Nanny, Babysitter or Au Pair ? What is right for you ?

So you’ve made it through the birth and early childhood. Phew. Once you have your head back on track ( it usually comes with the return of sleep glorious sleep ! ) you might find you’re starting to think about regular help. You might be toying with the idea of an au pair, a nanny or even a semi-regular babysitter. If you’re not sure which one i ... Read Full Article

How To Write The Perfect Nanny Job Ad

For anyone looking to find a nanny it’s worth understanding that your search starts the moment you sit down to write your job ad. And that ad might make a world of difference in the sort of candidates that apply.   Just as you probably wouldn’t be inclined to apply for a job if the ad was very casual, lacking details or full of spelling ... Read Full Article

Nanny Contract : Do You Really Need One ?

If you’re looking to hire a nanny and have not considered a contract, let’s get one thing straight. You need one.   A nanny contract might seem a bit formal, but there’s nothing more serious than leaving your children in the hands of someone else. Think professionally from day one, and you’re much more likely to find ... Read Full Article

Hire A Nanny

  Hiring a nanny or babysitter for the first time ? Then it’s important to know your responsibilities. You will need to know about employment contracts, background checks, income tax, superannuation and insurance. It may all sound a bit daunting but don't worry, read the information below and you'll be well on the way to hiring the perfect ... Read Full Article

The Mum ( or Dad ) Dilemma : Work or Stay At Home

  It seemed like such a golden idea. Women can have it all – parenting, career and plenty of time to continue having a social life. The reality for many of us though is that career plus parenting plus housework equals sheer exhaustion.   For many mums (and dads) work is essential, and trying to find the right balance can take some e ... Read Full Article

Nutritional Easy-to-cook Recipe Ideas For Busy Mums

    However much of a gourmet chef you were before you had children, if you’re human like the rest of us, there’s a good chance your culinary skills are looking a lot less Nigella these days. Between parenting, the office and housework, there’s precious little time for cooking, and finding easy, fast and nutritional r ... Read Full Article

How To Find A Great Date Night Babysitter ( so you can have fun )

    So there you were, pre-children, bonding over a candlelit dinner, all smiles and happiness. Ah, the memories. When children come along, you find an abundance of happiness in all sorts of ways, but it’s fair to say those romantic dinners drop pretty low on the agenda.   You’re busy, stressed from the worklo ... Read Full Article

4 Things Your Nanny Probably Won’t Tell You ( That Could Ruin Everything )

Honesty is important in any relationship, and while you’re pretty sure you have a good one with your nanny, there may be things that bother them that they are a little reticent to bring up. If you put yourself in their shoes now and again, you might find there a few things that you could perhaps do differently. Here’s what your nanny might really ... Read Full Article

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

We’ve all been there … It’s been raining for days. You can’t go to the park and if you have to watch that same Wiggles DVDs again, you’re going to crack. Before both you and the kids get cabin fever, it’s worth having a few tricks on hand. Read Full Article

Nanny Sharing : A Smart Way To Avoid Childcare Queues

You’ve probably heard the stories. A friend or colleague tells you how they applied for a bunch of childcare centres while just a few months pregnant, have since welcomed a beautiful new bub and a year – or two – later they are still waiting for the first offer. Surely they exaggerate, you think to yourself. Well, sadly, no. The shortage of chi ... Read Full Article