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Australian Parents Face New Challenge Homeschooling and Working From Home

Social distancing in Australia has become the norm, and for many families this change has been swift – and exhausting. Working parents have had to quickly set up home offices, coordinate the needs of their family under the one roof, and on top of that have had to become teachers – and right now many are feeling out of their depth.

Not Enough Hours In The Day

Parents have quickly realised that being a teacher is no easy task. Parents know everything about their child – what they like and what they don’t like, what triggers them and what calms them down. But structuring a lesson plan every day is a whole new challenge. And many parents are feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to run a classroom, work from home and manage a household. But don’t worry, there is help at hand. 

We Surveyed 100 Parents

We Need A Nanny understands what Australian families are going through. We recently surveyed more than 100 parents and many expressed that they were having challenges working from home while ensuring their kids keep learning:

  • We are not responding well. Disruption is high. It’s hard to work from home with my job, while caring for school aged children and also needing to school them too. It’s very stressful.
  • We are setting up home offices, considering how we manage work and home schooling.
  • We have come to accept the limitations and are trying to work around them. 
  • My husband is working from home and I’m trying to balance work while supervising and supporting the learning for my children. 
  • I’m a single parent and a healthcare worker. It’s very difficult finding reliable support for my children. 

As you can see, parents are doing everything they can to keep their family safe and healthy during this pandemic, while balancing demands from work and trying to prepare amidst an uncertain future. 

All of these demands are taking their toll, and as each week passes with everyone under the same roof, parents are finding it harder and harder to keep everyone on track. It’s a challenge keeping children focused for hours, especially at home which is the space they usually play. It’s clear to us that families need support, and fast. 

What Parents Need Right Now

When asked what support they needed, the message from parents was very clear:

  • Home schooling ideas.
  • Keeping kids occupied at home and supporting them with their online learning.
  • Educational activities for children.
  • How can I work from home and watch the kids with schooling?
  • Online tutoring services.
  • People who may be willing to supervise home schooling online.
  • Need help teaching kids at home.
  • Home schooling and educational games for kids to pass time.

Schools are doing all they can to support families in this new way of life. But as parents do their best to work from home, it can be a real challenge to help with their kids learning at the same time. What families really need is a teacher – someone who can provide structure for the children and support for the parents while they work from home. Thankfully, We Need A Nanny has the solution – www.weneedateacher.com.au  

Find A Teacher With Us Who Can Manage Your Child’s Learning Online

Hundreds of teachers have recently joined We Need A Nanny, and they are ready and qualified to educate your beautiful children. If you find that you’re struggling or that you require a little extra help, We Need A Nanny can provide all the support you’re looking for. 

Why not find a teacher with us who can manage your child’s learning remotely? Children love routine, so it will benefit everyone in the family if a teacher were available online for your children. 

And the classes don’t need to be long, especially as the teacher will be running the classes remotely, so they won’t need to travel to and from your home. Even an hour or two every day will go a long way in supporting your family while living under the same roof. The teacher can review the lesson plans from the school and take the children through their curriculum with a video call. The teacher can help children with their homework, and will have the authority to keep the children on task. 

Try We Need A Teacher Today

These windows of learning are incredibly valuable for parents, as they will provide much needed space to address work demands and take care of important household tasks.

We know what your family is going through. Try www.weneedateacher.com.au today and learn how you can find an amazing teacher for your beautiful family. 

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