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Discover your perfect nanny in the vibrant community of Koondrook. At We Need A Nanny, we take pride in connecting families with caregivers who are not only highly skilled but also perfectly aligned with your family’s unique lifestyle. Let us guide you on a seamless journey to find the ideal caregiver for your loved ones.
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Are you in search of a nanny? WNAN is the leading job board for nannies in Koondrook, connecting parents with caregivers. We have a vast network of active caregivers ready to meet your needs. Additionally, our knowledgeable team is available to provide assistance whenever you need it.
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At WNAN, we are not your typical employment agency. Instead, we are a comprehensive job board that specializes in connecting families with the ideal caregiver to meet their unique needs. Whether you’re searching for a nanny in Koondrook or want caregivers to find and apply to your job, we’ve got you covered. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily browse through a wide range of nanny profiles in Koondrook and directly communicate with caregivers. Alternatively, you can also post a job and sit back while you wait for qualified applications to come rolling in.

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If you are considering the option of hiring a nanny, you may be curious about the expenses involved. To assist you in planning your budget, we have compiled data on the typical fees charged by nannies throughout Koondrook and beyond.
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Looking for a nanny in Koondrook? Look no further than We Need A Nanny! Our platform offers a budget-friendly and efficient solution to traditional Koondrook nanny agencies. Join us today and discover a wide range of qualified nannies available in your area.

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500+ reviews from happy parents and nannies

"So many responses!"

"I am very pleased with the applications I received for the job I posted, so many responses! I believe I have found the right person for the job, plus a couple of casual babysitters. Thank you for the great service!"
Jane, QLD

"Terrific Response To My Ad"

"Terrific response to my ad, in a tight labour market. The best website I have used by far! Thank you!"
Nicole, NSW


FAQ About We Need A Nanny Koondrook

We Need A Nanny is a job board that allows parents to connect with amazing caregivers. A job board provides users with full control over the recruitment process. Parents can browse caregivers and engage with applicants on their own terms. Every applicant on We Need A Nanny must provide the relevant information for hiring, such as their Working With Children Check details. As the parent is directly responsible for engaging a nanny, they must verify this information and ensure their employment obligations are satisfied. But don’t worry, we have all the information and connections you need to be fully supported during this journey.

This is different to an agency which is responsible for placing a nanny into your family. They are responsible for fully screening the nanny and satisfying the employment obligations. It is more expensive to engage an agency, and you have less freedom in choosing the nanny that will be the right fit for your family.

No, we are only an online job board. We facilitate a connection, and then if parents wish to engage a nanny they are responsible for ensuring the information is verified and employment obligations are satisfied. We provide all the information and connections you need to be fully supported during this journey.

Our mission at We Need A Nanny is for parents to find the right caregiver for their family. We know this can be a journey, and that’s why we’ve reduced the financial risk for parents as much as possible.
Some of our parents like to first get a feel for the carers that could become a part of their family, while others have a clear idea of the caregiver they need. When you register, you can post a job for free and receive alerts when anyone applies for your role. That way you can understand if the applicants in your area are right for your family.

You will then need to Upgrade to a Subscription to securely contact caregivers. Because We Need A Nanny is an online job board and not an agency, you don’t have to pay hefty placement fees. You have the control to decide the arrangements directly with the caregiver.
Our most popular package is the monthly subscription, which provides you with great flexibility to find the right caregiver. It is a $65 joinging fee and a $10 per month fee until cancelled by you.
Aall of our subscriptions have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you can’t find a suitable caregiver within the first month, just email us and we’ll gladly provide a refund.

If you aren’t satisfied with our service then email us within 30 days of joining and we give you a FULL refund. Simple as that. We have so many happy parents and such a wide range of caregivers on our database that we are happy to offer this money back guarantee. We just ask that you provide us with feedback so we can keep improving our service.

We have over 190,000 nannies across Australia. To find out how many are in your specific area, simply browse for a nanny and see. There are new nannies joining daily.

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