The Essential List Of What To Leave Your Babysitter

It’s both daunting and exciting tasting freedom for the first time after having a baby. Ok, freedom may seem a tad melodramatic, and of course there’s nothing better than spending time with your child, but you’ve got to admit that for sanity’s sake, some solely adult time is pretty important.


Once you’ve chosen a babysitter, there’s one more step that can help everything go smoothly, and ensure you’re not stressing the entire time you’re away from home.


Here’s our guide for what to leave your babysitter, so you’re not left in dire panic mode!


Phone numbers

It may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people forget to leave a full list of essential phone numbers. As a guide, your essentials phone list should include:

  • Emergency numbers (ambulance, police, fire).
  • Mother’s work number and mobile.
  • Father’s work number and mobile.
  • Other relevant numbers (such as trusted neighbours, family doctor, close relative).


Family details

It’s a good idea to write down the family details, including the full names of mother, father and all children. Include the children’s ages. It’s also very important to write down (and obviously discuss) any medical conditions, medications or allergies.



While you’ll no doubt go through the schedule with your babysitter face-to-face, it can be a lot of information to take in at once and writing it down gives them something to rely on.


Include meal times, bath time and of course, bed times. We all know children don’t run to the clock, but trying to keep to a usual schedule will make it easier, both for the children, and the babysitter.


Household list

You might also write down a list of where to find basic items in the house. Band-Aids, extra toilet paper, spare pyjamas in the case of an accident?


While you know where everything is kept, your new babysitter is not going to. They may not need anything on the list the first, or first few visits, but it’s good to keep it as a backup for that one-off incident further down the track.


A thankyou

You are likely to be paying your babysitter so this is not essential, but it can be nice to leave them a treat for when they have got the children to bed – a piece of cake, some biscuits and cheese, or even a DVD or magazines. And no, a bottle of wine is never a good idea when they’re on childcare duty !


Can you add to this list? What do you leave for a babysitter?