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The Nanny Employment Checklist

The Nanny Employment Checklist: What Are Your Obligations When Hiring a Nanny in Australia?

Are you thinking of hiring a nanny for your children but you’re not sure about the process? There are a few things you need to consider when hiring a nanny in Australia, and this article will provide a comprehensive checklist to ensure you’re meeting all your obligations.

What Is the Difference Between an Employee and a Contractor?

When it comes to engaging a nanny, it’s important to know the difference between an employee and a contractor. While a nanny can operate as a contractor, which may require less from you as the parent, they may still meet the definition of an employee. It’s important to understand the difference because it will affect your tax and superannuation obligations. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has a decision tool that makes it easy to work out if you are engaging a carer as an employee or a contractor.

What Are The Fair Work Obligations?

When it comes to employing a nanny in Australia, the Fair Work Ombudsman provides plenty of resources to meet your minimum workplace requirements. There are also templates available for important documents like contracts, checklists and payslips.

What Should I Include in the Contract?

It’s important to ensure the contract you make with your nanny is comprehensive. This is to ensure there are clear grounds to end an agreement if it does not work out. Take the time to outline all the roles and responsibilities with your nanny, and ensure that all expectations are clearly outlined and agreed to on both sides before beginning the arrangement.

What Are My Tax and Superannuation Obligations?

If you are hiring a nanny as an employee, you are required to pay superannuation on top of their wages. You should also be aware of your other tax and superannuation obligations such as payroll tax, workers compensation, and PAYG withholding. It’s important to ensure you are meeting all these obligations to avoid any penalties or fines.


Hiring a nanny is a big responsibility and it’s important to ensure you are meeting all your legal and financial obligations. By following the checklist outlined above, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing when it comes to hiring a nanny in Australia.

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