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Have Regular Performance Reviews With Your Nanny

Ideally, over time, your nanny will grow to become a part of your family even though you’re still in a working relationship. What you need to then think about is incorporating regular performance reviews into your routine. Yes, you might feel a little uncomfortable about this prospect, however, it’s crucial for both parties.

You see, performance reviews ensure that expectations are being made on both sides. So, you should always set regular annual reviews with your nanny. Take your time to go through the contract to make sure that you both have the opportunity to discuss with each other what is working well for you and what isn’t. You can then decide how to move forward, alternatively, you will be able to end the arrangement if needed.

Do bear in mind that when you hire a nanny, it’s important to remember that you’re not simply their employer. You are also the human resources department too. For this reason, you should schedule yearly reviews where you not only discuss whether your requirements have been met but you also review their wages.

Although a performance review doesn’t sound like something anyone would look forward to it’s a brilliant chance to touch base with your nanny. You can praise them for what they are doing well. Additionally, you can talk about areas in which you would like to see improvements being made. Also, your nanny will welcome the opportunity to offer suggestions as well as voicing any concerns.

Some areas to consider include:

  • If showing initiative is a quality you expect from your nanny, discuss whether they are being proactive. You might be expecting them to be researching parties, outings and so on. If your nanny isn’t showing the initiative you’ve hoped for, discuss how they can.
  • General Performance. You can use the performance review to talk about your nanny’s general performance. Perhaps you wish to highlight safety issues, cleanliness, attendance or anything else. The performance review is your perfect opportunity.
  • Have a chat to make sure you and your nanny are on the same page in terms of disciplining your kids. We cannot stress enough just how crucial this is to explore in-depth. Perhaps your kid throws a lot of tantrums. If so, you need your nanny to be an extension of you when it comes to discipline.
  • Job Responsibilities. You need to talk about whether your nanny has met her previous responsibilities as well as any new ones that you foresee as your child gets older. Consider aspects such as bottle weaning, potty training and so on.

There are lots of other subjects and expectations to bring up at the performance review including, life changes, developmental issues, communication as well as anything else that’s of importance to you. We Need A Nanny is here for you on this wonderful journey.

Simple Tip: Have Regular Performance Reviews With Your Nanny


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