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Nannies vs Childcare

Is it better to hire a nanny or enrol your child in childcare? Every family is different, and there are many advantages to each form of care. Rather than choosing between these two alternatives, you should consider the benefits of each for your family. You may even discover that the best solution is a combination of the two!

So let’s explore the key benefits of nannies and childcare to see what would work best for your family.

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny #


The most important advantage of hiring an experienced nanny is one-on-one care for your children. A nanny will fully cater for every child’s needs, and personalised care will aid their learning and development. The primary role of a nanny is to spend quality time with children, which involves playing and teaching, helping with homework and maintaining a routine that works for your child.


A nanny will work with you to maintain the best routine for your family. Parents and Nannies are on the same team, where everybody is seeking to understand what support is needed and how best it can be delivered.  Whether you need someone to start early in the morning or stay with the little ones until late in the night, you are able to negotiate the hours that work best for you.


Nannies are ideally suited for long-term care, which means they really do become a part of the family. Nannies not only develop a really special bond with the children over time, but they also become a very important part of your life too.


Nannies provide support for both children and parents. They make sure the children are always ready for various activities, and will help keep everything going according to plan! One of the biggest benefits a nanny provides is more quality time for children and parents to spend together.


It can be difficult securing a position in your local child care centre, and being on a waitlist can be hard for parents to plan for the future. There are so many professional nannies across Australia, providing a diverse range of care and support. It’s easier than you think to find a nanny that’s the right fit for your family.


Childcare centres often charge a ‘per-day’ rate which is the same regardless of the number of hours you need. When engaging a nanny, you will each determine and agree on the hours and pay that works for everyone involved. Just remember that nannies are professionals and they must receive the legal wage. It’s really easy to hire a nanny because there are amazing service providers that support parents.

Benefits of Traditional Childcare #


Childcare centres care for many children at a time, which means that children are engaged in a lot of group activities. Group play is important for children to develop their social intelligence and communication skills.


Childcare centres offer different learning environments for individual and group activities under supervision. It can be great for children to explore environments that are different to their home, and childcare centres specialise in creating stimulating spaces for little ones.


The Australian Government subsidises childcare to make it more affordable for families. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you can receive financial support with a nanny, but there are programs available to families in particular circumstances. The cost of a nanny becomes more comparable to childcare for families with more children, higher incomes and living in suburbs where childcare centres charge more than the Hourly Rate Cap.

So, What’s The Best Solution For Your Family? #

When deciding whether to hire a nanny, enrol in childcare or combine the two, it’s best to consider the following points:

  • What environment does your child prefer? Some children love the child care environment, while others prefer their home environment.
  • How old are your children? You may want a nanny to provide more one-on-one care for your children, particularly if they are younger than three.
  • How many children need to be cared for? Childcare is more affordable for a single child, but with multiple children a nanny becomes more financially viable.
  • What is your budget? It’s important to first work out how much your family can afford to spend on care each week or month, and then explore what your budget could provide with a nanny and with childcare.
  • When does your family need some support? If you need support early in the day or late in the afternoon, then hiring a nanny might be the optimal solution.

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