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You Found The Perfect Job! What’s Next?

When you find the perfect family and you successfully complete a trial run, it is time to finalise the terms of your working arrangement.

Sign a Contract! #

You MUST sign a contract before you start working for a family. The purpose of this document is to set out the terms of your agreement, and both parties must discuss and agree to these terms. A contract gives you and the family peace of mind by ensuring both parties are on the same page, and outlines how to handle potential issues. Most importantly, the contract protects the rights of both parties.

Have regular performance reviews #

Regular performance reviews ensure that expectations are being made and kept on both sides. It’s an opportunity to go through the contract and discuss what is working well and what isn’t. Both parties can then decide how to move forward. Performance reviews are also an opportunity to consider remuneration. Nannies are working professionals, and parents should expect wage growth with long-term agreements.

Maintaining Good Communication #

If you want to have a harmonious and long-lasting relationship with a family, it is essential that both sides maintain good communication. Nannies and parents are part of the same team, which means both sides need to talk through problems when they arise, but also celebrate the wins together. We have some tips to maintain great communication:

  • Be focused on work talk, but make sure you connect on a personal level.
  • Keep the dialogue open to ensure better understanding.
  • Discuss any issues as they come up; don’t leave problems unaddressed.
  • Keep track of events and activities for reference.
  • Record important milestones in the family.
  • Share what you appreciate about each other.

Finding a wonderful family is extremely rewarding. We Need A Nanny is here to help you on your journey.

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