Hiring A Summer Nanny Or Babysitter

Ahh, summer! Lazy days, balmy evenings, and plenty of opportunities to catch up with family and friends for dinner, drinks and lots of sunshine. Hiring a summer nanny or babysitter can be different from hiring a babysitter for other times of the year. If you’re hiring a summer babysitter to make the most of the holiday season this year, we’ve put together our top tips to ensure it’s a great experience for every – especially the kids.

1. Plan ahead

Summer can be a busy time, for everyone. Whether you are seeking a full-time nanny, or simply a regular, reliable babysitter, make sure to discuss your exact needs during your interview. If you’re planning a holiday away from home – with or without your caregiver – it’s important that you make them aware of this up front so they can consider whether the job is right for them. Comparing schedules and booking well in advance is important when it comes to in-demand summer jobs. For example if you are hiring a young student (with a busy social life!) the exact nature or scope of the role should be agreed to beforehand, and put in writing. That way there’s less likelihood of last-minute disappointment when your babysitter heads for greener summer pastures.

2. Check the action

Kids have a lot of energy. In summer, even more so! If you want a babysitter who can do lots of outdoor activities with the children, chat about this at hiring stage. The value of a fit and healthy babysitter with extreme energy levels should not be underestimated.


3. Think safety

Along with general First Aid, sun and water safety are vital when it comes to spending summer with children. Check if your babysitter has training in First Aid, CPR and/or water safety, and a clear understanding of sun safety, before they head out of the door with your children. If they say they have qualifications, ask to see the certificates. As with any caregiver, you should ensure they know the house safety precautions as well; like where the First Aid Kit and list of emergency phone contacts are, for example.

4. Be practical

Summer will likely mean you need a nanny or babysitter who can take your children on a variety of outings. So decide how important it is that they have a driver’s license, and/or regular access to a car. If so, make sure to discuss expenses such as petrol and tolls, and who’ll be responsible for them.  If not, do you have a car they’ll be able to use? Consider other expenses, too. If your nanny is going to be paying for entrance fees, summer snacks, or bus fares, they should either be left cash to do so, or reimbursed quickly. Work this out beforehand so there is no room for any misunderstandings.  

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