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Making A Good First Impression

First impressions count. Prepare yourself before meeting or calling the parent. If you are calling, always have a pen and paper ready so you can write down notes and confirm interview date, address and a contact number. It’s also helpful to have the job ad and your resume on hand to clarify any details.

If you are meeting with parents, always arrive a few minutes early, and if there is a completely unforeseen circumstance that means you’ll be late, phone ahead immediately. Make sure you dress in comfortable clothes that you’ll most likely wear when nannying, rather than dressing up. You want the parents to see how you will be interacting with your children, not what you would wear to a formal dinner.

While you will be wanting to make a great first impression to the interviewing parents, what they’ll likely be really looking for is a good connection with their children. So (presuming they’re around), make sure to introduce yourself to them, too, and establish a rapport with them while you’re there. This will also help you get a feel for what the relationship might be like if you get the job.

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