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Are You Trained In First Aid For Children?

Nannies, au pairs and babysitters are responsible for providing a safe environment for children under their care. Caregivers must have the training to deal with any health emergency calmly and confidently.

The Importance of Child Care First Aid #

Child Care First Aid is a first aid course that has an additional focus on First Aid applied to infants and children. It is essential education for parents and caregivers. It will teach the skills and knowledge needed to provide a First Aid response to an infant, child and adult. Along with CPR techniques that apply to infants, children, and adults, it teaches how to assess emergency situations and provide First Aid for a wide variety of injuries and medical conditions.

Is your Training up-to-date? #

If you’ve already done first aid training, you need to check whether your qualification is still valid. You should undertake refresher courses regularly as recommended by the certified training provider. Remember that first aid practices change and that skills can be lost quickly when not used.

Keep a well-stocked First Aid Kit #

Nannies should be well-prepared to respond to injuries and medical emergencies, so check with families to ensure a fully-stocked first aid kit is maintained. The items in the first aid kit should be refreshed so they don’t expire, and the kit must have items for the unique medical needs of each family member under your care.

Book Your First Aid Training Course Online #

We have partnered with Australia Wide First Aid who provide first aid courses in VIC, QLD, NSW and WA.
They are offering a discount for members of the We Need A Nanny family. Simply use the discount code WNAN5 when you book your course.

Redeem at: australiawidefirstaid.com.au


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