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Dealing With Feelings Of Guilt

Today, we are exploring a feeling that many parents are not prepared for when they find a wonderful nanny – that feeling of guilt when you’re not with your children. We all lead busy lives so there is absolutely nothing wrong at all with asking for help. In fact, hiring a good nanny shows that you love your children so much that you want to enrich their lives.

The right nanny will ideally grow to become part of your family, helping you to build a positive, caring environment to support your child’s development. Additionally, you as a parent, will have so much more energy and time to be present with your children. You will have more opportunities to enjoy the quality time you spend together. If you do feel some guilt, then you can always have your nanny share little updates on your kids with you throughout the day!

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that when you’re busy you have made provision for your children to be taken care of just as you would yourself. So, rather than feeling guilty, you should be proud that you have been proactive in terms of their development and socialisation. A great nanny is dedicated to giving your family a purely positive experience, enabling you to take the opportunity to relax for a while to recharge your batteries. When you are feeling great, you can easily handle everything that life throws at you. You are being a positive role model for your children as they grow up and become adults themselves.

The right nanny will provide your family with unparalleled support so you will feel less burned out. A nanny is particularly important if you are raising kids with no family members living nearby or ones who are unable to help you day-to-day. It is in no way selfish to ask for extra help under these circumstances or any others. Your nanny will become a friend to you and yours. She will be an extension of you as a parent, therefore, she will enforce your rules. It’s incredibly calming to know that there is always someone there for you and your children. A loving, caring and professional person you can rely on. You will be able to relax in the knowledge that when you aren’t physically with your children, someone who has your back will be!

There are so many purely positive reasons to hire a nanny that you shouldn’t ever feel guilty. Of course, you’re only human, therefore, it’s likely that guilt will come creeping in at some point or another. When it does, just take a breath. Focus on all the positive attributes your nanny brings into your family life. We Need A Nanny is here for you on this wonderful journey!

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