, We Need A Nanny is your go-to community to make the connections you need.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!

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