Welcome Juliette

Welcome Juliette!

Hello! My name is Juliette, and I am a new member of the WNAN family.

Since you’ll be seeing me pop up around the website I thought I should introduce myself! Originally hailing from Wollongong, NSW, I now live in Melbourne with my wonderful hubby and 3 fur babies. (Hopefully a real baby of our own soon too!)

About 5 years ago, very burnt out from managing hospitality venues (my job at the time) I decided to start nannying. I come from a music-teaching background and have always loved working with children, so it felt like a nice stepping stone while I figured out my next move. Little did I know it would become so much more than that.

We Need a Nanny was the first platform I joined. My profile was simple to complete, and the website was incredibly easy to navigate. Within a week I had lined up multiple interviews, and landed my first role! Over time, as each of my contracts finished, I jumped back onto WNAN and knew it would always be a reliable source.

In my first year as a nanny, I was fortunate enough to engage with the most wonderful families and had such great work-life balance, that I decided to continue. As time went on I found myself gravitating toward newborn clients. It was with babies that I felt the most confident and fulfilled. Which lead me to my next adventure!

I enrolled in and completed a Postpartum Doula course, so I could work with new mothers and help them navigate their roles as a brand new mum. Over the last two years I have been running my own business, ‘The Earthside Doula’, where I work in Postpartum support and newborn care. I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few female business owners, who without the luxury of extended maternity leave, bring me on board to help them juggle mum life and boss life! I absolutely love what I do, and feel so lucky to have found something that brings me so much joy, while also making a difference in these families lives.

Which brings me to the now! I am still running my Postpartum support business, while also working with WNAN and completing a degree in music! My long term plan is to gain a Masters of Music Therapy and work with children in an allied health enrivonment. Combining the two things that bring me the most joy. Kids, and music.

I have learnt so much about the industry over the last 5 years, and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had, and the incredible people I have met along the way. I have had such wonderful relationships with these families, that most of them are still in my life in some capacity.

Here are a couple of my key takeaways in my time as a nanny:

  • That when a family is interviewing me, I am also interviewing them. I know in my experience, exactly the kind of working environment that is right for me. I need to feel safe and comfortable with the family and in the home. I also need to feel there is an easy open line of communication between us, which in turn creates a really positive relationship.
  • Take time to discover the kind of roles that suit you. Some nannies prefer to work with school age children, and others like myself thrive when working with newborns and young babies. Make sure you’re choosing roles that are the right fit for you.
  • Not every job is going to work out. Some families may have unrealistic expectations, or ask you to be responsible for things outside of your scope. And that’s ok! The relationship between a nanny and a family is quite intimate, so you need to make sure that each role is the right fit for you.
  • Enjoy yourself! Getting to spend your days being creative, and adventurous is such a privilege. Kids can teach us so much about the world. If you really lean in and stay present, you will have the most wonderful experiences.

So that’s a bit about me! I will be working with WNAN on a few different projects, and look forward to connecting with you all.

Keep smiling!

Juliette x

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