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Nanny Interview Preparation

Once you shortlist the potential candidates, it is time to start preparing for the interviews. Talking to nannies will help you reveal their personality traits and find out more details about their experience with previous employers. 

How to Schedule an Interview? #

Take the list of your potential candidates and arrange phone calls or video calls first. This will help you to quickly understand whether they are suitable for the job. A video call is a much better option because it allows face-to-face conversation without the risk of inviting a stranger to your home. If you feel comfortable to proceed, you can schedule a meeting. Ideally, the interview should be held when the whole family is at home, and your kids can meet the nannies too. 

How to Prepare for the Interview? #

Get the most out of every interview by preparing a unique set of questions for each of the candidates. You’ll feel much more confident if you prepare well for the interview. Some of the questions will be the same for all caregivers, but you also need to add a few personal ones based on CVs and cover letters. 

Go through all of the applications before the interviews to be fully prepared for face-to-face conversations. It is best to write down all the questions and have them with you during the interviews. 

It is also a good idea to remind the candidates to bring all the documents you want to check. These may include reference letters, diplomas, certificates and police checks. It is crucial to verify all the papers yourself because the employment arrangement will be directly between you and the nanny.

Do You Need a Trial Run? #

It’s always a good idea to have a trial run with a nanny before entering into a formal engagement. The trial run doesn’t need to be long. It will only take a few shifts to get a sense of their abilities and the connection with your children. 

Be sure to provide sufficient space for your nanny and your children to interact freely. If your children have behaviours that are particularly challenging, it’s a good idea to provide a nanny the opportunity to respond to these behaviours.  

And remember, you must remunerate the nanny for the trial run at the agreed hourly rate, even if you decide to not proceed with an engagement.

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