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Kasey Major

Find a nanny job using We Need A Nanny

If you are looking for a nanny job in Australia, then We Need A Nanny is the place for you!

It’s important to all of us at We Need A Nanny that you find the right family to work with. We want you to be happy in your role. When you find the right fit, your personality will shine, your skills will be put to the best use, you’ll make a valuable contribution to your family’s welfare, and most of all, you’ll have a positive impact on their children’s lives!

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We Need A Nanny is Australia’s #1 site for you to meet great families that are looking for outstanding caregivers with the skills you have to offer. We can connect you with parents who are looking for someone exactly like you. 

The benefits are simple.

Find a job today – it’s FREE!  #

Sign up and create your FREE profile in minutes to land that perfect job with your ideal family. 

Skip the queue & stand out #

You control your profile on We Need A Nanny. Update your profile, add references, and use keywords to help your profile stand out from the competition. 

Your registration and profile is FREE, but you can upgrade your listing for a small fee to be among the first in your area that parents will see. 

1000’s of parents & 100’s of jobs #

Every week thousands of parents visit We Need A Nanny to help them find a nanny, au pair, or babysitter.

When parents join they receive a free job posting, wherever they are in Australia. You can view current jobs available in your local area quickly and easily right here

Speed & Convenience #

Our easy messaging system means parents can text or email you instantly, which speeds up the recruitment process for you both. You will also be notified whenever a job is listed in your area so you can be the first to apply!

Get the Best Position for You #

Our website matches matches your skills, interests, and requirements to our families’ needs, meaning you can quickly be found by parents.

Flexibility #

We Need A Nanny allows you to specify your preferences for work. If you are looking for a nanny job, the more open and clear you can be in your description, the better you will find a family that’s the right fit for you.

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Kasey Major

Article Written By

Kasey Major

My name is Kasey Major, and I have cherished working as a nanny for 23 years. I am passionate about supporting families and giving children the best opportunities to shine.


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